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Popular Shahrukh Khan Hairstyles

Popular Shahrukh Khan Hairstyles

Hailing from a humble background to becoming the Baadshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan has come a long way in the Film Industry. With more than 100 films, dozen commercials, and numerous accolades, khan has evolved considerably from personality to looks. By sporting many cool hairstyles over the years, King Khan has set many trends which can offer you great options and hair grooming lessons.

Here are some of the best Shahrukh Khan Hairstyles

  1. Side color streak

This is the Shahrukh Khan hairstyle in the Happy New Year movie. He had his voluminous hair and only had a single blond streak on the side to get a funky look. The streak was thick enough to grab the attention of his fans.

  1. Side Long Bangs

This  Shahrukh khan hairstyle name is called the long bangs style. He left long side bangs to look extra cool and framed his all-black jacket look. The long bangs made him look super hot.

  1. Medium Shag

Well, it’s known that our SRK loves to have voluminous hair and knows how to style it to look this handsome. A medium shag cut unevenly parted to get a fuller look. This side-part look is an all-time classic.

  1. Boxer braids

This is more like a fusion mix of a ponytail with boxer braids. Only the top layer of hair is turned into boxer braids, while the rest is just pulled into a low-rise ponytail. This style of Shahrukh khan with a ponytail was from the movie Don 2.

  1. The Almost Mullet

The Carefree character of Raj in DDLJ paired well with the airy mullet. Likewise, it paired well with the iconic hat completing the roadside Romeo look. Everything about that film has become evergreen, and so does this hairstyle.

  1. Gelled Hair

The cute Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai could not do without gelled hair. Shahrukh khan long hairstyles are mostly combed back and set with hair gel. He introduced hair gel to the young boys in India.

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  1. The Bandana

The Tapori look in Josh was held by piercings and sporty Bandanas. Bandanas became a rage and were visible everywhere during that time. Even Shahrukh Khan himself likes to wear a bandana every now and then.

  1. Short Hairstyles

Shahrukh khan, short haircut styles, have ranged from a drunkard, heartbroken Devdas anguishing over his lady love to a space scientist in Swadesh trying to connect with his roots.

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  1. Clean Shave + Short Hair

Shahrukh Khan appeared in short-cropped hair, and a clean shave as the autistic Rizwan Khan in My Name is Khan and made everyone fall in love with him.

  1. Short Hair + Short Beard

Shahrukh Khan posed as the angry young man in Chak De India as the coach of the Indian women’s hockey team. He was seen in a formal short haircut with a short beard.

  1. Wavy hairstyles

Wavy hairstyle is Shahrukh khan latest hairstyle in which he grew his hair in the front and colored it in a copper shade. A wavy hairdo makes him look more charming. He wore a similar wavy hairstyle as a tour guide in Jab Harry Met Sejal.

  1. Comb Over Hairstyle

A comb-over was worn by both happy-go-lucky Aman Mathur in Kal Ho Na Ho and the obedient Rahul Raichand in Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham, both of which are among his most popular films all time.

  1. Slick Back Hairstyles

The friendly counselor, Dr. Jehangir Jug Khan, made us all rethink life and sort our priorities. With his deep eyes and slick back hairstyle, Shahrukh Khan was a delight to watch.

  1. Long Hairstyles

Shahrukh went all out to experiment when he grew his hair long for the historical epic Ashoka.This Shahrukh khan big hairstyle was a gamble he played, and it paid off well.

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  1. The Sideburns

Khan paid tribute to the 70s film era by styling sideburns for his character of an aspiring actor in Om Shanti Om.

  1. The side part

The simple bank employee Surinder with a routine life in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, side-parted his hair like a common man. Shahrukh Khan carried this no-fuss look very well.

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  1. Curly Hair

The typical South Indian Shekhar in Ra.One, who will take curd even with noodles. His over-the-top curly hair made the character more believable.

  1. Aggressive spikes

The aggressive spikes of G.one began Khan’s experimentation with spiky hair. Shahrukh khan hairstyle 2021 has soft spikes with a side shift.

  1. The Ponytail

Shahrukh Khan has was first seen in a ponytail in Don 2. He then continued with this style in Happy New Year. He can carry any style effortlessly.

  1. Slick Back

Shahrukh khan has opted for a slick back many times, whether for an airport look or on vacation. The Slick back is among Shahrukh khan best hairstyles.

  1. The Messy Mop

The lovable Bauua makes up whatever he lacks in height with his enchanting smiles and style. The messy mop is a unique look by SRK, just like the character.