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How to DM a girl you like on Instagram [Methods Never Failed]

If you are eager to know how to DM a girl on Instagram or any other social media platforms such as Facebook and Tinder, then you have come to the right place.

Girls receive a lot of creepy and unusual messages from many guys on social media platforms. It makes it difficult for a genuine guy to DM and gets a reply back.

Considering this situation in mind, we will share some tips that will help you find how to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram dm.

You should DM a girl in the same way you are communicating with her in real life. It can be challenging for some boys, but you will score a date with her in some time if you do it appropriately.

We have brought you a step by step guide that will provide you all do’s and don’ts on how to dm an unknown girl on Instagram and make her happy.

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Instagram DM screenshot

DM or direct message refers to the way of sending a personal message to someone that cannot be seen by any other person. If you want to know how to impress a girl on Instagram DM, a good approach is the only way out.

Every social media application allows you to message directly to the person you want to. If you are using Instagram, you will have to follow the girl you want to message. Similarly, if you want to know how to get a girl on Instagram dm, she should be following you.

Once you have completed typing your message for the girl you like, simply hit on the send option, and your girl will receive your message instantly.

You can also go to her profile and click on the direct message and find a way for how to DM a girl on Instagram and get her number.

Instagram Text Chat examples

You should make sure that you don’t seem like every other guy who gets attracted to every girl on Instagram. You should feel confident about your way and mindset on how to approach a girl on Instagram dm.

The most important factor that a guy needs to impress a girl is Confidence. If you doubt that you are not a good choice for that girl, then there are high chances of getting rejected.

Always have a better understanding of yourself and know what to DM a cute girl on Instagram.

Instagram screenshot of mutual followers of famous actress

Checking for mutual friends is a must if you are looking for how to DM a girl on Instagram you don’t know, as it gives the girl a reason to trust you and accept your follow request.

This is one of the most important factors that girls use to determine the guys who approach them on Instagram.

Instagram story example

Responding to stories is one of the best ways to DM a girl on Instagram. Girls always look for comments and reactions whenever they post a story, so instead of commenting on the feed, respond or comment on the story to make her happy and make a good impression.

DMing must be a fun and flirty activity for both parties and nothing to be stressed about. So, don’t be afraid to DM a girl; instead, add in some jokes. You can reply to stories by adding a bit of banter. But, try not to use pick-up lines in the wake of using humor. They used to be a way to attract a person in the past, but they will not work today.

Instagram chat example - how to dm a girl on Instagram

It is quite clear that you might dm a girl if you find her attractive. Therefore, don’t just comment on the looks and talk about other things. Although, it is good to give out compliments. But, your conversation must not be limited to just looks. You can make the girl feel special by talking about her hobbies, ambition, career, and other personality traits.

A guy is replying to a girl's story example - what to dm a girl on Instagram

Don’t start sending repeated messages if you don’t reply for some time from the girl. Repeated DM’s will irritate her and develop negative thoughts in her mind about you.

Don’t even ask her in public if she is not answering your messages. Be a gentleman and know how to approach a girl on Instagram DM to accept her response with patience and maturity.

Make sure to read the text before clicking on the send button. Some Girls can judge you based on the mistakes that you make in your DM. You can look at how to DM a girl on Instagram examples to ensure that your DMs are flawless.

This will make her think that you are a responsible and careful person. Only send a message when you are sure that you’ve written everything right.

If a girl is not interested or is not replying to your dms. Then, take it with grace and avoid being bitter. Although it might hurt you, nothing can be more rude than being stung over rejection. So never take it out over the person, especially over dm.

Example of Instagram chat - What to dm a cute girl on Instagram

You: Nice click!!

Girl: Thanks!!

You: I, too, have a passion for photography.

Girl: Oh!! That’s great!!

You: Ah!! I love this book.

Girl: Yes, it’s good.

You: Have you completed reading it?

Girl: No, I am still halfway.

You: Oh!! Then I won’t give you any spoilers.

You: Which is your favorite book till date?

Girl: “A thousand Splendid Years.”

You: Okay, I will surely give it a read.

Girl: Yes, you must.

You: Hey, Congratulations on your new phone.

Girl: Thank you!!

You: Is it a good phone to purchase?

Girl: Yes, it has been working really well till now.

You: Is it the natural color of your eyes?

Girl: Yes, I naturally have hazel eyes.

You: That is so amazing!!

You: So, are you too a big fan of this band.

Girl: Yes, I love them.

You: Me too!! You: Which one’s your favorite?

Send a meme

You: (Shared a meme)

Girl: Haha!!

You: BTW, do you watch the XYZ series?

Girl: No, I haven’t watched it yet.

Talk about something from her page

You: Are you a makeup artist as well?

Girl: Yes, I did a course from XYZ academy.

You: I must appreciate your work.

Girl: Thanks!!

You: Hey, you have a unique profile.

Girl: Thanks!!

You: What are you pursuing currently?

Girl: I am pursuing my bachelor’s from Amity University. What about you?

You: Hey, I love your outfits. Where do you get them from?

Girl: I usually get them from lifestyle or Zara.

You: Oh great!! I love their winter collection.

You: I saw one of your posts, and you were singing really well in it.

Girl: Thank you!!

You: So, is it just a passion, or have you learned a particular form of it?

Girl: No, no, I just sing randomly. I’m not a trained one.

You: Hey, I just saw that you went to Malaysia last month. Is it a good place to visit?

Girl: Yes, it’s a nice place to have fun.

You: We are too planning a trip to Malaysia, and I’m really excited about it.

If she posts a picture with a filter0

You: Can you please name this filter?

Girl: It’s ‘ABC.’

You: Thanks!! You always click great pictures. Unfortunately, mine never turn out to be good.

Girl: Haha!! Thanks!!

You: Hey, you have such a cute pet. I have always wanted one.

Girl: Thanks!! They are very well-mannered.

You: What’s his name?

You: Hey, that cafe in your recent post looks so familiar? Where is it?

Girl: It is ABC cafe located in Punjabi Bagh.

You: Oh, okay!! Thanks!!

Use a creative approach

You: Hey, I am starting a campaign wherein I would collect clothes for the needy. So, are you interested in providing your share?

Girl: Yes, why not!! I would love to.

You: Great!!

You: Hey, I am doing a little survey as a part of my research. I would need your help to fill it. So, are you available for it?

Girl: Is it too long?

You: No, it will hardly take you 5-7 mins.

Sending compliments

You: You are rocking in that white dress.

Girl: Thanks!!

You: Where’d you get it from?

Girl: Ordered it online.

You: You have totally nailed that last selfie.

Girl: Thank you!!

You: BTW, which is that place in the background?

Girl: It’s XYZ cafe.

You: I am obsessed with your makeup videos. They are really amazing.

Girl: Thank you!!

You: Which one is your favorite till date?

Every girl wants a man who can make her life more beautiful, happy and stand with her against all odds.

Always show your high self-esteem whenever you dm a girl on Instagram. You should go through how to talk to a girl on Instagram dm examples before you start to talk with her.

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