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Each woman wants to feel special and unique on her wedding day; to have the most beautiful attire, makeup, and Indian bridal hairstyles are just obvious.

Can a bride wear a ponytail?

You might think that a ponytail is more of a casual and everyday look, but with the variety of looks to try out with it, you just cannot resist not opting for a ponytail. The right kind of ponytail can add more elegance and sophistication to your day as well as make you feel and look like a princess straight out of a fairytale.

How can I make my thin hair look thicker for the wedding?

Hairstyles, which flatter the hair types and face shape, can create the illusion of volume and all the difference. If you want a last-minute trick to make your hair look more voluminous, then choose the right kind of hairstyle for it. It can be tricky but will work once you know what you need.

From all the amazing choices, we have tried to list the best Indian Bridal hairstyle photos for your D-Day

  • Bridal Braid
Sonam Kapoor in golden lehenga posing for camera and showing her bridal bride hairstyle - wedding hairstyles

Bring out the essence of a true traditional bride with this Indian Bridal hairstyles for long hair. You can even decorate with flowers to enhance the look that can make you look heavenly.

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  • Center Parted Low Bun with Gajra
Anushka Sharma in red banarasi saree with Virat Kohli in black sherwani posing for camera - bollywood actress bridal hairstyles

This hairstyle is here to stay for a long hair and has become a trend these days, with every celebrity bride wearing it for their special day. The simple Indian Bridal hairstyle for saree added with extravagant elegance is what we need for our special day as well and one of the most in-demand Bollywood actress hairstyles.

  • Curled Long Locks
Dia Mirza in blue and golden lehenga posing for camera and showing her Curled long locks - ponytail hairstyles

You can never go wrong with this look. So take it from us; it can be a great look for the bride as well as her bridesmaids.

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  • Chic High Bun
Lara Dutta in white wedding gown and Chic high bun with husband Mahesh Bhupati in black suit - soft curls bridal hairstyle

Add more glamour and glitz to a basic bun by just wearing it a little too high. It also gives you the edge you wish to have. This is a perfect Indian bridal hairstyles for short hair.

  • Side-Parted Bun
A girl in red and golden saree posing for camera and showing her Side-Parted Bun - bridal hairstyles

A little change in how you part your hair can make all the change you need. It is amazing how this hairstyle can be a great option as an everyday hairstyle for working women as well as great option for brides ,decorated with flowers and other hair accessories.

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  • Pouf Bun
Esha Deol in pink lehenga with heavy jewellery posing for camera with her husband - wedding hairstyles

This hairstyle can be the ideal one for you if you have thin hair. It almost effortlessly adds volume to your hair and is the perfect choice for your special day. It looks amazing in pictures and can add sweetness to your beautiful memories. Let a few strands of soft curls hairstyle fall on your face to give it an elegant touch.

  • Cascading Waterfall Braid
A girl in  golden lehenga posing for camera and showing the side view of her Cascading waterfall braid - bollywood actress bridal hairstyles

Channel the traditional woman in you with a graceful braid that is easy to manage, pleasant to look at, and stylish to carry. It is one of the most opted-for bridal hairstyles for lehenga.

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  • Bridal Bun
Anushka Sharma in her bridal lehenga and Bridal bun showing the side view of her looks - bun bridal hairstyles

Your special day does not need a simple hairdo but requires all the drama, pomp, and show that can only be achieved by accessorizing and decorating it with flowers. The flowers symbolize the purity and beauty of a new life you are about to step into. It is the perfect addition to a happy occasion. This is a traditional simple wedding hairstyles all over India.

  • A Braided Updo
A girl with heavy jewellery and A braided updo - soft curls bridal hairstyle

Aren’t you bored of the mundane styles and fashion? If you are bored of the monotony, then take your fashion game a notch higher with this hairstyle and get a bold look that adds modern elements to a traditional south Indian bridal hairstyle.

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  • Twisted Low Bun
A smiling girl in red saree and Twisted low bun - bridal hairstyles

Fashion, comfort, grace, elegance, and whatnot, this hairstyle is the epitome of it all. It is the perfect mix of everyone’s favorite braids and buns bridal black hairstyles. Ditch ponytail hairstyles with this on your D-day!

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Every bride deserves the best on her wedding day and the days before and after, filled with various events and rituals. Now you have a Indian bridal hairstyles with dupatta or without dupatta for every event and every outfit.

Make everyone fall in love with your wedding style with our suggested ideas, and we are sure you’ll have a blast!

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