Best Golden Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Your Skin Tone



Whether you’re obsessed with golden hair color or trying it for the first time, we’ve got something special.

A list is full of unique ideas on golden hair shades made just for you.

  • Dark to Light golden blonde Ombre
A girl showing the side view of her Dark to Light golden blonde Ombre hair color - golden hair color

Usually, one gets an ombre of two different colors, but different shades of the same color also look majestic. For example, a dark to light golden blonde ombre can be a great choice for thin hair.

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  • Golden Brown Balayage
A girl is showing the side view of her Golden Brown Balayage hair color - golden color hair

You all have seen golden with black hair but try it on brown hair this time. A golden balayage for brown hair can be the best way to show off this beautiful color. So give your short hair a makeover with a golden brown balayage.

  • Long Golden Highlights
A girl in grey round neck top smiling and showing her Long Golden Highlights - golden hair color highlights

Get creative with your long hair and give them the gift of golden highlights. Then, when those beautiful golden strands fall down your shoulders, you’ll look like a fairy from fairy tales.

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  • Dark, Warm, and Wavy
A girl in green top showing the side view of her Dark, Warm, and Wavy hair color - golden hair color girl

Lowlights are a great way to color your hair if you don’t want to make a show-off out of it. Golden lowlights will look way more beautiful if you keep your hair wavy. Also, your hair’s dark and warm natural color will match with golden.

  • Copper Golden Brown
A girl in black and white printed shirt showing the side view of her Copper Golden Brown hair color - golden red hair color

Match your naturally brown hair with the beautiful copper brown hair color. The combination of these two shades is just gorgeous. Also, a layered haircut will compliment your hair makeover.

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  • Tiger-Inspired Golden Brunette
A girl in black dress showing the side view of her Tiger-Inspired Golden Brunette hair color - funky hair color

Look at the picture of a tiger and see how beautiful the colors on its body are. Getting inspired from this, we’ve got a style for you. The shades of golden brunette will fall beautifully in layers on your hair.

  • Deep Golden Brown
Girl in white top showing the side view of her Deep Golden Brown hair color - golden hair color

Golden can be a shiny color, but its deep shade is somewhat different. The deep golden brown will bring much-needed depth to your hair. Get bangs to compliment this beautiful shade.

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  • Cool Caramel
A girl in yellow and black top showing the side view of her Cool Caramel  hair color - golden color hair

The cool shade of caramel looks really beautifully once you try it on your hair. It keeps your look simple yet unique. It looks beautiful on girls who have light brown to dusky skin tone.

  • Undone Blonde
A girl in black & golden dress with danglers showing her Undone Blonde hair color - golden hair color highlights

You might be hearing this name for the first time. Don’t be afraid to try this new way of hair coloring if you have straight hair.

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  • Brown With Caramel Highlights
A girl in sky blue shirt showing the side view of her Brown With Caramel Highlights hair color - golden hair color girl

The fusion of brown with caramel looks absolutely fabulous to us. One-color is dark while the other is bright. Having brown roots for caramel highlights brings a 3-D impact to our hair.

  • Cappuccino Balayage
A girl in black top showing the side view of her Cappuccino Balayage - golden red hair color

Everyone might not prefer cappuccino, but one can’t ignore the beautiful color it has. Whether or not you like cappuccino, you should get a cappuccino balayage if this is your first time coloring your hair.

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  • Cool Golden Bronze
A girl showing the back view of her Cool Golden Bronze hair color - golden hair color

When you want a golden color hair but want to keep it natural, you should give cool golden bronze a chance. It looks absolutely effortless and so natural.

  • Russet Brown
A girl in white top showing the side view of her Russet Brown hair color - golden color hair

Want to change your look for the professional environment? Get a russet brown shade for your hair. It looks lively, simple, and beautiful, which are acceptable factors in a professional environment.

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  • Honey Toned Balayage
A girl in white strappy dress showing the side view of her Honey Toned Balayage - golden hair color highlights

If you like to keep your look simple but stylish, honey-toned balayage might be the right pick for your hair. In addition, having wavy ends to your hair will make it look more beautiful.

  • Rose Gold
A girl in black top and pink lipstick posing for camera and showing her rose gold hair color - golden red hair color

The combination of rose and gold color is just lovely. Of course, both colors are beautiful, but the combination is worth praising. Get this for your hair if you want a unique change.

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  • Dark Golden Blonde
A girl in printed white t-shirt and blue scarf posing for camera and showing her Dark Golden Blonde hair color - golden hair color girl

Ending this list with a lavish dark golden blonde shade for girls who have a fair complexion. It gives your face a unique glow while shining on its own.


You still have time to get your hands on the best golden hair coloring ideas as per your skin tone. So be the first one to try them out.

Arushi Garg
Arushi Garg
I’m Arushi Garg, working at Blogging Studio as a lifestyle blogger who shares her geeky relationship adventures, food, beauty, hair and skin care tips that empowers everyone to stay inspired and live a stylish life in a creative way.

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