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Ten Outdoor Activities That Will Burn Calories This Summer

ten calories summer fat burn

The summer is finally here, and there is no better time to get out and get active. Warm weather, exotic locations, and time away from work all offer opportunities to burn calories while having fun. Even while on vacation, a swim in the pool or a walk along the beach burns calories at a far higher rate than sitting at your desk will, so wherever you are this summer, you can be burning calories too.

With plenty of team sports now at the height of their season and loads of great attractions and events to visit, the summer time makes us feel more active wherever we live.

Here are some for the very best outdoor activities that will help you to burn calories this summer:

  1. Go for a bike ride. Grab your bike from the garage and get riding. Even a gentle spin with the family can burn as much as 50 calories in just seven minutes, making an afternoon spent riding the perfect summer fun activity for the whole family. 
  2. Do some work in the garden. While this may not sound particularly sporting, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, and other general garden maintenance jobs will burn more calories than you think. As little as ten minutes of gardening could be burning as much as 50 calories, and you’ll end up with a beautiful garden too. 
  3. Go Swimming. The coolest and most relaxing way to spend the dog days of summer. Swimming works all the muscle groups in your body and is the perfect way to work out when it’s too hot to do anything else. Mix up your strokes, or even try a little water aerobics if you want to power up your workout. Swimming burns tons of calories and will keep you cool too. 
  4. Go for a round of golf. Gorgeous greens on hot sunny days are a wonderful place to be. Golf offers a gentle workout for the legs and arms and is also a great way to focus the mind.  You can also boost your brainpower while burning calories by investing in an effective supplement like nootropics to help hone both mind and body. 
  5. Go for a stroll. Whether you are just taking a slow after-dinner stroll, or taking the family on a longer walk, just strolling together on warm evening will not only burn calories, but can also aid digestion, lighten your mood, and help you sleep. 
  6. Go shopping. Time for a new summer wardrobe? Pounding the pavement in and out of stores and changing rooms burns more calories that you might first suspect. 20 minutes of hardcore shopping can burn up to 50 calories. Get fit and get new clothes at the same time! 
  7. Play beach volleyball. High octane fun on the beach burns a lot of calories. Passing, hitting, and generally jumping around in the sand works nearly every part of your body. Take it easy and if you are not a pro, remember to drink plenty of water. 
  8. Go hiking. A day out hiking is a great activity for the whole family to get involved with. A good steady walk at a pace that suits your fitness levels will burn calories as you go. Plus, you can take in the scenery and enjoy the weather. 
  9. Sightseeing. If you are visiting a new town or city, get out and see what it has to offer. Walking city streets can burn more calories than you think as you explore mile upon mile of urban icons. 
  10. Go surfing. A bit like swimming, surfing works every muscle in your body and is great for toning up and burning calories at the same time. It’s also a real test of your endurance and can help to focus the mind. A good surf session can burn as much as 185 calories while you’re having fun in the water and sun.

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