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Faisal Shaikh | Mr. Faisu Latest Hairstyles 2021

Faisu Latest Hairstyles 2021

Everyone on TikTok and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram knows and loves Faisal Shaikh for his videos. Lovingly called Faisu, his hairstyles are just as much as a hit. Here are some of his best and latest hairstyles of 2021.

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If you are searching for Tik Tok star Faisu hair styles, you’ve come to the right place:

Wavy ruffled hairstyle  standing in front of car

This Faisu hairstyle is by far our most favorite hairstyle. For all those lazy guys out there, this effortless, messy hairstyle is an obvious choice. You don’t have to spend as a lot of time styling your hair as you once did. The rougher the look, the messier it is.

Slicked back Mr. Faisu hairstyle in side standing pose

To get this look, all you’ll need is some hair wax/gel and a steady hand. Its one of the most popular summer hairstyles. This haircut is a must-try if you like short hair and a clean look.

Messy undercut style in cool pose

You never thought you could style an undercut like this, but it’s also a great hairstyle to leave them down. However, despite how easy the hairstyle appears to be to style, it is actually quite difficult to achieve a controlled messy look. What makes this Mr. Faisu hairstyle backside so great is that even though it’s messy, it manages to look perfect.

Wavy sexy hairstyle in standing pose with open car door

If you were searching for the best Mr. Faisu hairstyle name where he wears his hair in a very sexy and attractive way, we’re glad to tell you that this is the look you’ve been looking. It’s classy, composed, charming, and perfect from all angles.

Simple laidback style with mask

Who doesn’t love a simple and effortless style like this where you can just wear your hair however you want and simply let it fly? We totally love this simple and laidback Faisu hairstyle look which he manages to pull off very confidently.

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Side parted long hair style - looking time

Long hair suits a man like nothing else, and who said long hair was just for girls? Well, Mr. Faisu here shows us that this Faisu latest hairstyle, 2021, is the next big hairstyle that you need to try out this year. Whether you’re going to work or simply hanging out with your friends, this is a classic go-to look.

Dapper laidback hairstyle in standing with wear shade

Here’s another way for you to try out your long hair in different styles. This set of Faisu hairstyle photos is sure to make you drool over how gorgeous he looks. His hairstyle is so restrained, laid-back yet classy, with his hair pulled back from his face and the ends all having a slight curl.

Gentleman look hairstyle in black shirt

This Faisu hairstyle name is also one that everyone is looking for because it gives you such a gentleman look that you cannot resist. This hairstyle is simple to recreate for anyone with long, slightly wavy, or curly hair. Even if you have straight hair, a hairstylist can help you achieve this look.