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Complete Guide – Hair Straightening vs. Hair Smoothening

Complete Guide – Hair Straightening vs. Hair Smoothening

People likely prefer to have Hair Straightening vs. Hair Smoothening to ensure better looks of their hair. Which method is best between hair straightening vs. hair smoothening? This guide will help you understand if you are confused like many other women.

Hair form an integral part of any individual’s body. It helps them to be more attractive and elegant and also can prove to be disastrous if not properly taken care of.

Lets quickly understand the difference between hair smoothening and straightening

Hair smoothening treatment will help to transform the curls existing in the hair to form frizzles curves. There are likely lesser chances that hair might turn down to be straight ones. 

Hair straightening is using for straightening your hair with a specific procedure. One will get better results with their hair with the hair straightening.

Still, hair smoothening side effects are lesser damaging in comparison to the straightening one. You can even consider hair smoothening as the primary hair treatment, which will help in preventing any kind of roughness or dullness from existing over the hair.

While considering the smoothening process, creams that are using in the process include Ammonium Thioglycolate and Sodium Hydroxide. Using these chemicals will help in breaking the bonds of the hair while giving it a smooth and silky look.

You can also choose the hair smoothening permanent process when you are suffering from an excess amount of split ends over your hair.

Split End Hair Example
Split End Hair

When you have done hair smoothening, you can’t wash your hair for 3-4 days while it’s not the case with hair straightening.

Is natural hair smoothening results are possible?

As compared to straightening, the smoothening process will provide a more natural look to your hair, and one can also adopt several hairstyles quite easily.

Hair Smoothening Before and After Photo
Before and After Photo of Hair Smoothening

Hair Smoothening: Side Effects

Even though hair smoothening is a useful technique for your hair as compared to straightening, there are several side effects of hair smoothening. One should be aware of these side effects before selecting the treatment to be cautious about the same.

We have discussed here some of the popular side effects which are observed with people going through hair smoothening.

  1. Chronic Hair Fall
  2. Dizziness will include teary eyes, and also skin rashes.
  3. Natural Hair Texture: There will be damage to the natural hair texture which you possess.
  4. Dryness
  5. You will observe split ends getting arisen.
  6. Suddenly dandruff will start arising
  7. Greasiness
  8. Hair Thinning

These are some of the common side effects observed among people going through hair smoothening. Still, several other side effects might also arise based on one’s hair types and their body’s reaction to the treatment.

What is the appropriate age for getting hair smoothening done?

Hair smoothening is likely going to affect your hair and your scalp. So, one should never try to perform this treatment at quite an early age. Normally people with an age group of 20-30 years should go through this treatment.

This will help them to minimize the effect of hair smoothening over their hair. Even they will observe minimal side effects due to the hair smoothening process.

What is involved hair smoothening cost?

Hair smoothening cost starts from ₹ 2499 only. You can find hair smoothening services at home or Google this term hair smoothening parlour near me very easily.

Can we use VEDIX oil for hair straightening?

VEDIX oil provides natural means for improving hair health. One can even use the oil for reducing their hair fall problem. That is the reason why using VEDIX oil for hair straightening is a good option. It will help in reducing the likely effect over the hair due to the treatment.

Even one will observe minimal side effects over their hair due to the straightening. As VEDIX oil is an ayurvedic remedy, it is highly suggest to apply it even after performing the treatment of straightening the hair. This will help maintain the desired quality of hair for a longer period.

Hair Straightening - Before and After Photo

Is Neutralizer Cream important after Hair Straightening?

Hair Straightening is likely going to affect the hair and the tissues which lie over the scalp. This can likely cause influence over a longer run. So, one needs to take proper precautionary measures by which they can reduce the effect of hair straightening.

Neutralizer is a professional product that is mainly formulated for the reconstruction of the capillary polymer. This should be done after the application of the straightening cream.

The application of a neutralizer is essential for completing the straightening process of one’s hair. While doing this, it will help to condition the hair and restore the original elasticity of the hair.

This will help in reducing the effect of straightening and bringing it back to the natural condition. Usually, a neutralizer is being applied for finishing the chemical straightening process. So, it is basically the ending process of complete treatment.

Can I use Satinique Shampoo after straightened hair?

Satinique shampoo is quite useful in restoring and repairing the damaged hair. It will prove to be useful in restoring the hair back, which has suffered damage due to the straightening process.

You can definitely see the difference in your hair, consider this natural way to straighten hair if you regularly apply the shampoo after going through a straightening process for your hair. This will help you to get back your natural hair and have more strength. Even you will observe the natural texture, the shine will come back to your hair.

This shampoo will also help in energizing the scalp, which will stimulate the reduced effect of hair straightening over the natural hair. One can thereby have better-looking hair with improved strength by using the Satinique shampoo after performing the treatment of hair straightening.

Can a flat plated straightener be used instead of ceramic hair straightener for hair straightening?

Hair straightener is using the heat distributed over a surface to straighten the hair. This heat can even damage the hair if not properly managed over the surface, which is going to come in contact with the hair.

IT is thereby important to have a proper selection of the hair straightener, which can equally distribute the heat over the entire surface. You can do semi permanent hair straightening easily with the help of ceramic hair straightener. Even the ceramic hair straightener will help retain the energy more efficiently. With that, one will get benefit from having a better process of hair straightening.

Recommendation- Follow the list of hair straighteners for best deals and discounted prices.

Normally if you have fine hair, then ceramic hair straightener will suit you better. This will be mainly because of the lesser damaged by the respective kind of straightener. Even if you have damaged hair or color-treated one, then you should definitely go for the ceramic alternative.

DIY Methods which are useful for hair smoothening

The smoothening process is a complete process that will require numerous steps. Still, several ways can even be performed at home to perform the smoothening operation. This will help any individual to perform the smoothening operation at their convenience. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most typical do-it-yourself techniques for taming your hair’s frizz.

  1. Coconut Milk and Lemon Juice
  2. Egg, Honey, and Olive Oil
  3. Bananas for doing hair smoothening at home
Hair Smoothening at Home without EGG

What is the best treatment to recover quickly, chemically damaged hair because of hair smoothening?

It is likely possible that one might experience damage in their hair while performing the hair smoothening operation. One should follow certain steps, which will help them to recover back their hair quite easily.

These activities are discussing here, which will help you to perform them quite easily.

  1. Try to wash your less as shampoo is designed to remove buildup oils and products over the scalp.
  2. Using shampoo and conditioner that are build especially for dry hair.
  3. Use of jojoba oil.

Should We Do Keratin Treatment After Hair Straightening?

One should definitely perform Keratin treatment after going through hair straightening. It will help in having silky smooth hair. Some of the common benefits which you will experience after treatment would include shiny, less frizzy, and easily manageable hair. Still, it is likely to find that these benefits would fade away after a certain period.

What is a Temporary Hair Straightening Price ?

For temporary hair straightening price – starts from ₹ 500. You can select parlour service for hair straightening at home too.


Do you have more questions about Hair Straightening vs. Hair Smoothening? You can differenciate by checking hair smoothening images on internet. Do ask me in the comments, our hair experts will give you answers.

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