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Parties excite every girl; they get to wear stylish clothes, jewelry, etc. However, the outfit and jewelry are not that difficult to decide, but the hairstyle is.

Therefore, we present you the hairstyles and latest hair cut for girls that will fit the party standards.

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  • Braided Updo
Smiling girl in white and black printed dress with danglers posing for camera and showing her Braided Updo - latest hair cut for girls

Braids are the classic way of styling your hair for a party. They look classy, stylish, and lovely. You can make any braided updo, like a french braided bun or a simple braided bun.

The key to making every braided updo look perfect is tendrils. Curly tendrils look very beautiful with updos.

  • Textured Half-Up
A girl in black strappy deep neck top showing the back view of her Textured Half-Up - girls haircut

Not all parties require your look to be extravagant; some parties are low-key and require more of a simple look. A textured half-up hairstyle will be the perfect hairdo for such parties.

Just tie your hair in a bunch of small ponytails in layers and invert them inside out. This will bring texture and style to your hair.

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  • Bombshell Curls
A girl in black high neck top showing her Bombshell Curls - hair cut for girls

Bombshell curls give you the perfect elegant look you need for a party. However, your hair should be voluminous enough to make bombshell curls.

Spray your hair before going to the party to maintain the curls throughout the party. This can be a heavy hairstyle, so only try it on winter season parties.

  • U-Cut With Swoopy Layers
A girl in blue dress showing the back view of her U-Cut With Swoopy Layers - latest hair cut for girls

A u-cut girls haircut lets you define your long hair evenly. It clarifies the length of your but looks very simple. So ask your hairstylist to give you swoopy layers to look stylish.

If you have thin hair, your hair will be lost in the layers themselves and not show the u-cut. So this style is recommended for thick hair only.

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  • One-Sided Braid
A girl in white top showing the side view of her One-Sided Braid hairstyle - girls haircut

One-sided braids look gorgeous when you wear a long dress like a gown or a saree. It keeps your look a mixture of simple and stylish.

Keep your hair a little loose from the other side to avoid it looking too sleek. Wear long earrings as they’ll match your hairstyle.

  • Messy Side Bun
A girl in white top and pink lipstick showing the side view of her Messy Side Bun - hair cut for girls

Messy side buns will suit any outfit you’ll wear for the party. And the best part is that you can have any hair length to make this hairdo.

Long side bangs covering your face will look so beautiful and elegant. Allow your hair to be in its natural texture for this look.

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  • High-Volume Ponytail
A smiling girl in white top with danglers showing the side view of her High-Volume Ponytail - latest hair cut for girls

Ariana Grande is a great singer, but so are her hairstyles. Her high-volume ponytail gave us another idea for a party look.

High-volume ponytails look very beautiful and are the best look for formal parties and events. Create a deep side partition to resemble the singer’s look.

  • Tight Curls
A girl in brown and white printed dress showing her Tight Curls - hair cut for girls

Curls have something special about them we can’t ignore. They look so bouncy and beautiful and make a girl look very cute.

It’s okay if you don’t have natural curls; just make tight curls using your curling iron to get a party look. Then, let your hair loose with a side partition.

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  • One Side Pinned
A girl in off shoulder dress and red lipstick showing the side view of her One Side Pinned hairstyle - girls haircut

Another look for formal parties is the one-side pinned hairstyle. It makes you look very charming and lets you show off your jawline.

One side pinned hairstyle is perfect for girls who have thin hair. As the hair is kept on the side, it looks voluminous.

  • Long Side bangs on Long Hair
A smiling girl in black dress showing the side view of her Long Side bangs on Long Hair - latest hair cut for girls

Long side bangs cover most of your face, so it’s a beautiful hairstyle. You can make this hairdo, especially when you recently hurt your eye and it’s puffed.

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We hope that doesn’t happen, but this hairdo is a stylish way to conceal it. Try this hairstyle in winters only as it can irritate you in the summer season.

Looking at the above hairstyles and hair cut for girls, you must be happy and eager to try them.

Arushi Garg
Arushi Garg
I’m Arushi Garg, working at Blogging Studio as a lifestyle blogger who shares her geeky relationship adventures, food, beauty, hair and skin care tips that empowers everyone to stay inspired and live a stylish life in a creative way.

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