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Dianabol Review: Sale Guide for Beginners

Dianabol Review Guide

Dianabol is a steroid famously used by celebrity, bodybuilder, and Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Since the 1970s, Dianabol (also known as dbol or methandrostenolone), was used by competitors within the bodybuilding sector to increase muscle and improve strength. It has a great effect on the body when combined with strength and weight training. The combination of exercise and taking the supplement drastically improves the body’s overall appeal.

If you are considering incorporating legal Dianabol into your exercise routine to achieve physical goals, then follow our complete guideline on the pros, cons, do’s, and don’ts.

What is Dianabol?

First formulated by an American scientist, John Bosley Ziegler in 1955, Dianabol was originally designed for the US Olympic team. During that year it was known that the Russian Olympic team has started using testosterone to increase their power, strength, and endurance. It quickly became apparent that the use of testosterone had a set of horrible side effects, the Russian team had problems urinating which indicated problems with prostate glands.  

Foul play was open and so the Americans called in Ziegler to create something bigger and better, without the horrible side effects of course. Ziegler went to work to create a compound that doesn’t have side effects like testosterone, but that can still function as a muscle builder.

And so, Dianabol was created. A compound that is anabolic for muscle and strength building, but without the side effects (less androgenic). Furthermore, it was designed to be digested in capsule form instead of being injected into the body as testosterone would be.

The scientist wasn’t even aware that during this process he was going to create one of the most powerful and in-demand steroids in history. Unfortunately, the Russians ended up winning, which wasn’t as bad for the United States team, since they didn’t have to deal with long-term side effects caused by testosterone.

Since this creation by dr. Ziegler, dbol, is known as the world’s 1st ever oral steroid. Because taking the capsule eliminated the use of syringes and needles, it was a safer way of digesting it. A revolution has begun and bodybuilders flocked to the counters to get their hands on the performance-enhancing substance.

Learn more about Dianabol here

Benefits of Taking Dianabol

There are loads of benefits associated with taking dbol. Even for those who were sceptic at first, have testified that the legal steroid has changed their perspective on it completely.

Here is a list of the top benefits that you can expect from taking dbol:

dianabol cost effective - woman bodybuilder performing heavyweight workout

Cost Effective

Compared to other performance enhancing testosterone, Dianabol is much more affordable. This doesn’t mean that the price is an indication of the quality. Most manufacturers must follow protocol in creating a safe testosterone alternative and therefore it’s still value for money.

Nitrogen Retention

The supplement enhances nitrogen retention which leads to muscle production. It’s important that our bodies receive sufficient proteins and nutrients in order for us to produce more muscles. When you take Dianabol, your body automatically increases protein production.

As a result, your body have more protein to feed off when creating muscles. This retention process also assists the body in overall well-being. Giving the body a stronger immune system and strength, which helps reduce the healing process after strenuous exercise.

Improves Sleep

Our bodies can take a lot of hit. When you push your body to the limit you might end up really hurting muscles and joints. As a result, you won’t sleep as sound as you usually would. When you do take performance enhancing steroids, your body will be able to recover much faster after rigorous exercise.

RNA synthesis, enhanced by Dianabol, assists our bodies in performing much better without the painful side effects in joints and muscles. As a result, this leads to much better and deeper sleep.

Enhanced Metabolism

When our bodies undergo a drastic change in diet and exercise it can go into survival mode. In many cases, this means that our bodies will store and use up all our fat reserves without digesting any new foods that come in.

Especially if you are a beginner user and are only now starting to train more vigorously, Dianabol will assist your metabolism. The pill guarantees the enhancement or regular functioning of the metabolic system even when the body is under stress, intense training, and dietary restrictions.

Increased Body Strength

The main goal with taking performance enhancers is to ultimately achieve an increase in body strength and stamina. Many people try to push their bodies to their limits, unfortunately, those who don’t use performance enhancers will never experience the ultimate limits their bodies can reach.

When you take Dianabol according to dosage recommendations, you can experience great physical results. Bodybuilders who train every day while using additional dbol supplements have reported to gain as much as 20 pounds of muscle within only a few weeks.

More muscle means more strength. Check out this one article to learn more about how you can develop muscles by using Dianabol.

Increased Endurance

Because the tablet is derived from testosterone it acts with the same effects. Users will experience not only strength and muscle growth, but increased stamina and endurance too.

Those who go to the gym might wish that they can perform harder, push themselves further, and even partake in longer training sessions. Well, with Dianabol, you can. It is designed to assist gym enthusiasts to work harder for longer in the training ring, ultimately reaching much better results.

endurance dianabol gymenthusiast - picture of heavy weight rod and plates

Burning Fat

Even when you didn’t take any additional supplements and started working out vigorously, you’ll definitely shed a few pounds. Regardless, taking dbol will drastically increase the rate at which your body burns fat. In the place of fat, your body will produce gorgeously firm muscle mass.

