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Chapati Vs Rice Diet Plan for Weight Loss?

We are in the era, where people tend to find a perfect solution for reducing their excessive weight. Modern youths prefer gym and diet plan, meanwhile, older people prefer to undergo a brisk early morning walk or a walk during the sunset.

A Perfect Diet plan

If you are in search of a perfectly healthy diet plan consider about rice and chapati diet plan because both rice and chapati are the foods which we familiar right from our childhood and also both has a significant amount of carbohydrates and calorific levels.

Many youngsters who are new to the weight loss diet program often search about diet for quick weight loss in 3 days, which is nearly not possible, however, rice vs chapati for weight loss will do magic when it comes to weight loss program if they consumed in the right level.

rice vs chapati diet plan

Rice Vs Chapati

The consumption of Rice and Chapati is not new to the Indian culture. To be frank, chapati otherwise known as the Roti is in practice as a regular food by almost all the north Indian people. So, it is the favorite north Indian dish for the people, opting roti diet for weight loss plan won’t be difficult for the people who are living in northern part of India.

On the other hand, consumption of rice is one of the prime food habits by the south Indian people. Though the origin of the rice goes deep into the ancient time, it is widely consumed as the primary meal in all the southern states of the nation.

To be frank, no Indian meals will get complete without the inclusion of rice or the chapati (roti) in it. When we compare both rice and chapati on considering the weight loss fact, surely chapati would be the winner, however, the end results which possessed by both diets not differ a lot. Just the sodium value plays a huge lot of differences in-between those diets. Both diets have their own pros and cons which you can learn below:

facts remember rice vs chapati

Reasons that make chapati winner over rice on weight loss plan:

  • Chapati has a great fiber and protein enrich content when it compared with the rice diet plan which is lacking in the dietary fiber and also lower protein level than the chapati has.
  • Owing to the enriched protein levels in the chapati, a person who consumes can keep their energy level goes longer and it helps to reduce the excessive weight loss. However, the consumer must aware of few facts like how many chapatis should i eat in a day and so.
  • Though, rice as high amount of calories than the chapati it doesn’t plays a remarkable role when it comes to weight loss diet. Instead, it reverses the process and helps to gain weight if it consumed above the par level.
  • Unlike the chapati, rice doesn’t have the adequate level of minerals like potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and so. On the other hand, each and every bite of chapati gives you enough minerals and proteins required by human body.
  • Since the chapati takes a lot of time to get digests it helps to regulate the blood sugar level in human body. However, rice takes lesser time to get digest and also the presence of high carbohydrates raises the blood sugar level if it consumed a lot.

Facts to remember

If you opt for the perfect diet plan, make sure you aware of the exact amount of eating chapati at night because of the high digestion time is taken by the chapati consuming person might face certain trouble during the sleep hours.

To skip such trouble, often medical experts suggest consuming the chapati diet before or by around 7.30 pm. Meanwhile, many people are wondering how many chapatis should i eat at night! For such people it is highly advised to stick with their body condition, in most cases consuming around 3 to 4 chapattis would a perfect amount to maintain a regular diet.

At the same time, for people who are concern about the sodium level in their body, especially those who are all suffering from heart oriented problems must reduce the intake of chapati and prefers intake of rice as their regular diet plan.

In final words, consuming the equal mixture of chapattis and rice would be the perfect choice for almost every people to enjoy the healthy diet and also to witness the good end results when it comes to weight loss diet.


As both diets, a bowl full of rice and chapati or roti plays a vital impact on the human blood sugar level; one should consume those in a perfect mixture. Consider about consuming 2 to 3 chapattis along with the adequate level of rice, it is good to consume brown rice to enjoy the healthy diet and weight loss diet.

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