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18 Breast Firming Exercises

breast firming exercises

Many of us women workout regularly. We concentrate on keeping our body posture straight, getting rid of all the extra fat that we have on our body, but how many of us actually think of our breasts while exercising.

Although breasts are one of the most important parts of a woman’s body, we do not give much attention to them while working out.

However, we are all concerned about how our breasts look. Some like them bigger, while some others like them perkier. But one thing that nobody wants is saggy breasts.

There can be various reasons for the sagging of breasts like growing age, sudden weight loss, or pregnancy. While we often try to go for the first option that comes to our mind, like wearing a push-up bra (the type of bras) or even going for a breast implant surgery, but those are neither organic nor permanent solutions.

We should rather opt for breast lifting exercises. There are many sagging breast lifting exercises, which you can easily find on the internet. Moreover, hundreds of videos are available on YouTube if you search, exercises for breast tightening.

So here we have brought to you some of the best exercises for lifting breasts.

18 Best Breast Firming Exercises For Women:-

Travelling Plank - woman in black track suit

We all know how beneficial plank is for our body in every aspect. Traveling planks can be of different types. You can practice this one for your breasts.

First, take the plank position, and keep your body tight, make sure that the lower region is not coming down.

Once you are set in your position, then lift your right hand and right foot and move a step towards the right. Then lift your left hand and left foot and cover that distance.

Then start with your left hand and left foot, and in the same manner, move ten steps to your left and come back to your starting point.

Repeat this whole set thrice while working out.

Push Up - woman in her black sportswear doing on her yoga mat

Most of us do push-ups during our workout sessions but are not aware of its one benefit, among many others, that it lifts your chest.

Here also take your plank position but make sure that the distance between your two hands is more than your shoulder length.

Once your position is set, bend your elbows and lower your body as close to the floor as you can but keep the elbows close to your body. Then extend your arms and move back to the original position.

Push-ups make our whole-body work. And not only the breast but also keep your core tight.

Do as many push-ups as you can.

Plank Reach-Under - doing by woman wear tshirt and slacks

Here is another variation of the plank.

Once you assume your plank position, keeping your hands within your shoulder length, lift your right hand to touch your left knee and then place the hand back to its original place. Then raise your left hand, touch your right knee and keep it back to the original plank position.

Do this process ten times with each hand alternatively and complete three sets of this exercise.

Dumbbell Chest Press - woman in her sports wear

For doing the planks, you would not need any extra equipment, but here you have got two dumbbells not much heavy, only around 10 or 15 pounds, and you also have to set up a bench for doing this exercise.

Firstly, take the dumbbells in your hand and place your back flatly on the bench, keeping your knees bend at a 90-degree position with your feet flat on the ground.

Now lying in that position, stretch your hands upward with the dumbbells in your hand. Once your arms are fully stretched, bring them down slowly, keeping them parallel to your chest level.

You should do three sets of this, each set having 12 reps.

This exercise helps in working your chest muscles and thus keeps the breasts firm and tight.

Stability Ball Dumbbell Fly - woman in her sports wear

This one is similar to the previous one, but you will need a stability ball for doing this. Just like you place yourself on a bench, in a similar manner, place yourself on the stability ball with your back straight, knees bent and feet flat on the floor, forming a 90-degree angle with the ground.

Then you have to move your arms upward with the dumbbells and have to bring them down. However, in this case, keep in mind to bring the dumbbells closer to each other, parallel to your mid-chest.

Repeat this for 3 sets, each set having 12 reps.

Medicine Ball Superman - woman in her black shorts

For doing this exercise, you will need a medicine ball first.

Lie down on the ground on your stomach and stretch your hand in the front and keep your body straight. Then hold the ball with both hands and lift the ball and your both legs simultaneously upward at the same level and again bring them down together.

Continue this for 12 reps in one set and do three sets consecutively.

Dumbbell Pullover - woman in her blue sports wear and yoga mat

This one requires only one dumbbell instead of two. In this case, you use either a stability ball or a bench, as per your choice.

Lie back on the ball or the bench in a similar 90-degree position, keeping the body straight, keens bent, and feet flat on the floor.

Pick up one moderately weight dumbbell using both of your hands and first keep it high in a perpendicular position with your chest. And then stretch your hands backward behind your head with the dumbbell until you feel a pull in your chest area. Then, again bring your hands back to the original position.

Continue doing this 12 times in each set and do a total of 3 sets for getting the best results.

 Cable Crossover - woman in her green sports wear

Normally, you cannot do this particular exercise at home. You either have to go to the gym or have an efficient gym set up at home.

For doing this exercise, you will need a strong iron stand on either side of you, and each of those will have a cable pulley hung from them.

Stand in the middle, bend a little bit towards the front from the waist and pull the two pulleys with your stretched arms towards your chest. Then gradually pull them up and bring them to your shoulder level and again pull them down.

This one also continues for three sets of 12 reps each.

Butterfly Machine - woman with smile on her pink sports wear

Work with your cable pulleys is not yet done. Here is another exercise for breast tightening using those cables.

