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How To Get Your Crush On Instagram

How To Get Your Crush On Instagram

Instagram has evolved into much more than a photo-sharing app in recent years. It’s a place where you may meet new people, build friendships with them, get to know them, establish long-lasting bonds and get your crush on Instagram.

Some people have even been fortunate enough to meet their partner on Instagram, and many of us are unsure how to get our crush on Instagram.

You’re most likely stalking your crush’s profile, responding to their stories, and liking their updates. We can assist you if you’re hesitant to make the initial move and get them to converse and fall in love with you.

We’ll go over all you need to know about impressing your crush and getting your crush on Instagram in this post. So what are you waiting for?

Pro Tip

Just go through this article to find out to get your crush on Instagram:

How to get your crush to follow you on Instagram

Follow your crush first, see what they like, make your feed look pretty, find mutual friends you have, and do these steps to get your crush to follow you on Instagram.

You can also text them or tag them in your photos to get them to notice you if they don’t follow you back right away.

How to DM your crush for the first time

Sending a message to your crush and waiting for a response is certainly the first step in getting to know them and getting them to talk to you.

So, the first thing you should do is send them a friend request, and if they accept and follow you back, you are now Instagram friends.

It’s simple to send messages to someone you’ve become friends with on Instagram. Otherwise, some users may disable the ability for everyone to text them, allowing just friends to text them.

Your first DM really matters, so make sure that you send a carefully thought message rather than a simple hi, which they might not bother replying to.

Here are some tips for sending the best DM. the best way to start talking with them is by sending a reply to their story.

This is the most straightforward and most usual approach to initiate an Instagram chat with your crush.

If you’re worried about saying the incorrect thing or chatting too much, send one or two emoji responses and observe how they react. If you get a positive answer, you’re in for a great time.

Please don’t bother them if they don’t answer. They may have forgotten to respond, or they may simply be uninterested.

Don’t let your self-esteem plummet because your crush didn’t respond to your message. Leave it alone and get on with your life. Who knows, maybe they’ll come back for you one day.

However, responding to their story in a way that facilitates a conversation will likely be more effective.

Ask them a question regarding their post or story or respond with something brilliant. If you put in a little more effort, your crush will be more likely to reply.

How to impress your crush on Instagram

 Once you’ve established friendship and started talking with your crush, now it is time for you to impress them.

Then, instead of becoming stuck in a cycle of random tale responses that they don’t seem to care about or simply just chatting without a purpose, you may have an honest conversation where your crush starts to like you more and more.

Here are some things you can do to impress your crush on Instagram.

  • Make your account and Instagram feed more appealing by removing any unnecessary things. Your crush will get a gist of your personality, tastes, and so on from your feed. So, if it’s not flawless, make sure it’s decent, at least.
  • Learn how to click, edit and post good pictures to maintain your feed
  • Make sure your posts are a reflection of your personal style and personality.
  • Like and comment on their pictures, but make sure you don’t overdo it.
  • Just comment on the ones genuinely like

Next, we can learn how to impress your crush on an Instagram story. 

How to impress your crush on an Instagram story

Here are some great story ideas to get your crush’s attention on Instagram. 

  • Post aesthetic snaps of yourself
  • Don’t post unwanted content on your stories.
  • Post relatable, funny, and smile-worthy content that your crush will like
  • Showcase your talents and skills through your stories. Whether you’re good at singing, writing, drawing, dancing, cooking, or anything else, make sure that your crush knows about it.

What to DM your crush on Instagram examples

Here are some of the best and clever pick up lines to slide into your crush’s DM’s.

  • “Your trekking photos are usually great! What’s the finest spot to go in this area?”
  • “I’m a big fan of all the novels you’ve been recommending in your story. Can you tell me what you’re reading right now?”
  • “Wow, where did you take this photo? For a long time, I’ve wanted to visit this place, and I think it should be my first trip.”
  • “I’m completely enamored with your pet dog/cat/etc…! “Have you had it for a while?”
  • “Hey, I noticed you’re into drawing a lot, and it just so happens that I’ve been getting into it as well. Would you mind assisting me with this?”
  • “I’m looking for a playdate for my lonely pup. Are you and free this Saturday along with yours?”

Hope the above tips will help you get your crush on Instagram and other social media dating apps in India.

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