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Get Some Relief From The Corn And Callus On Your Feet

Corn And Callus

Corn and callus are the painful skin conditions that occur on your feet and hands. These are annoying for you as they create difficulty in wearing shoes and walking. Corn and callus develop due to hardening of the skin due to a number of reasons. They are really painful that you will quickly want to see your physician for quickly getting some relief.

Many people use weird things like the razor or the scrapper to remove the corn and callus from the feet but they are quite harmful and painful. They also cause the wound around the area to get worse and cause a lot of pain to you. If you want to avoid this type of painful condition then you should get the right treatment by consulting with your physician, You can also use one of the best solutions, the best callus remover gel or, another alternative would be to use the , products to help you treat and at the same time hydrate the skin around the callus.

Are the corn and the callus same?

Many people think that corn and callus are the same but exactly they are not.

About corns: Corns are basically related to the toes. The skin between the toes gets harder and causes pain while walking and wearing shoes. Corns are of two types: soft corns and hard corns. Soft corns mainly lie between the toes while the hard corns occur at the top of the smaller toe. If the soft corns are left untreated for a longer time, it can cause infection. You can identify them as the waxy and discolored hardened skin. It is mainly caused when there is a consistent pressure on the toes due to intense walking or wearing the tight fitting shoes. It is very common for those who wear shoes without socks.

About Callus: Callus is the hardening of the skin at any other site on your feet other than the toes, generally under feet. It can affect you in walking and gives you pain even if you put your feet on the ground. Callus when thick causes more pain and hurts you a lot.

Treatment for the corns and the callus

To remove the buildup tissues causing corns, you can use the pumice stone. Rub the area gently with this type of stone and avoid moving the stone in all the directions. Simply, move the stone in a single direction to avoid removal of inner skin. You can also use the pad on the sole of your shoes to add more cushioning. Similarly, for removing the callus, you have to use the pumice stone. Along with this, dip your feet in the warm water to soften the skin. Apart from this, there are some medicated creams which are helpful in the removal of corns and callus.

Preventive measures are better than cure

As it is said that prevention is better than cure so you should make sure that you wear the right fitting of shoes for keeping corns and callus away. Right fitting shoes make your feet comfortable for walking and your toes can also move easily. Always wear shoes with socks and buy shoes with the best quality material. Ensure that it is breathable as well. In addition to this, try to keep your feet dry and healthy.

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