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This is a list of Vicky Kaushal hairstyles you must consider this year. If you are testing a new look on your oval face shape like Vicky Kaushal then these 10 hairstyles of Vicky Kaushal will give you a wonderful idea.

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If you have a bit long wavy hair, just apply some setting gel/serum and style it in classic Vicky Kaushal Rajputana edge that goes well with ethnic attire.

Vickey Kaushal in Pink floral Shirt and white inner showing his Classic guy next door hairdo - Vicky Kaushal Hairstyle 2021

Wanna try something crazy and unique? Go for this Vicky Kaushal classic guy next door hairdo that’ll turn out to be an absolute dashing appearance. This look in blue spikes was one of the boldest in his career.

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Vicky Kaushal’s quarantine cut is just ‘too hot to handle’. The quarantine cut has created a buzz on various social media handles and is a must-try for someone looking for a simple and easy-to-wear hairdo.

Let us start with the famous messy curls of Kaushal in the movie Masaan, portraying a young man from the Dom community in Varanasi; the actor was seen wearing messy, unkempt soft curls. The natural frizzy curls of his hair channeled the innocence and the semi-urban charm of the character of the actor. 

The Vicky Kaushal face shape was switched up in the movie Raman Raghav 2.0 by Anurag Kashyap. Contrary to the soft curls in Masaan, the actor sported high and tight curls, which were cropped short, with the sides of the hair almost buzzed off. Paired with the neat and crisp goatee, Vicky Kaushal’s dark and troubling character interpretation was spot-on.

The actor took to the natural look in the Netflix Original, Love per Square Foot, a longer-much way hair than the previous films. The wavy hair was grown out a little, brushed back to give his character the subtle look of a romantic hero.

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One of the most iconic movies in Kaushal’s career, Vicky channeled the traditional husband in the movie Raazi. The authenticity of his Pakistani policeman character was solidified with his haircut and facial hairstyle. His hair was put into slightly oiled waves, brushed to the side in a side part. His mustache, complementing his hairstyle, was made to be thin and well-groomed.

In the Rajkumar Hirani movie Sanju, the Vicky Kaushal hairstyle changed its direction to a new lane. Playing the role of Kamli in the biopic, the actor’s hair was made to be straight and long, with a subtle layer of hair on his forehead to give the typical 90’s look to the character.

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Playing a typical Indian traditional male, the Vicky Kaushal haircut in the movie Lust Stories by Karan Johar matches the character. The combed out waves on natural hair give the perfect picture of a well-meaning husband. Owning this look is beneficial for an everyday appeal. Neat and natural and well paired with the light stubble and a neat mustache gives an innocent and traditional look in every way.

In 2018, the Vicky Kaushal hairstyle in Manmarziyan was one of the boldest in his career. Playing the role of a small-town rebel, the actor’s hair was donned with dyed-blue spikes, the elaborately designed buzz on the sides, a goatee, and a full beard. This Vicky Kaushal new hairstyle became popular among the youth, many of them taking to the blue spikes and the buzzed side to look match the rowdy look of the town-rebel. You can also check out some classy beard style.

The Bollywood actor turned heads with the film of the decade. The new Vicky Kaushal hairstyle in the URI movie was toned, prim and proper to channel the army man from within. His hair in the movie was buzzed off slightly from the sides. The top of the actor’s hair was trimmed to match the disciplined military appearance. Add the uniform, and Kaushal would flawlessly blend into the national heroes of our country!

Vicky Kaushal has seen in a completely different hairstyle in the photoshoot for a magazine than his normal soft curls. With the hair buzzed smaller than usual, the front of his hair was parted to expose the hairline on the left. This look, along with the rustic unkempt stubble and a mustache, gives him a classy yet badass look. For similar classy hairstyles you can check out Ayushmann Khurrana hairstyles and Rajkuamar Rao hairstyles.

Vicky Kaushal received the “best actor award” in the 66th National Film Awards. We saw him wear a classy outfit along with his hair [Vicky Kaushal hairstyles] in a regular back brush and then fixated with some product. The sides of his hair were slightly buzzed to expose the hairline on the left. This sleek and clean look is really ideal for any formal festivities and occasions, along with a clean-shaven face.

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