69 Latest Thakur Anoop Singh Hairstyles

Thakur Anoop Singh latest hairstyles 2022

If you are a person with Thakur Anoop Singh’s face shape, with the not-so-typical yet pleasing facial features, then Thakur Anoop Singh hairstyles will suit you just fine!

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Thakur Anoop Singh face Shape

The actor, with his oval face, a slightly tapered chin, and asymmetrical nose, is a beautiful physical attribute. His facial hairs well complement his facial features, giving him the typical “hunk” look.

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If you have the body, face, and beard resembling the Indian Actor, Thakur Anoop Singh, it is only fair for you to channel the hero through your Thakur Anoop Singh hairstyle.

Read on to know and decide which Thakur Anoop Singh hairstyles you want to adopt this summer:

Medium Short Hair

For men looking for a simple and elegant style, here is Thakur Anoop Singh flaunting a healthy head of medium-short hair. With such looks, you get the freedom and flexibility to style your hair in any way.


In this look, the actor has swept his medium-length hair to the side with long hair on the top. Parted with flow and volume, the actor achieves a trendy and modern look.

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Half Tie

If you have shoulder-length hair, Thakur Anoop Singh’s half-tie fabulous look is the one you must go for. This is one of the unique styles as it goes against the simple undercut or pompadour look and has proved its staying power.

You can also see Vidyut Jammwal hairstyle and Ayushmann Khurrana latest hairstyles for similar ponytail hairstyles.

Side Parted

Thakur Anoop Singh’s side-parted hairdo is a low-maintenance and classic style that you cannot go wrong with. This style suits anyone and goes well with all lengths and textures. Also check out Rajkumar Rao hairstyle and Kartik Aaryan hairstyles for similar hairstyles.

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Thakur Anoop Singh Hairstyle - Junglee Look

In this look, Thakur Anoop Singh has embraced the urban Junglee look. His hair is slightly doused with the product and pushed over to the side to make the parting hairline visible.

The hair is not too short, yet not too long; the natural wave of the hair paired with the beard and the mustache gives him a clean yet unkempt look.

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The Summer Wave

Thakur Anoop Singh Hairstyle - Summer Wave

In this look, the actor has kept the sides of his hair buzzed. With the top fuller part of the mane, he has lightly made a wavy effect on the black hair.

Paired with the cleanly buzzed beard and a prim mustache, he is looking stunning as ever! Check out some latest beard styles as well.

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The New-Fuller wave

Thakur Anoop Singh Hairstyle - New Fuller Wave

In this look of the New Year’s, Anoop Singh has made a slight change to his hair. This Thakur Anoop hairstyle has become one of the most sought-after looks among his followers.

With the fuller top and sides, the hair is slightly brushed back to make a puff in the front as well as in the sides.

The manly mane

This photo is one of the most famous of Thakur Anoop Singh hairstyle photos. In a suit and neat faux hair, the actor let his hair down for some glitz and glamour at the end of 2020.

The Samurai locks

Thakur Anoop Singh Hairstyle - Samurai locks

In this hairstyle, the actor has channeled his inner Indian Samurai. The man’s top bun and the front locks give him a samurai look, whereas paired with the Indian beard and mustache, he is quite the Japanese warrior of the Indian Cinema.

The bun-story

Thakur Anoop Singh Hairstyle - The Bun Story

Thakur Anoop Singh looked like the perfect Indian Hunk with the top bun and the glasses in his Diwali home celebration.

The look of his hair was tied back completely with a formal tone to the whole attire, making him look as handsome as ever.

The Royal mane

Thakur Anoop Singh Hairstyle - The Royal Man

During Dhanteras, we saw the actor wear his hair mostly natural, with a little curl. His natural hair has been combed, and the ends have been given a slight curl to make his hair appear more royal and voluminous.


Thakur Anoop Singh Hairstyle - Wet O Wilea

While we see an actor emerging from the water body where his hair is naturally wet and pulled back, you have to go an extra mile to achieve this Anoop Thakur Singh hairstyle.

Take a blob of hair gel; lather it unevenly where you want the “wet” look to sustain. This will give you the “just-came-out-of-the-pool” look without actually having to get wet.

The sheen and strong

Thakur Anoop Singh Long Hair - The Sheen and Strong

This Anoop Thakur Singh hairstyle name meaning is summed up in this name itself with the existence of the upcoming photo. In this picture, we see the actor with silky straightened hair and strong muscles. This sums up almost all his pictures- style with strength.

The Indian Bun

Thakur Anoop Singh Long Hair Bun

In this picture, he has advised his hairdressers to make his bun a little more Indian. With the intense black hair pulled back in a bun, and some of the baby hairs at the neck, the actor, sure look like one of the characters, straight out of Ramayan.

The Iconic Dritarashtra look

Thakur Anoop Singh Long Hair - Dritarashtra look

While starring as the historical character, Dritarastra in Star Plus’s Mahabharata, the actor was made to let his hair down, with a parting of the hairline from the middle of the scalp.

His skills, added with the impeccable costumes and hairdressers, made the actor channel his inner Dhritarashtra on the silver screen.

The Chocolate-man

Thakur Anoop Singh Long Hair - The Chocolate Man

This is one of the most appealing pictures of Thakur Anoop Singh. With his hair tied up high in a short pony, and the loose locks in the front, the actor promises good skills with good looks of a character.

The Player Within

Thakur Anoop Singh -  The Player Within look in thinking pose

This picture was taken between the sets of “khilaadi.” Here, we see the actor has kept his beard to a minimum buzz, and his mustache well compliments his semi-formal clothing.

The cool boy-look

Thakur Anoop Singh Short Hair

This type of hairstyle has been done by the hairdresser for a shoot. The natural hair has a subtle volume to it which adds the whole structure of the outfit.

The regular look

Thakur Anoop Singh Short Hair

This hairstyle has been one with the actor since he walked into the industry successfully. His hair in this picture has been brushed back; you also have to put in a little bit of product that helps you with the house’s daily chores.

The confident look

Thakur Anoop Singh - Confident Look

The particular hairstyle is a little similar to the previous hairstyle. However, the styling is a bit more formal with the brushed-back voluminous hair.

The traditional look

Thakur Anoop Singh - Traditional Look

The latest of the actor’s photos feature him with short hair. The cut of the locks in the front has been carefully brushed away from his face, creating a neat and voluminous traditional look.

The Hot Mess

Thakur Anoop Singh Hairstyle - The Hot Mess

In this picture, we can see the quarantine spirit in full bloom. The actor has kept his hair unkempt and messy to give him a more casual look which we all absolutely dig!


Thakur Anoop Singh - Hairstyle Volume-mane

The picture from this photoshoot has been one of the most favorites of all actors’ fans. His suited outfit has been perfectly paired with a back brush to the hair. The natural mane looks and voluminous and airy, perfect for letting the wind pass through.

The e-causal-look

Thakur Anoop Singh - The e-causal-look

The latest and the most different look of all, carried by the actor, has been this one. With the locks falling on his forehead and a sleek e-causal style, the actor proves that Thakur Anoop Singh hairstyles can almost pull off that the hairdresser and we throw at him!

Images of Thakur Anoop Singh Hairstyles 2023


These are the all latest Thakur Anoop Singh hairstyles. Which one is your favorite? Which hairstyle are you going to try? Tell us in the comment section.

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