Breast Enhancement Naturally – Does it Possible?

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Every woman wants to have perfect boobs and a perfect body to flaunt. You can easily determine your breast size by a perfect combination of genetics, lifestyle, and body weight. Some options for breast enhancement naturally without surgery are the intake of herbs, massages, exercise, and yoga.

Exercises that stretch the muscles of the shoulders are best suited to increase the size of the bust. It is always good to consult a doctor before if you are willing to use any supplements for breast enhancement.

In Medical science, a surgery called breast augmentation is performed by doctors to increase the size of your boobs. The surgery involves placing silicone under the tissue of breasts that make them look puffed.

However,  breast enhancement surgery side effects include allergies and complications that can arise after some years.

Yes, you can easily increase the breast size at home by massaging and doing some breast enlargement exercises. We have brought you a complete list of options for your breast enhancement:

Milk and dairy productsThe boobs are only made of fat. Therefore, the intake of food items that are rich in fat will help you increase the size of the boobs.
PapayaThe combination of papaya with milk is the best option among foods for breast enhancement. However, you should avoid the intake of papaya if you are pregnant.
Fenugreek seedsFenugreek seeds contain a lot of estrogens that help in the formation of bigger boobs. You can also try a paste of mustard oil and fenugreek seeds to massage your boobs regularly.
Fennel seedsYou can make a paste of olive oil and fennel seeds to massage your boobs regularly.
Flax seedsChewing flax seeds or consuming it in the powder form also helps in breast enhancement naturally.
NutsNuts have a great amount of monounsaturated fats. These fats are a source for building and strengthening the breast tissues.
SoybeanPhytoestrogen is a hormone that is present in a rich amount in the soybean. Soybean also prevents the formation of free radicals that can cause breast cancer.
Dry fruitsIf you want to enlarge your breast size naturally, start eating dry fruits like dates and dried apricots. These dry fruits are rich in fiber, phytoestrogens, minerals, and other essential vitamins.  

Yoga has been a natural healing agent for thousands of people all around the world. Relaxation of mind and body is something that we all crave amidst the stressful life schedule. This ancient art can even make your boobs bigger by stretching the breast tissues around pumping the blood to promote natural breast enhancement with Yoga.

breast enhancement naturally with the help of yoga
BhujangasanaBhujangasana is also known as cobra pose. In this asana, you have to lie down on your stomach on a mat. Then, make sure to join your feet and place both your hands on your chest. Repeating this asana daily will increase the size of the boobs.
UstrasanaUstrasana is also known as Camel pose. It involves kneeling your face towards the ceiling and bending your back so that you can touch your feet. This asana also helps you to achieve good digestion and reduces fat around the arms and thighs.
DwikonasanDwikonasana is also known as a double angle pose. In this asana, you will have to stand and stretch both your hands in the backward direction. Bend down to touch your head with your knees. This is the most effective asana for big boobs.

Yes, you can also use breast enhancement supplements to get bigger boobs. These supplements are made from natural ingredients and, therefore, don’t have many side effects. However, you should avoid using creams and oils for breast enhancement as they can be allergic.

A breast enhancement oil massage is the best and the simplest natural way to increase the size of boobs. Follow these simple steps to know how to get a boob massage.

  • During the massage, move your hands in a circular manner around your boobs.
  • Try to Join both boobs together during the massage.
  • Repeating the above two steps 10 times every day will bring out effective results. 

Natural oils or  breast enhancement cream that can you use to massage your boobs are:

  • Flaxseed oil
  • Breast enlargement creams
  • Fennel oil
  • Olive oil

There are a large number of exercises that can help you to increase the size of your boobs. Dumbbells and other chest exercises have proven very effective in growing breast size. Given below is the description of some of these exercises.

Exercises For Breast EnlargementWay To Do these exercises
Arm Circles●       Stretch out both your arms
●       Slowly, move your arms around your back for around 1 minute.
●       Slowly, move your arms in the forward direction for around 1 minute.
●       Keep on circulating your arms for the next 1 minute.
●       Repeat this exercise every day for two to three minutes.
Arm Presses●       Slowly open both your hands in a forward and backward direction.
●       Repeat this exercise every day for 1 or 2 minutes.
Horizontal Chest Press●       Slowly stretch both your hands in a forward and backward direction.
●       Repeat this exercise daily for 1 minute.
Prayer Pose●       Slowly, join your hands.  
●       Then stretch these hands in both forward and backward directions.  Repeat this exercise every day 15 times.
Modified Push-Ups●       Take a mat and Lie on the ground, ensuring that your face is facing the ground.
●       Keep your hands gently on the ground.
●       Push your body in the upward and downward direction repeatedly. Repeat this exercise every day for 15 times.


The main purpose of Breasts is to produce milk and provide nutrition to a newborn child. On the contrary, large boobs also help certain women to feel confident in society about their looks.

Few women may increase their boob size with the help of a breast enhancement pump. Incorporate the above-mentioned exercises and eating habits into your daily routine to stretch your breast tissues and build muscles.

Are you looking more methods for your breast enhancement naturally?

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