Best Partner for August Born

Best Partner for August Born

If you are born on the Leo and Virgo cusp between 19 August to 25 August, you are a leading personality with a world vision. You can command a room and be born on the Cusp of Exposure with the right balance. To find best partner for August born is very complicated.

You are influenced by the Sun, Leo’s ruling planet, and Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet. With a bright and big shine over everyone, August born personality can think, process, and talk about the tiny details.

Two strong forces encourage the August born zodiac signs to think hard and act big, so you have to find that peace, harmony between the two.

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August Born personality has the intensity and passion of a Fire sign, i.e., Leo and durability and patience of the Earth Sign, i.e., Virgo. These two energies make a tricky blend for you, but you are a determined individual with the tenacity to through your goals.

You are intelligent, fierce, and courageous. Your childlike charisma can charm anyone out there, and you reflect the loyal personality trait to ones you trust.

With a high standard of yours, it’s tough for anyone to meet or exceed your expectations. This all makes you a great leader, and people always aim to impress you as long you remain graceful and modest in all your successes.

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Lets have a look at Virgo and Leo personality traits with best partner for August born –

List of Virgo best traits


Individuals with Virgo signs are blessed with powerful intelligence and capable and ready to expand their knowledge reserves.


Virgo being an analytical mind, can see things in black and white, also capable of finding solutions to the toughest problems.


Highly reliable and keep up with the commitments. Also, you can rely on them to complete complicated tasks with perfection and efficiency. Will never let their closed ones down and give their best to meet the expectations.


Have collected and calm nature with a great intensity which demands you to bring order to your world. September Born personality, Virgo is patient with others and try to see the good in people always.


A perfectionist of all the zodiac signs and individuals settles only for the best. Seeks perfection in almost everything. They find ambition, intelligence, and confidence appealing.

Problem solver

Likes to tackle problems of their closed ones and the people around them. Their family and friends might think that they are controlling their lives, but they realize it soon.


Most honest signs, and will always tell others exactly how you feel about them on their face. Don’t like sugar coating and are true to their words.

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List of Virgo worst traits


They are judgemental and tend to appraise people based on just one particular viewpoint in that person’s life. It can cause interpersonal conflicts as they see the person with some flaws.


They are known for being fussy sometimes, getting lost in the deep details, and getting lost in the details. Their strong likes and dislikes sometimes make them quite fussy that can be very irritating to other signs.


Difficult to get along with and are now easy. They can be overly demanding and critical. They have a clear picture in their minds about how things should be done.


They take longer than others to warm up and very slow to get to know the people. They will commit after enough prodding and after time has already passed.

Old school

Bit conservative and old-fashioned individuals. Not into modern things and prefer things in their traditional ways.

Leo Most Common Traits - Infographic

List of Leo best traits

Caring and lives a good life

Leo’s have a big circle of friends, and they care and nurture all of them. Being strong and courageous, they have to protect their attitude towards their friends.

August Born’s personality can do everything hefty and give their best in it. Do not like it when someone enforces rules on them with boundaries.


An optimist who can see the silver linings to life. Sees the positive side to anything.

Natural leader and popular

August Born personality is a leader and always stays in the spotlight. They cannot think of anyone who can lead better than you—born with a real aura and some generosity, which usually ushers other people to people you. You do your hard work to be on the center stage in social gatherings.

Kind and protective

Willing to help out the ones in need and feel responsible for them. August Born zodiac signs can go to any lengths to make sure that their loved ones are happy. They stand for the underdog every time.


Filled with loyalty and are loyal to their friends, family, and closed ones.


Leo’s are honest and extremely direct with people. They give honest feedback to the people who ask for it. They do not ever believe in false modesty and never lie just to impress others.

Vivacious and Attention seeking

They are born with an aura of flamboyance and drama. Loves to be the center stage and the leader. Great entertainer and in every social gathering. They command their audience and receive a great response for their jokes and speeches. Never been dull and can work well with the presence of many people.

List of Leo worst traits


Sometimes, your confidence and dominance can be seen more like conceit and arrogance. They think if they conclude first, then they are probably right.

Also, their confidence in leading people can turn into arrogance. Sometimes, they get self-centered and think they are always best in everything.

They are best and loves to give advice but do not accept it with an open heart.


Leo’s are inflexible for others as well as for themselves. If they have committed to something, they will stick to it.


Leo’s are full of ambition and enthusiasm, but they are lazy too. They sometimes tend to find an easy way out for given opportunities.

Dogmatic and Prideful

Leo’s are born with all the glory and pride and can hold onto a wrong idea or belief out of stubborn pride. They never admit to their mistakes and finds difficulty in self-reflection. Moreover, they find it difficult to accept if someone is right.


Leos takes time to understand when to stop ruling and start listening. They are extreme domineering and tends to overpower those around them. Always demands respect and expect everyone to behave subserviently.

They also interfere with others’ matters, bully and expect people to follow them without any arguments. When you fail to control others, you get a little frustrated and throw fiery tantrums.

Jealous and Competitive

Leo’s are fond of being the brightest and most beautiful in the world. They simply hate if someone outshines them. They won’t hesitate to use some lies to discredit their rivals.

Best Partner for August Born, let’s judge based on the best August Born celebrities’ couples match:

Saif Ali Khan married to Kareena Kapoor Khan (September Born)

Kareena Kapoor Khan is a smart, true Virgo woman, and knows to get the job done without any complaints. Being practical, she expects perfection not only form herself but from others as well.

She looks at life as a bigger picture and loves to plan everything. Paired with a Leo, Saif Ali Khan, they both share a great bond of mutual respect and love.

Saif is bold, courageous, and intelligent, and does not believe in false modesty. The two have a stable relationship unless they lose any patience with each other.

Saif Ali Khan married to Kareena Kapoor Khan (September)- celebrity couple sitting pose together in Indian attires

Mahesh Babu married to Namrata Shirodkar (January Born)

Telugu Actor Mahesh Babu is Leo, who is confident, caring, kind, and protective. While Indian Actress Namrata Shirodhkar is Aquarius, the water-bearers.

The Aquarius and Leo’s compatibility is extremely optimistic, and both are confident in bringing a change in society on their own. Their opposite qualities make them a vibrant pair.

Mahesh Babu married to Namrata Shirodkar (January).  Couple cuddling each other

Best Partner for August Born

Leo best match for love and marriage is Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius

Aries and Leo both are fire signs, and their compatibility is explosive and hot. They seem to be a perfect match for what they have in common and can do for each other.

Cancer man is the best suitable match for a Leo woman of all out there. Just like air to the fire, a Gemini man will make his Leo woman stronger, and they will have a relationship full of adventures.

They build each other up. Aquarius is an air sign again, so it fuels Leo’s fire forming a stronger relationship.

Virgo best match for love and marriage is Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn

Taurus and Virgo share an excellent love and marriage match. Taurus is stable and soothes Virgo’s nervous streak and worrying tendencies.

Virgo and Capricorn share the same earth element and can be a wonderful match. Capricorn is serious and hardworking, and Virgo hates surprises. Cancer is a water sign and quite compatible with Virgo.

There is plenty of attraction between Virgo and Scorpio; Scorpio feels things intensely and is shocked by Virgo’s rational and calculated view.


These are the August Born zodiac signs that we discussed and best partner for August born. August Born personality is highly confident, kind, an optimist, and caring that perfectly suits Gemini, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

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