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It is no secret that the world has become more aware and conscious of health and taking care of ourselves. We now want to look and feel fitter, be more energetic, and be socially active by joining fitness classes and signing up for the gym. And fair play to those who manage to keep things in order.

When it comes to my circle of friends we have a few ‘gym junkies’ as some like to call them who cannot go a single day without hitting a training session. They get on edge or almost annoyed when they can’t have a quick sweating class by either spinning or lifting weights. The main objective for them is to perspire.

And I can understand why the endorphins that rush through your body after a great workout is a natural euphoria we just can’t live without. I, however, enjoy the euphoria of cake, but that’s a topic for another day.

I have been active my whole life, up to, through, and after pregnancy with our 1st child so I am well versed in wanting to be the best and looking better than the next person. This has faded over the years as we got our second child and life gets busier, but this is what life hands us sometimes and we go with it.

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Giving it a go.

My cousin, on the other hand, is all about signing up for new classes, getting in with the latest protein shakes, powders or supplements, and of course fashion.

Because a priority when going to the gym is at least looking the part (for some of us that are) I thankfully have no issue going in sweats and a baggy T-shirt. See some gym outfit inspiration here, if this sounds like you.

What I was never sure about was using enhancers or supplements to assist a training program that can benefit you well that’s why my cousin takes them daily. She says they have everything she needs in 1 simple swallow of a capsule.

There are powders and pills for all fitness levels, boosters to simply increase what you’re already taking, and steroids which in essence double your physical capacity while allowing added endurance and strength.

I have seen the sports shops lined with large jars filled with all flavors and varieties of shakes and liquids but knowing which is best or suited to my needs is daunting, and thus not trying any at all has been my leg to fall back on.

My cousin has recently begun trying a new product on the market she had heard about, and not being one to miss out on anything and always trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’s as the saying goes, she is giving it a try. You can read here about the Hyde pre-workout reviews and see what others have to say who have tried and tested it and if it’s something for you, then that’s great.

You need to know what works for you, and in her case, this works very well on her.

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The upside of using a pre-workout supplement.

When it comes to putting stuff into your body and system it is always advised to seek a medical practitioner. They can guide you to a stage that is safe and optimum for your physic and fitness level as well as keeping an eye on you through the process. People react differently to substances so going in blind is not recommended.

That being said there are several benefits with the routine of taking a pre-workout powder, the list is long and in-depth, so we will break it down to the top most popular comments taken from users and experienced athletes alike who have the gym and fitness centers as their second homes.

  • Focus – It may be more mental than physical for some but knowing you have a surge of lightning in your body can automatically get you in gear. Knowing what needs to be done and how to get there, you see your end goal and get to it. Concentration is better, you’re not distracted, and before you know it the hours are done and you’re sweating.
  • Endurance – You have an increased boost of stamina, your body can push for longer and harder than normal, and tiptoeing on the edge of your limits to go that little bit further, being just that much better than the next guy who stopped 30mins ago.

Plenty of critics out there will have their say on this subject, and we know we like to have a moan, but with so many positives it’s hard to debate its use for long. Hear what others have to say in this blog and see a different view on things, it is always good to hear both sides of the story and conclude from there, you may just find the answers you were looking for.

  • The weeks and months have been long, your much-anticipated boys’ holiday is around the corner which you have been getting fit for and you’re feeling drained. A quick lift from a pre-workout powder can give you that helping hand to cross the finish line. Keeping you motivated until you step off that plane into the sunshine.
  • Studies have recorded results of muscle pain being blocked during extreme workouts from excessive amounts of caffeine, this can be good for say the last day or 2 before a big race or competition to get those extra reps in, but not advised for long periods.

Ultimately when it comes down to it you know what your body can endure, how it reacts to chemicals or natural substances, and the advantages of using them. Writing down what you’re taking, for how long, and the effects you experienced will give you a greater look into what does and doesn’t work for you.

There is also the safety aspect having this information jotted down and like the good old saying goes (thanks mom), ‘prevention is better than cure.’

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