Red Blood Cell Production

In order for our bodies to perform at an optimum level, we need to produce enough oxygen that fuels our muscles to work. Taking a performance enhancer increases the production of red blood cells. The more red blood cells we have, the better. This is because they act as a taxi for oxygen to transport to your muscles. When your muscles receive more fresh oxygen, it can perform much better.

Faster Recovery

After an intense workout in the gym, nothing is more frustrating than having to take a few days off because your body needs to recover. When you use this performance enhancer, your body will recover much faster giving you the freedom to go to the gym more often.

Dianabol Dosage and Usage

Before we dive deep into the usage and dosage recommendations associated with this pill, it’s important that all users are aware that any misuse or abuse of the substance can result in side effects. It’s vital that users stay within the dosage recommendations and follow guidelines given to them by knowledgeable users and distributors.

If you are thinking of taking your first steroid cycle, then it’s important that you do it in a controlled environment. Ensuring that you get the most out of these supplements is highly dependent on how you use them.

Dosage Recommendations

In most cases, Dbol is used at the very beginning of a bulking cycle. This is typically the first few weeks of training. Because the supplement works so rapidly, users are recommended to use it for a cycle of 4-6 weeks. After these 4-6 weeks it is recommended to take a resting period of at least the same number of weeks before the cycle starts again.

Beginners should start with a dosage of between 20-30 milligrams per day. This dosage amount is usually split between 2-3 doses throughout the training day.

Because dbol is a steroid with a very short half-life, many users opt to take it more than once a day not exceeding the daily recommended dosage amount. The half-life of a Dianabol tablet ranges between 3-5 hours.

For example, if you have use a dosage amount of 20 milligrams per day, you can take half the dose (10 milligrams) at the start of your day and the other half at the end of your day. It’s important to divide doses throughout the day to ensure that the drug remains concentrated in the blood.


You can either drink the capsule with meals or with water about 30 minutes before your workout.

It’s vital that you remain consistent with times at which you consume the tablet. This will ensure that the concentration within the bloodstream remains even and that it can work to its optimum.

For more advanced sportsmen and bodybuilders a higher dosage is recommended. Some bodybuilders and advanced users will increase their Dianabol intake up to 80 milligrams per day. In these cases, users can divide their doses to 3-5 times per day depending on their daily routines.

To optimize results and achieve excellent strength and muscle growth, Dianabol is usually stacked with other supplements. Stacks are usually recommended by professional and experienced users. Popular stacks used with dbol are a combination of Tren Acetate, Anavar, and Durabolin.

side effects Dianabol - bare chest bodybuilder performing pullups

Side Effects

Many beginners are apprehensive to try Dianabol as a supplement because of all the mysteries surrounding testosterone alternatives. It can not be stressed enough that when dbol is used correctly, within the recommended cycle and dosage that there won’t be any serious side effects or medical consequences.   

Within Dianabol hepatotoxicity is present. When users exceed the recommended cycle of between 4-6 weeks, they risk experiencing liver damage. The longer you are on the cycle, the more at risk you are for serious medical repercussions.

Overuse and misuse can cause some of the following side effects:

  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Liver damage
  • Acne, oily skin, and skin breakouts
  • Low libido
  • Flatulence and gas
  • Inflammation in certain parts of the body
  • Water and fluid retention
  • High blood pressure
  • Nausea, diarrhea, stomachache

Side effects are ultimately the result of irresponsible usage of dbol.

Buying Dianabol

With steroids and all other supplements and testosterone alternatives increasing in popularity, there are loads of online dispensaries and shops popping up. Buying low quality anabolic steroids or supplements from an untrusted source can cause you much more harm. Before checking out the cart consider the following factors:


There are loads of different brands and manufacturers available. You’ll be able to recognize well-known brands on the gym’s shelves or on the internet. Do a bit of research and investigate the name on the bottle. In most cases, credible brands will have decent websites with customer support staff who will answer any questions you might have.

High Quality Product

When it comes to performance enhancers, you can’t compromise quality over price. Cheaper never means better. Rather spend a few extra dollars and receive quality service with the guarantee that the product is well manufactured, clean, and not harmful.

Avoid Scamsters

Don’t fall prey to underground scamster trying to sell illegal testosterone. If you don’t know where the product is coming from or who manufactured it, then you might just regret your decision after the first week. Before buying anything from someone off the black market, rather invest in a brand that is well-known amongst the gym community.

Scammers will usually give you products that don’t work at all or that can be extremely harmful to your health.

Recommendations and Reviews

The best form of advertising remains word of mouth. Ask regular users and experienced stackers for advice on what testosterone alternatives you should add to your fitness routine. Taking advice from those who know best will help you follow a healthy fitness plan in the future.

Proof is in the pudding, if you want to know which brands work – just ask the biggest guy at the gym for recommendations.

Investing in your fitness and physique are a great way to boost confidence. As long as you keep all of our tips and usage guidelines in mind, you’ll experience all the benefits Dianabol has to offer. In no time, you’ll be a walking muscle machine.

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