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Low Budget Gym Diet Plan for Beginners for Weight Gain

Bodybuilding Diet Plan for Beginners Gain Weight - Image bodybuilder

Many people strive hard to build muscles and gain healthy weight and think that the diet plan for gaining weight can cost them a fortune. Most importantly, it is known to very little that this conclusion generally arises from the lack of accurate information. People need to understand that expensive supplements or food products are not the only way of achieving the goal when they can substitute them with a low budget diet plan to gain weight. Can’t believe your eyes?

Look at the following diet plan

1 st Diet Option

Boiled Black50gm
Sweet Potato200gm
PeanutRaw 50 gm

2 nd Diet Option – if you are a student and living in a hostel

Oat Milk1 Glass
Oat 60gmCook and Steamed
Almonds10-12 pcs
Flax Seeds10-20gm

You will receive 650 Calories from this meal with Carbs – 80 gm, Protein – 33gm, Fats – 25 gm, and Fiber – 10gm

Roasted Channa50gm
Peanuts Unsaltedraw 28 gm

You will receive 250 Calories from this meal with Carbs – 20 gm, Protein – 10 gm, Fats – 15 gm, and Fiber – 7 gm. However, this meal is optional.

These breakfast meals offer you good carbohydrates and good fat. It helps your weight gain.

1 Bowl Dry Soyabean Dish50-60 gm
White Rice250 gm
Bread slices2
Peanut Butter32 gm
2 White Boiled Potato200 gm

Second Diet Option

Dal1 Bowl
Curd1 Bowl
Tomato in Salad1
Paneer or Tofu100 gm

You will receive 500 Calories from this meal with Carbs – 60 gm, Protein – 30 gm, Fats – 5 gm, and Fiber – 10 gm

Black Channa100 gm
Roasted Channa100 gm
Banana and Peanut Butter Whole Wheat Bread

You will receive 180 Calories from this meal with Carbs – 27 gm, Protein – 10 gm, Fats – 3 gm, and Fiber – 8 gm

Whey Protein1 Scoop

You will receive 300 Calories from this meal with Carbs – 55 gm, Protein – 25 gm, Fats – 1 gm, and Fiber – 1 gm

Keep 2 to 2.5 hours gap between your last meal and next dinner meal.

Soya Chunks50 gm

2 nd Diet Option

Protien100 gm
Daal1 bowl

You will receive 600 Calories from this meal with Carbs – 60 gm, Protein – 30 gm, Fats – 15 gm, and Fiber – 10 gm.


Weight gain is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges for some people. However, the truth is that one can build muscles and gain weight merely by choosing nutrient-rich foods over an unhealthy lifestyle. It is not only super-affordable but also pleases your taste palette pretty well. You can transform your whole life just by following a simple diet plan for weight gaining muscle.

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