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Top Finger Pulse Oximeter for Doctors (Hospital Grade Pulse Oximeters) Review

best pulse oximeters review 2018

The pulse oximeter is a medical device which is designed to measure the level of oxygen in the blood instantly without using any invasive means. It is a small machine that is a clip to the index finger to measure the oxygen level. Doctors use this small portable machine called pulse oximeter to monitor the patient and the pulmonary status on a constant basis. Each patient is recommended to have their own pulse oximeter to keep a record of their oxygen saturation levels even if the therapist is not present. Many brands in the market sell pulse oximeter for hospital use  [1].

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Here is a list of the best pulse oximeter for medical professionals:

1. iHealth air wireless pulse oximeter

It is a non-invasive device used to measure the oxygen saturation level in the blood as well as to measure the pulse rate. It is a device that can be used at home and by hospital professionals for clinical use, surgery, anesthesia and intensive care. It is a hospital grade pulse oximeter.

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2. Bluetooth fingertip pulse oximeter for Apple and Android by Healthtree

One of the most accurate machines available in the market for Intensive Care. It is the best pulse oximeter for healthcare professionals.

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3. Bluetooth fingertip pulse oximeter, heart rate monitor for iOS and Android by Healthtree

This machine is designed to monitor ICU patients on very high parameters. It is a popular pulse oximeter for hospital use [3].

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4. Nonin GO 2 Achieve fingertip pulse oximeter

This is a machine that has been designed for individuals. It is being used in hospitals and medical facilities all around the globe. This machine is the leader to fingertip Pulse oximetry.

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5. Masimo iSpO2 pulse oximeter for Apple iOS devices

This machine is designed to crack and record your pulse and oxygen level measurements over time and share the data with via Email. It provides accurate measurements with the help of signal extraction technology. It helps to measure challenging conditions including the movement and low blood flow.

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6. Masimo iSpO2 pulse oximeter having a Micro USB connector along with a large sensor for Android device

The device is designed to measure oxygen saturation as well as pulse rate during movements, especially for sports and Aviation use. It’s a widely used pulse oximeter for hospital use.

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7. Oxygen Analyser Pro 2 Elite by Salter Labs

This is an easy to use machine design to check oxygen concentration purity for concentrators. It is the best pulse oximeter for doctors.

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8. Masimo MightySat

This machine uses the leading technology SET to give you accurate measurements of oxygen saturation along with the pulse rate while moving or at the time of low blood flow. It also provides measurements that help to assess changes in breathing rate, hydration, breathing effort, etc. It is accurate when you need it the most.

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9. Body Matrix performance monitor

This is not typically a medical device and is used by health-conscious people to record the blood rate, heartbeat, pedometer and provides information needed to support a healthy lifestyle or maximize fitness regimes.

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There are a number of pulse oximeters present in the market under different brands. It is up to the doctor and the patient to choose the best oximeter for them according to the uses and results required. The reviews above would help you choose the best pulse oximeter for doctors [4].

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