Things to Know If You Want to Pass a Drug Test

drug test

Your health will not be endangered if you take a few hits from time to time. It is a far bigger problem that your existence can be compromised if a drug test reveals the illegal substances in your sample, as their use (still) is taboo, even for medical causes. Sudden drug testing is possible in every company, especially in the case of responsible and high-risk jobs.

For an active user, every test is sudden, while recreational smokers can rely on the magical properties of the organism to clean up after several days. The selection of drug test products is tremendous, and there are various methods for self-testing before the official analysis.

If you have doubts about what is inside your body, there are many ways to cheat any drug test. Also, it’s good to know some information that can be of use to you before testing.

How Long Substances Stay in the Organism

Depending on the type of tested substance, it is important to inform yourself if your employer matters only the result of the test (positive or negative) or there is a certain cut-off limit. For example, cocaine and THC won’t have the same tolerance limit as it is known that cannabidiol (THC) is used for medical purposes, and cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs.

Information of crucial importance for you is what kind of the test your employer or some higher instance requires. This way, you can check the percentage of the wrong results, but also which sample is most relevant for the drug test. It is known that the most substances stay on the hair follicle for a long time, up to a year after consumption.

From samples of saliva and urine, toxins can disappear after a few days, while the blood sample is relevant only for the previous day or two. How much of a substance will remain in your body depends on the type of opiates, but also on the quantities we took. But we shouldn’t neglect physical factors such as gender, health, and percentage of body fat.

How your metabolic rate can affect the process of drug detox, check here: http://profofpot.com/body-fat-thc-cannabis-drug-testing/.

Although it may seem strange, the substance that is considered “the least evil” of all opiates, marijuana, is the longest kept in the body. And after a week of use, it is possible to detect marks in the urine. Strong drugs like heroin and cocaine are only visible for 3 to 4 days in body fluids, but they can stay in hair for longer than 3 months.

There Are Various Types of Drug Tests

Drug Test

There are several types of drug tests, depending on which sample is considered relevant. Companies that routinely perform testing will most often opt for a urine or mouth swab test. Apart from being the easiest to perform and represent the small expense, the results are obtained fairly quickly.

The blood test is a more expensive variant, so it’s not too common. Employers ask for this analysis in specific situations. This method is invasive, and you have to wait for results for days, but the accuracy is very high. Mistakes are almost nonexistent; employers demand this test when they have reason to doubt a worker, or when the job demands it.

If someone a company wants a detailed analysis of the suspicious behavior of a worker, a hair test is the best way. Besides indicating the used substance, it can also detect whether an active opiate user. The results are also obtained in a few days, and this test is the most difficult to cheat. However, due to the more complicated procedure of sampling and sending to the laboratory for analysis, employers ask for these tests in specific situations.

Some Cheat Methods Don’t Work

If you are clean, you’ll pass the test for sure. But if you have any doubts, sources like the offer several ways to provide a negative test result. There are numerous products proven to be successful, but on the other hand, you also have many which are a total disaster.

The first is synthetic urine, which can be easily detected by modern analyses. Also, switching samples won’t work. Cranberry juice which abounds in antioxidants (natural cleansers) is not effective at all. The similar thing is with niacin, which can be potentially dangerous – its excessive use can lead to hypervitaminosis. As for hair samples, do you really think shaving from head to toe will not look suspicious?

Each drug test has some limitations, and none can guarantee 100% accuracy. Just in case, if you want to avoid problems, do a home check and take all necessary steps to detox your body before test. The employer doesn’t want to know your reasons and excuses; they just want to see good performance and results of your work.