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Primal Surge

Staying fit and toned up these days is very important. It’s not that following a healthy regimen will help you stay healthy but also because appearances do play a major role.

But getting a chiseled physique is not an easy task and during your quest for the right supplement to boost your workout stamina, you might face a number of hurdles. The most common and vital issue is the lack of right information about a particular product, isn’t it my dear friend?

Primal Surge 1 Stamina Workout | Workout Stamina Primal Surge


You might have sat back in despair wondering is there no health blog that would give an unbiased review of a product. Well, it is true that these days it has become pretty much difficult to spot a trustworthy blog where you will get genuine information about a product.

But these kinds of blogs do exist and right now you are browsing through one such unprejudiced health blog which is solely dedicated to providing real information to people. I have been a health writer and for me, health is such a thing that cannot be compromised on. This blog has been written completely based on my friend and my experience of using a highly potential stamina booster.

Who likes to look skinny and almost not there kind? I don’t. Neither does my best friend. We have surprisingly been of the same height and weight. Just like how best friends do everything together like siblings, we both decided to join a gym too.

We wanted to look the best. Being skinny is not an attractive feature according to me. To look attractive, a toned up muscular body is a prime need. Well, I have come across many pre-workout supplement reviews amongst which Primal Surge caught my attention.

The Primal Surge is an amazing drink that can provide advantageous benefits in the workout session. Usually, this drink comes in a watermelon flavor which being yummy in taste pleases the taste buds of the users as well.

Cover highlights that looked attractive to me

I found the cover of the product quite attractive at first glance and felt curious to know about it more. The cover itself says a lot about Primal Surge. It talks about maximizing focus, crushing workouts and blasting intensity. A portion of the cover also reads out 10x which maybe stands for ten times better results than other products available in the market. It’s an assumption.

Flavor based ingredients for that watermelon flavor

I realized when my friend told me that the ingredients are mainly sucralose giving the product a watermelon flavor. The product consists of calcium silicate and silicon dioxide which makes the dry mix easy to be mixed and stirred.

The mix has got red 40 artificial colors to make the drink look real as a watermelon drink. Even though it looks appealing to the eyes and tastes good as well, there is really no need for this. Artificial colors just don’t serve any purpose in real. We expect the product to work, not look good. Instead, if the product had natural watermelon, it would do better, I suppose.

Some more ingredients that impressed me big time

The product is packed with major ingredients that actually do wonders and helped us a great deal. The pre-workout formula consists of 5mg niacin which is vitamin B3. Vitamin has the ability to convert carbs into essential glucose. Beta-alanine ideally in 2000mg helps in boosting endurance level whereas 1500mg of arginine alpha-ketoglutarate boosts nitric oxide.

Primal Surge 2 Stamina Workout | Workout Stamina Primal Surge

This worked well for us in gaining back our libido. It also consists of Arginine AKG and Citrulline Malate that does wonders in building up stamina. I was really happy to experience the spur of energy in my body after having this drink.

Even though there are many more ingredients to add to the list like Taurine, L-Carnitine, Theobromine, Mucuna L-Dopa 20% and Yohimba HCI, these are usually found in low quantities. When you know the ingredients work in your favor, you will love the outcome too.

Preferred dosage..make sure you maintain the guidelines

I would suggest that you should take this dietary supplement with 14oz water, preferably one-half scoop. Mix it well and have it before 30 minutes of working out. I used to take this much in the first few weeks and gradually I had increased it to 1 scoop. It actually completely depends from person to person. All I made sure was the limit.

I ensured myself that I do not cross the recommended dosage. Also, make sure not to take this on pre-workout days. You definitely wouldn’t want to face unwanted side effects.

Attainable results with hardly any side effects

Before I actually started going to the gym, I thought of giving this pre-workout formula a try. I had it for almost 4 weeks right before I hit the gym. I feel less tired due to the certain boost in my stamina and energy level.

I can keep calm and smoothly perform my workouts at a stretch. As you might have read in articles or blogs, working out is co-related with your diet and the amount of rest you get. Like the reason why I spoke about my best friend was that we followed everything together, but he ended up not getting enough rest.

He used to be stressed out with work pressure and even skipped meals at times. This was the major drawback for him. I started to achieve effective results as compared to him. Being consistent is important and that is where he lost.

So, Primal Surge is definitely a good pre-workout product. It has obviously got its own set of pros and cons as discussed above. I would surely suggest this product to you considering the fact you wouldn’t make tiny mistakes like what my friend did.

It is voted as the best nitric oxide pre-workout formula and has helped a good number of people. Follow the regimen religiously and you are bound to achieve flawless results.

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