6 Best of Yastika Bhatia Hairstyles

Shoulder Length Straight Hair

Yastika Bhatia shoulder-length straight hair is a versatile and popular hairstyle. She carries it because it can be styled in various ways and easy to maintain.

Bun with Gajra

A bun with gajra is a traditional Indian hairstyle where a bun is adorned with a string of flowers for a beautiful and elegant look for special occasions.

Yastika Bhatia with long blunt cut hairstyle features her hair that is cut straight across at the ends. To create a sleek and modern look that is easy to maintain and style.

Long Blunt Cut

A shoulder-length step cut hairstyle involves hair that is cut in layers of varying length. It adds volume and texture to the hair for fuller and more dynamic look.

Shoulder Length Step Cut