401+ Most Flattering Hairstyles for Square Face Shape Women

Hairstyles for Square Faces Women

Finding a hairstyle that matches the shape of your face can be tough, but not for square-shaped faces anymore. Therefore, we have made a list of hairstyles for square face shape 2023. Let’s find out how to make a square face look pretty.

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Now, let’s talk about hairstyles for square face shape women without overdoing the look.

Tousled Bob

Tousled Bob Haircut for square face shape

As long as long bobs are layered and soft, they look beautiful on women whose face shape is square. Avoid getting a sharp or blunt bob that hits at your chin, accentuating your jaw. This will lead to a boxy effect only. On the other hand, a tousled bob will elongate your face.

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Short Stacked Bob

short stacked bob hairstyles for square face shape

Short-stacked bob will bring lightness to the face you need. Girls who have thick hair will benefit the most from this haircut as the graduating layers will help them get released from the extra bulk and weight of their hair. Straight hair will work beautifully for this hairstyles for square faces over 50 female.

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Shag with Curtain Bangs

Shag with curtain bangs hairstyle - square face shape

Curtain bangs will help cut off the width of your face and make it look longer than wider. In addition, a voluminous shag ending at your shoulder will soften your jawline. Shag with curtain bangs for square face can be considered one of the professional women hairstyles as the overall look is neat and formal.

Long and Sleek with Feathered Layers

Long and sleek feathered layers hairstyle for square face shape

As a square face has equal length and breadth, when looked at from the front, it looks very wide. You need a haircut that shifts the attention from this, and long feathered layers will be perfect for the role. Keep the texture of your long hair sleek for a light look. This long sleek feathers layers is also suitable haircuts for square face female Indian.

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Medium Length Haircut with Side Bangs

Medium length haircut with side bangs for square face shape

Side bangs will help in softening the hard sides of your face. They will shift the focus from your broad forehead too. Medium hairstyle falls on your shoulder, avoiding making your jawline or chin look too sharp or pointy.

The wavy texture of your hair will be good for thin hair.

Long Bangs

Long bangs hairstyle for square face shape female

Long bangs help conceal the width of your face and make it look even. When the long bangs fall on your cheekbones, it highlights your sharp jawline. Slightly wavy hair with a feathered cut will draw attention away from your flat chin. Long bangs go well with longer hair.

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Layers with Fringes

Fringes hairstyle for square face shape lady

Get face-framing layers for your square face as they highlight every feature of your face. The layers will fall on your cheekbones, jawline, and so on. Fringes will add to the look hiding your wide forehead. Blunt fringes go well with a layered haircut with bangs and a messy hair texture.

Layered Highlights

layered hairstyle for square face shape girl

A layered haircut helps create volume to your thin hair and goes well with a square face. Plus, when you highlight them in golden highlights, each layer gets defined perfectly. A deep side-parted look will even out your wide forehead and angular jawline. Of course, your hair should be long enough.

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Choppy Bob

Choppy bob hairstyle for square face shape girl

A choppy bob covers your whole square face giving it a round shape impression. The choppiness of the bob takes all the attention from your jawline to your crown area of hair. Plus, when the short layers fall on your cheekbones, it diverts attention to your eyes. This is one of the best short hairstyles for square faces.

Soft Waves with Blonde Color

soft waves curls with blonde color - Haircut for square face

Soft waves are hairstyles that focus on making a hair style for square face shape look attractive. When you keep your hair center-parted, the waves fall on your shoulder and don’t make your jawline look blunt. Keep the hair color blonde, and the roots should be dark.

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Blunt Lob with Middle Part

A smiling girl in pink lipstick and blunt lob with middle part hairstyle posing for camera - hairstyles for square face 2022

A blunt lob with a middle part shows your flat chin beautifully. The center-part lob will make your face look longer instead of wider. Plus, the wide forehead will also be covered with hair falling on the sides. You can create some darker roots if your hair is a light color. 

Long cut with Eyebrow Skimming Bangs

A girl is showing her ling cut eyebrow skimming bangs hairstyle - square face shape

Eyebrow skimming bangs fall right on your eyebrows, so you don’t have to worry about your wide forehead anymore. This is one of the long hairstyles that will shift the attention to your eyes instead of your jawline. We suggest you keep the texture messy.

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Chopped Bangs with Ombre

A smiling girl is showing her chopped bangs with ombre hairstyle - face shape

Chopped bangs let you conceal the wideness of your forehead and keep the attention near your eyes and cheekbones. The ombre will shift all the focus to your hair instead of your angular jawline. Keep a brown to blonde hair color to lighten the tone of your face.

Inverted Bob

A smiling girl with black hair showing her inverted bob hairstyle -  hair care routine

An inverted bob is shorter on the back and longer on the front. The purpose of an inverted bob is to frame most of your face so that it doesn’t look wide. Plus, it creates the illusion of a pointed chin that goes well with a sharp jawline. Keep your hair straight and middle-parted.

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Spiky Pixie

A girl in maroon shirt and danglers showing het spiky pixie hairstyle - hair color

A spiky pixie will create length to your face as it rises upwards. A pixie best hairstyles for square face female, so it can make your face look wide; that’s why the spikes are added to create length. Bright color hair will help in bringing shine to your face. Spikes will create a beautiful, messy look.

Long Layered

A girl in black tank top showing her long layered hairstyle - short hair

Long and layered hair creates the impression of longer face length than width. Color your hair in two colors for a beautiful shining effect. When the layers fall on your face, it will frame your face and make it look a little bit round. The Center partition will go with this look.

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Tousled Medium Layers with Bangs

A girl is showing her tousled medium layers with bangs hairstyle - long hair hairstyles

Tousled hair keeps the hair messy and windblown to create a voluminous look. Getting medium layers with bangs adds to the advantage as it covers your whole face. This means no more width and all the attention to your hair. Curtain bangs will suit this look.

Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

A girl is showing her shoulder length wavy hair - professional women hairstyles

Shoulder-length hair means no blunt cut near your jawline that will accentuate it. Instead, the wavy texture of your hair will create a voluminous hair illusion and suit your wide face. In addition, a deep side part will cover one side of your face making it look even.

401 Hairstyles of Square Shape 2023


Follow a proper hair care routine, and you can go for any of these hairstyles for square face shape women. Then, it’s your time to shine beautifully.

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