Cost of Dental Implants – Country Wise

dental implant costs

Dental implants are becoming mainstream as they have a high success rate of 98.5%. However, dental implant costs are very high compared to root canal or dentures. They also need regular dentist visits to ensure that the implants are getting settled properly.

To reduce dental implant costs, patients are increasingly looking to go to foreign countries where it is cheap.

The types of dental implant costs are lower compared to the USA. Patients can also skip high healthcare waiting times, an issue in Canada. With the help of dental implants abroad, you can reduce your medical costs by 30%.

Emerging markets like India also have improved their treatment quality, making it attractive. With flexible appointments, low costs, and weekend availability, they are worth considering.

Want to know how much dental implants cost abroad for a full month?. Here we give you the table for overseas dental implants cost and procedure.

LocationSingle implant Cost
dental implants cost in India$400
dental implants cost in the USA$4000
dental implants cost in the UK$3500
dental implants cost in Germany$4200
dental implants cost in Australia$4800
dental implants cost Europe$4200
dental implants cost in Malaysia$750
dental implants cost in Mexico$720
dental implants cost in Philippines$1000

As seen above, you can get a single implant as low as $400. However, in the United States, implant costs are between $3000-$5000. You can get the same implant done in Mexico with a high-quality dentist for less than $750. The overall cost can be as low as $3000. In the US, it can cost between $20K-25K.

Prices in Australia are even higher than in the US. The total dental implant cost in Australia ranges between $25K-30K. All on 6 dental implants cost can be reduced by 70% while keeping the same treatment quality. These countries make use of international brands such as Zimmer, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, etc.

  • Low cost of living

Labor costs, taxes, operating costs, installation, and the practice are lower in these countries.

  • Lower dentist salary

Dentists in the US are paid higher compared to that other countries.

  • Cheaper yet high-quality prosthetics

The same implant from the same brand can cost lesser in the developing markets.

  • Low-cost dental implant

The dental implant will cost 70% less compared to home. With the use of insurance, even this can be lowered. Bone grafting for dental implants cost are also less in this area

  • High-quality treatment
    • The dentists are members of the international council and have the right degrees authenticated by the authorities.
    • They use only international brand implant prosthesis
  • Safe Treatment
    • The facilities are internationally accredited, and hence there are no malpractices
    • They also have world-class sterilization procedures
    • Better results

The clinics which have experience with international patients make use of the multidisciplinary team. The patient’s history is studied, and then the treatment plan is drawn. This results in high-quality outcomes.

  • Faster recovery
    • Since there are no complications involved, it can result in faster recovery.
    • Doctors can treat even on weekends hence quickening the whole process.
  • Multilingual staff
    • These clinics hire teams with multiple language support
    • Language translators are also available in some hospitals

As an added advantage you can go on a vacation in these countries. These locations are good tourist locations and lets you take a break from time to time. You can choose cultural locations like India or nearby locations like Mexico. The best country for dental implants abroad depends on the budget, preference for travel, proximity, openness to other cultures, etc. The top four popular destinations are India, Mexico, Thailand, and Costa Rica. They provide high-quality dental services.  They also have low teeth implants cost with insurance.

A good candidate for a dental implant will have

  • Good oral health and body health
  • Healthy jawbone and gums
  • Above 18 years of age

For people with low bone quality, bone grafting is required. Your dentist can determine the right approach for the treatment plan. In bone grafting, an artificial bone is placed in the mouth a few months before the implant. The graft will heal and then be ready for an implant.

Based on their structure, dental implants are classified into one-piece implants and two-piece implants. One-piece implants have inbuilt abutment. It then attaches the dental cap to the implant. In the case of a two-piece implant, the implant and abutment come in pairs. The abutment is separate and has to be attached to the implant later.

Step 1

A titanium implant is fitted in the bone socket where the missing teeth are placed. This is done under anesthesia. It is then allowed to heal in a process called Osteointegration. The healing process can take 5 months for the upper jaw and 3 months or less for the lower jaw.

Step 2

After healing, the implant is uncovered with a second surgical procedure. In this case, the cover screw is replaced, and the crown and abutment are placed.

  • You need to follow the tips after dental surgery
  • Eat only soft and easy to chew foods for 2 weeks
  • Clean the surgical wound with water after every meal
  • Do not use hot water for cleaning for 48 hours after surgery
  • Drink ice water immediately after surgery
  • Use a soft toothbrush after surgery

This article has given you a good introduction to Dental implants cost reviews. Do additional research about the clinic and the services provided by them before starting the treatment. Always look for dentists who have international accreditation and license. This will enable you to get the best dental implant services.

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