Lipotase – A Fat Burner Supplement For Mainly Losing Water Weight!



Are you tired of endlessly looking at reviews of fat burning supplements but got nothing new during the search? You might have even arrived at such a stage where you don’t even feel like reading any review that tells you the truth about these supplements.

Before you actually leave this blog thinking it to be another blog of hidden truth, let me tell you guys, this blog is not going to let you down. Here you will get to know about my experience of going through a similar problem as you and how I found a solution for that.

I have always been on the bulkier side since my childhood days. While some of my friends teased me with names like ‘teddy’ or ‘fatso’, some just kept on advising. When I reached my college days, looking at all the fit and well-toned girls out there, gave me a sense of insecurity.

It’s a fact that nowadays everything is a matter of perfect body and personality. While one might wish to disagree on this point, but this is actually true. Last time when I went to apply for a front-office job at a firm, I was rejected on the grounds of being fat. Yes, it did happen to me actually.

The job industry is not just limited to looking for talented or workaholic women, but also a good-looking face that would represent their brand or company. If you thought only modeling and acting profession is about the good figure and look, then my friend you are completely wrong.

My first experience with Lipotase…. which was quite good!

The need for a perfect body has increased the demand for weight loss supplements. To be very frank, there is an ample number of sites that only boasts about the benefits of the supplements but fail to provide real information and what the actual effects are.

While the reviews seem to be very genuine, the comments or ratings of the users don’t really go along with the review. This is where the sense of doubt arises. I had heard about Lipotase from a neighbor of mine who had been using it to lose weight in a constraint period of time. Before I could ask whether the product did wonders in a limited period of time, I decided to give Lipotase a try.

After a few days of consuming this fat burner supplement, I entered a stage that required a good amount of energy. Imagine doing 12 rep of exercises at one go with hardly 30 seconds of break in between. It is not mandatory that in your quest for a perfect body, you would be losing out on fats and also build upon muscles. That’s a misconception! Weight loss supplements and muscle enhancer supplements are two different kinds and Lipotase somewhat falls under the weight loss category.

Popular ingredients that every weight loss supplement have

If you have closely looked into the label of Lipotase, you will be acquainted about the ingredient profile of it. The formula consists of a 2566mg proprietary blend, 18mg vitamin B6, and 300mcg chromium amino acid chelate. Besides these, it has got two diuretic ingredients that almost every weight loss supplement contains. It’s usually the same usual composition as every other fat burner supplement. To be very frank, I did not find anything great about the ingredients.

Inadequate dosage amount which made no sense

If the label instruction is said to be 4 capsules per day, the bottle should contain more than just 80 capsules. Even if the supplement can provide the best results, the supply isn’t enough as per each bottle.

I did find this as a big flaw as the dosage is in an unacceptable amount for a price that might be hard to afford for some of us. The bottle should have contained at least a month’s supply making it easy for the consumers to buy it on a monthly basis.

Lost a lot of water weight for good

The TTA acid in Lipotase helped in instigating insulin resistance. Trinifolum subterraneum doesn’t really act as any standing out factor ingredient. Ellagic acid works well in digestion preventing the body from the added fat collection, thereby helping in weight loss.

Since the time I started using this supplement, I have lost a lot of water weight which is an overwhelming experience for me. Oleoylethanola works well in curbing appetite while Punica granatum flower extract acts as a fat blazing compound.

Lipotase actually marketed them as a fat burner that helps you get ripped to the bone. But this is actually not the case. It should have been called as a diuretic with moderate appetite suppressing capabilities. The downside is that though it helped me lose a lot of water weight but did nothing to increase my energy level. Yes, I did urinate more than usual and my appetite was also quite suppressed.

Is it value for money? No. Not for a price that I paid

Ultimately at the end of the day, all that matters to a consumer like me is the worth of the product. Worth doesn’t mean just the price of the product but whether the product pricing does justice to the benefits of the product. As discussed earlier, a bottle can only suffice somewhat around near about 3 weeks. The price being 40 dollars for a bottle is quite expensive. I know I can get a better-dosed weight loss supplement for the price I have been paying for Lipotase.

Results achieved along with few minor side-effects

Lipotase helped me lose a good amount of water weight which made me slim down. In a weight loss process, it is extremely important to get rid of the water weight first. This is exactly what Lipotase did successfully and I am pleased with the results that it offered.

As far as the side effects are concerned, I experienced a lot of urination. I faced a rise in blood pressure, dizziness, headaches, and nausea. The proprietary blend also didn’t really work in my favor and did show potential side effects as its dosages weren’t clearly mentioned.

So, friends, this was my personal experience with Lipotase. It is definitely not the best fat burner available in the market. There are better options available for a price that I have been paying. My suggestion would be you can certainly give Lipotase a try but you can also find a better alternative as well.

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