First, set the cables at an appropriate height matching your height. Then put your hands inside the handles of the two cables, and make 90-degree angles at your elbows and then pull them towards the center of your chest using your forearms. Once you reach the center, again, push them back to your sides.

Like all other exercises, this one also repeats for three sets, each with 12 reps.

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press - woman in her sportswear

While doing all the previous exercises with dumbbells, you are required to keep the body at a 90-degree angle, but in this case, you have to keep your body at a tilted position, not completely flat. So, first fixed the bench at an inclined position.

Lie down on the bench, keep your feet flat on the floor. Take a dumbbell in each hand and stretch your hands straight upward and again bring them down, keeping the elbows at a bending position till they are at a parallel position to your body.

This exercise helps in tightening the upper pectoral muscles of your body.

Barbell Bench Press - woman in her active wear

It is like the other bench press that you do with dumbbells, only, in this case, you will need a barbell instead of dumbbells.

Lie down flat on the bench just like you do for any other bench press. Move the barbell upward, keeping it in a parallel position to your body, and then bring it down as close to your chest as possible.  Use both of your hands for lifting the bar, and the gap between your hands on the bar should be wider than your shoulder.

This will enhance your upper body strength.

Pro Tip – Know the side effects of Breast Augmentation

This is a fun exercise that you can do using only one cable.

You have to set the pulley at your shoulder level and then pull the handle using both of your hands. Keep the cable stand on the right side of your body, stand straight, and keep a shoulder-length gap between your two legs. Then draw the rope from the right side to your left and twist your upper body along with it till your face is facing the left side completely.

Once you reach your left side, then slowly turn back to your center and repeat the procedure ten times in each set. Consecutively repeat the process for three sets.

Elbow Touches - woman in her sportswear grey and black

This one is kind of different from all the others mentioned before.

You have to stand on your toes and keep the heel up against the wall. Also, attach your hips to the wall. Then fold your hands, and the elbows should touch the wall and fist your fingers and keep them in touch with your temple only the thumb should be open touching your cheeks. Finally, bring your folded hands to the front in the same bending position and ensure that the two elbows are touching each other. Then go back to the same position.

Continue this at least ten times while working out. It helps in shaping your breasts.

Plank Walks - woman in her active wear

In simple words, the plank walk is simply shifting from high plank to low plank.

Once you assume your usual plank position, then you have to shift between two positions. First, keep the body on your fully stretched hands and then bend your hands and balance your whole body on your elbows.

For the first position, your palms will be on the ground, while for the next position, your forearms and elbows will be on the floor.

Alternatively, shift between these two positions and continue it for three sets with ten reps in each set.

Shoulder Taps - woman in her active wear

For this also, you have to remain in your plank position with no gaps between your legs, and your body should be on your fully stretched arms.

Once you are settled in this position, then simply lift your right hand and touch the left shoulder and similarly lift your left hand and touch the right shoulder.

Do this for three consecutive sets, and each set should have ten repetitions.

Sky Reaches - woman in her black activewear

For this first, you have to take the high plank position, i.e., your hands will remain fully stretched. Then lift your right-hand straight towards the sky and move your body towards the right, and your face should also be looking upward towards the hand. Now repeat the same thing with your left hand. Lift it, move your body towards the left side and your face will be upward facing towards the sky.

The fingers should also be stretched out. Do not make a fist.

Triceps Dips - woman in her active wear

It is the work of your full body.

You will need a bench to do this. First, start with your shoulders. Keep them straight. Then bring your hands straight down from your shoulders and keep them on the bench, and now you have to position your legs. Stretch your legs a little bit, keeping your knees bend, and then lower your hips down towards the floor. Make sure that your elbow joints are folding and again stretching out fully as your hips are going up and down.

Another thing to check is that your shoulders are not slumping forward. The shoulder joints should be rolled back so that your chest gets the exposure.

Swimming - woman in her pink swimming wear

We all are aware of swimming. There is nothing to describe in that. So, if you are a good swimmer, then try to go for a long swimming session at least twice a week. Swimming helps in strengthening the muscles of your whole body, especially the hands’ movements help the arm muscles and the chest area.


All these exercises for breasts are not only for making them firm and tight, but some are also exercises for breast enlargements.

Even if you cannot include all of these in your daily workout schedule, you should at least choose some of them you want to practice. Including some of these will help you achieve your desired breast type if you work out diligently and regularly for some time.


How often should you do breast firming exercises?

How often and how many exercises you should do depends completely on what kind of workout you are used to doing.

If you do not work out regularly or are just starting to exercise, you should take things slow. You may start with anyone exercise and do maybe one or two sets of it, and then gradually, you can expand your routine.

Whereas if you are a hardcore trainer, then you can take up as many exercises as you want, as you are already experienced.

What are the reasons for breast sagging?

Breast sagging can happen due to various reasons. Like if you suddenly lose too much weight, then the muscles and the fat tissues of your breasts get reduced, but the extra skin makes them saggy. Similarly, during pregnancy, women’s breast gets larger due to breast milk, but once the breastfeeding stops, the breasts’ size becomes smaller, but they get saggy. Sometimes breast’s shapes also change due to hormonal imbalances. Like due to a decrease in the level of estrogen or collagen in your body, breasts sagging occurs.

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