21 Slightly Weird Questions Girls Have About Boobs… Answered!



Women are often asked obnoxious questions about their breasts or some questions that often run on their minds about their bodies.

Here are some of the questions about boobs that they generally come across, and we have got you covered with the answers to it as well.

Some women might find it funny when such a question is asked, but it is never okay to ask personal questions. When a guy asks you about your bra’s size, it is downright obnoxious and socially inappropriate. You need not answer such questions if they make you uncomfortable; you have every right to be aggrieved.

According to scientific studies, men are always curious about breasts. Breasts may have been just mammary glands, but they play a large sexual role and are a significant element for foreplay. As foreplay is never entirely fulfilled without feeling, touching, sucking, or kissing the breasts.

When a guy touches your breasts while kissing, it means that he is interested in going further from kissing. Although, you both must communicate with each other and see whether you like him touching your breasts while kissing. You must give consent to it.

If a girl gives consent or allows you to touch her breasts, then it means that she may be interested in carrying the action forward with you.

We all know that breasts are just mammary glands, but breasts are important for men because they are attracted to them, and it might be a turn-on for most men. There is a comprehensive scientific study behind this, but moreover, as much as it sounds like objectifying the woman’s body, the breasts are great for sexual pleasure and foreplay.

Boobs or breasts usually start to grow between the age of 8 and 13 years old. This is known as the earliest sign of puberty.

Breasts or boobs are usually fully developed by the age of 17 or 18, although among some women, it can continue to grow up till the age of 20 to 21. Many women experience tender or enlarged breasts during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Women’s breasts contain various types of tissues and fibrous glands. That is why they are known as mammary glands.

Most people believe that breast or boobs size can be due to genetics, but it necessarily does not mean that the boobs will be the same size as your mother or sister.

It is actually very common among women to have one boob larger than the other. It is okay if you don’t have symmetrical breasts, but you may visit the doctor if it is a concerning factor.

Birth control may increase the hormone levels in your body. It may temporarily increase the size of your breasts and lead to tenderness. But, your boobs will not grow bigger because of birth control.

We have hair almost everywhere on our body; hence it is extremely normal to have hair on your nipples; precisely, it is on your areola.

It is very common for everyone’s nipples to look different. Breasts can be of different sizes and shapes, and this is why all women or men have different nipples with various sizes, colors, or shapes. So, ladies, you need not be insecure about how your nipple might appear. Each one is unique.

It is totally normal for nipples to get hard from time to time. Some of the reasons why the nipple can get hard is due to arousal, changes in temperature, or the material of your garment or innerwear.

Most women or teenagers are bothered by the fact that their nipples rarely or never go hard. While it may be a concerning matter, not all women need to experience erect nipples; hence it is not weird.

Sensitivity in breasts is not generally related to breast size as women of all sizes experience tender or sore breasts from time to time. There can be various reasons for this, like period, hormonal issues, or pregnancy.

Don’t worry, sore boobs during periods are not something to be scared of; women experience tender or sore breasts due to the menstrual cycle, which induces fluctuations in hormones. It causes a woman’s boobs to feel swollen, sensitive, and painful.

There are various ways to self examine for lumps in your breasts that may be cancerous. Still, it is always better to reach your doctor and get yourself examined by a professional before jumping to conclusions.

The self-breast examination is not the most reliable form of finding out for breast cancer, but you need not perform regular examinations; but you can examine it once a month.

There may be complications in nipple piercings such as infections or nerve damage and bleeding, but you need not worry if professionals perform them. Make sure you don’t get it done from a cheap place.

Straight men are obsessed with breasts or boobs because it plays an important role in turning them on and plays a vital role in sexual activities.

Most men see boobs as a stress buster because of their lumpy and soft touch. Although related to how some men see women’s bodies as sexual objects and it has been a topic of interest among feminists.

Do you have more questions about boobs?

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