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Do you think you are a highly emotional person? Do you constantly think about how other people think about you? Do you worry about hurting others by your action rather than thinking about your own self? Then it may not be due to your shyness or high social awareness. Astrology tells us that certain individuals born in specific zodiac signs exhibit these characteristics.

People born in these zodiac signs are detail-oriented and process the world in an emotional way. They also feel things deeply compared to others. Such a person is intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic to others. Overall they are wonderful human beings.

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Most to least emotional zodiac signs

Here is the ranked list of most to least emotional zodiac signs:

People born on Pisces process things deeply and are highly sensitive. They are compassionate and intuitive to others. They care about other people and always think good about them.

Pisces are highly sensitive as they tend to process things on a very deep level. They are the most emotionally intelligent zodiac sign.

Is cancer the most emotional sign? Cancers have an issue with emotions. They shift from one emotion to another and hence have both positive and negative thoughts. They constantly think of what others think of them and try to please them. They are the second most emotional zodiac signs ranked in this list.

The main characteristic of Libra is that they are indecisive. They carefully weigh every possible outcome and then only take a decision. This can make them unpopular among their peers. They are one of the most emotional zodiac signs

Gemini takes things personally. If they are not able to connect with other people, they feel it is their fault. They also have a lack of direction and decision-making capability. They are sensitive to other people’s feelings that make them vulnerable to exploitation.

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Virgo is detail-oriented and is highly sensitive to relationships. They constantly scan their surroundings and try to fit in as much as possible. They are one of the most sensitive zodiac sign on the list

Scorpio may not be highly emotional, but they are affected by noise and chaos. They are easily disturbed by too much activity around them.

Taurus are secretive people and hence do not show their emotions. But they tend to have high emotional character.

Capricorn constantly thinks about how other people think about them. If they did something wrong, they would constantly beat themselves about it.

Leo hides their emotion in plain sight. However, they deeply care about others and are easily wounded by negative feedback.

Sagittarius has less sensitivity to others. They do not consider the wellbeing of others when joking about them. They also do not care much about other’s privacy.

While other zodiac signs are negatively affected by high sensitivity, Aries take advantage of it. They are confrontational and do not consider other people’s emotions

Aquarius does not show concern for other people and are not empathetic. They don’t try to understand other people’s problems by putting themselves in their shoes.

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