8 Best Virat Kohli Hairstyles

Curly Medium Hair

Virat Kohli's curly medium-length hairstyle is trendy, natural, and textured, adding to his stylish and dynamic image.

Side Disconnected Short Hair

Virat Kohli's side disconnected short hair is edgy and modern, featuring a sharp side part and sleek style.

Short Spikes

Virat Kohli's short spiky hairstyle is classic and versatile, complementing his confident and dynamic personality.

Crew Cut

Virat Kohli's crew cut hairstyle is a low-maintenance and practical look that he has sported in the past, featuring a short and even cut that adds to his sharp and no-nonsense image.

Shor Hair with Beard

Virat Kohli's short hair with beard is a trendy and stylish look that he has sported in the past, featuring a well-groomed beard that complements his short and sleek hairstyle.

Undercut with Spikes

Virat Kohli's undercut with spikes hairstyle is edgy, featuring a shaved undercut and spiky top that adds to his dynamic image.