Lizzo Controversy

Lizzo Controversy

Sexual Harrasment & Body Shaming

Date - 2 August 2023

By Arushi Garg

The Controversy

Three former dancers have filed a lawsuit against Grammy-winning singer Lizzo, alleging that she created a hostile work environment and harassed them.


The Complaint

A lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Lizzo and her production company, Big Grrrl Big Touring, Inc. (BGBT). The complaint was filed by three former dancers, Davis , Williams and Shirlene Quigley, captain of Lizzo's dance team.


Make a man of tin

According to the complaint, Lizzo is accused of pressuring her dancers to participate in a nude photoshoot and attend explicit performances in Amsterdam's Red Light District during her "Watch Out for the Big Grrrls" dance competition show on Amazon Prime.


Lizo Threatened Dancer

Two dancers were fired and one resigned after alleging that Lizzo created a hostile work environment. One dancer said Lizzo threatened to hit her.


Does not Specify the Amount

The suit does not specify the amount of money sought for damages, including emotional distress, lost wages, and attorney's fees.