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Fitness Motivation – Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Journey

Whenever anyone talks about Arnold Schwarzenegger we just cannot stop discussing him as he has always been a motivation to millions of bodybuilders and aspiring fitness enthusiasts across the globe. He is the role model of many people and why wouldn’t he be? His career has always been remarkable and his milestones are almost uncountable. Since we are using his name so much in this post why not discuss him and see how he has maintained himself. Recently, we have published a post on How Did Sonakshi Sinha do Weight Loss, Diet and Exercise Regime and now we will be showcasing the milestones of Arnold Schwarzenegger motivational career:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Journey

Arnold Schwarzenegger Early Career

Whenever people looked it, Arnold, even when he was old, it was impossible to believe so. He has been fit throughout. Being born in the year 1947, he has always been the star of his parents. He initiated his career as a bodybuilder and it wasn’t a surprise to anyone as he was outstandingly fit. The world was alarmed when he won the title of Mr. Universe when he was just 20. At such a young age he made a huge achievement.

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After that, Arnold Schwarzenegger won several Mr. Olympia competitions. By and by, he entered into the field of acting and became a very prominent Hollywood star giving a tough competition to all the male celebrities. After years of struggle, he initiated his political career and became the Governor of California in 2003. Besides such huge progress, he also wrote books and had a keen interest in a business. Seriously, he was a really multi-talented person which are rarely found nowadays. After serving the country till 2011, he made a return to Hollywood and as expected earned huge fame and made the film the top-grossing film of the year.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Journey

Arnold Schwarzenegger Diet

Arnold prefers taking 5-6 small meals instead of taking 3 large meals in a day. He believed that we must only eat as much as our body supports instead of stuffing our bodies with and later starving till the next meal time arrives. Also, protein shake must be consumed in a high amount as it is the best liquid diet supplement. Your daily diet must include carbohydrates. Besides all this, one must consume protein after every 3 hours to ensure that the body has a continuous supply of energy so that it can work out better.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout

Each workout must be done in 5 to six sets. His major workout comprised of the following:

  • Chest- Bench press, flat bench flies, incline bench press, cable crossovers, dips
  • Back- T-bar rows, seated pulley rows, one arm dumbbell rows, straight leg deadlifts
  • Legs- Squats, leg presses, leg extension, leg curls, barbell lunges
  • Calves- Standing calf raises, seated calf raises
  • Forearms- Wrist curls, reverse barbell curls, wright roller machine
  • Biceps- Barbell curls, dumbbell concentration curls
  • Triceps- Bench presses, pushdowns, barbell French presses, triceps extension
  • Shoulders- Seated barbell presses, lateral raises, cable lateral raises

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After reading this post I am sure most of you must have found motivation. So what are you waiting for? Just grab a dumbbell now and become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger.