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Shahid Kapoor is an expert in his profession and fashion. So if you want some hairstyling ideas, take inspiration from Shahid Kapoor hairstyle photos.

Let’s check out Shahid Kapoor latest hairstyles

  • Long Fringes
Shahid Kapoor in grey shirt with blue pullover posing for camera and showing Long Fringes hairstyle - hairstyles shahid kapoor

Young Shahid Kapoor was surely a chocolatey boy. He had a really sweet face in his younger years. This Shahid Kapoor hairstyle long hair fringes makes him look so adorable.

His clean, shaved face completely match his long hair. The side partition of long fringes frames his face perfectly. For similar long hairstyle check out Milind Soman Latest hairstyles and Kartik Aaryan Hairstyles.

  • The Buzz Cut
Shahid Kapoor in check black shirt and showing his The Buzz Cut hairstyle - shahid kapoor hairstyle kabir singh

We loved the role of Shahid in the movie “Haider”, especially his buzz-cut hair. This hairstyle is something that completely changed his look from chocolatey boy to dashing hunk.

Shahid Kapoor hairstyles back side and full beard merging into his hairline is something we can’t ignore. We can say, for sure, that this buzz cut suits his role perfectly.

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  • Faded Sides
Shahid Kapoor in white t-shirt smiling and showing his Faded sides hairstyles -  face shape

We all can agree that this hairstyle suits Shahid Kapoor. His brown hair color with faded sides is just fabulous.

He looks very dashing by styling his hair this way. His beard is also slightly faded, which matches the faded sides of his hair.

  • Pony with Faded Sides
Shahid Kapoor in black full sleeves t-shirt showing his Pony with faded sides hairstyle - shahid kapoor hairstyle kabir singh

Shahid Kapoor played the role of a rockstar in Udta Punjab, and this hairstyle definitely suited his role. This pony hairdo with faded sides is just perfect for a rockstar look.

This hairstyle looks so funky and unique. Further, the beard enhances his face shape clearly. We loved this funky look of Shahid very much. For similar bun hairstyles check out Bhuvan Bam hairstyles and Vidyut Jammwal hairstyles.

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  • Heavy Volume Ruffled Hairstyle
Shahid Kapoor in white front open t-shirt with goggles showing his Heavy volume ruffled hairstyle - shahid kapoor long hairstyle

We were impressed by Shahid Kapoor hairstyle Kabir Singh. The heavy volume of ruffled hair with a full beard made him look like a total boss.

According to us, we loved his transformation from dashing to rowdy in this movie with just his hairstyle.

  • Short Spikes
Shahid Kapoor in multicolor jacket with goggles showing the side view of his Short Spikes hairstyle - shahid kapoor hairstyle photos

These short spikes hairstyles is truly amazing. He looks so handsome in this hairdo. We love his chocolatey boy look, but this is something different we can’t ignore.

Also, his light and faded beard is shifting all the attention to his hair. His voluminous hair is the reason behind the perfect spikes. This is one of the best Shahid Kapoor short hairstyles.

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  • Side Parted Voluminous Hair
Shahid Kapoor in white bottom with grey t-shirt posing for camera and showing her Side Parted voluminous hairstyle - shahid kapoor short hairstyle

Shahid Kapoor is seen flaunting his silky, voluminous hair in this side-parted look. His Verdi beard is a good choice that matches his hairstyle.

A casual tee and jeans completely go with his flowing hair look.

  • Angular Fringes
Winking Shahid Kapoor in grey high neck top posing for camera and showing his Angular Fringes hairstyle - hairstyles shahid kapoor

Not every guy can pull off fringes, but it’s not the same for Shahid Kapoor. This angular fringes haircut makes him look so cute and adorable.

Also, these angular fringes give him a kind of messy look which we loved the most.

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  • Classic Layered Hairstyle
Shahid Kapoor in grey v neck top with goggles and showing his Classic-layered Hairstyle - shahid kapoor hairstyle kabir singh

This man doesn’t age at all! He looks a total handsome hunk in this classic layered hairstyle. We love it when Shahid keeps his look subtle yet so stylish.

The side-parted hair shows off Shahid Kapoor long hairstyle so dashingly.

  • Classic Pompadour
Shahid Kapoor in blue and red suit and shirt posing for camera and showing his Classic Pompadour - face shape

We love to see Shahid Kapoor short hairstyle because he looks absolutely dashing in them. This look might not suit him usually, but the outfit makes him a total fit for the hairstyle. For similar pompadour hairstyles check out Vicky Kaushal Hairstyles and Ayushmann Khurrana Hairstyle.


What are you waiting for? Try these Shahid Kapoor hairstyles 2022, and we know you’ll look very handsome.

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