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Grow your new teeth in your Mouth – Dental Implants

Teeth Regeneration Process

According to a Health reporter, nearly 26 percent of adults lose all their permanent teeth by the age of 75. The conventional method is to use dentures. However, they come with several issues. It keeps the wearer uncomfortable by making it difficult for them to eat or even speak normally. Dental implants are not a good solution too, as they cannot be remodeled because, with age, the surrounding jaw bone changes. 

They need surgery to insert the teeth, which has a certain level of health risk.  They can also cause bacterial infection at the implant location, nerve damage, injury to the surrounding tissue and sinus problems, etc. The healing process also can take months to repair the damage. Dental implants are also not covered by an insurance hence making it a costly affair for people who desperately need them.

However, Medical science has advanced a lot in recent decades, making new possibilities available for patients suffering from diseases. Research has focused on the regeneration of adult teeth with genetic technology.

A recent invention uses stem cells to grow new teeth in a patient’s mouth, eliminating the need for complex and uncomfortable procedures such as implants and dentures. This invention is a boon to people who are suffering from tooth loss.

The new method involves the use of monoclonal antibodies to trigger the growth of teeth. This method eliminates the need for teeth remodeling and enables people to regrow a new set of teeth. This is a more natural and safe solution to replace missing teeth by growing new ones.

According to Regenerative Medicine Laboratory, genes can be triggered to create new teeth.

By Blocking USAG-1 gene expression, it is possible to increase the proteins required for bone growth, especially teeth. With this technology’s help, these Bone Morphogenic Proteins (BMP) have been induced in mice and found to grow missing teeth in them. The teeth can be induced to grow in an empty socket, enabling them to merge with the surrounding gum tissue.

This technology has the potential to improve the lifestyle of patients who cannot afford dental implants. This is a very appealing dental treatment as it has a faster recovery time and a fairly natural process of regrowth. Since the growing teeth can adjust to the contours of the mouth, it can prevent discomfort and other side effects. This is a comfortable and healthier option for older patients.

If the treatment proves successful with humans, you can grow your teeth in about 9 weeks without any side effects. Since the tooth are grown in their natural environment, it can be a cost-effective solution. Additional research is being carried out to evaluate safety aspects and bring this technology to a commercial scale. Rest assured, it is a wonderful time to be living with technology making life more comfortable.

Now you have the choice of whether go for dental implants or regrowth of teeth… Depending on your health condition and choice, the doctor will suggest the best solution. Now you have the choice of whether go for dental.

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