Ranveer Singh to take over as Don from Shah Rukh Khan?


By Smr. k. Phwa

Aug 08, 2023

The buzz is that Shah Rukh Khan may not return for Don 3, and Ranveer Singh is rumored to replace him.

The Rumour

Shah Rukh Khan fans expressed disappointment over the news that he might not be in Don 3. They said that Don is synonymous with SRK and that they would not watch the film if he is not in it.

Disappointed Fans

Farhan Akhtar officially announced 'Don 3' on social media. The Internet has given mixed reactions to this announcement.

Audience Mixed Reactions

Farhan Akhtar confirm that Shahrukh Khan is not Don anymore. He posted on Insatagram "The time has come to take the leagcy of Don forward and joining us in this new interpretation will be an actor whose talent and versatility I have long admired. A new era of Don begins in 2025."

Farhan Confirm the News

Farhaan Akhtar share the first glimpse of Don 3