459+ Short Hairstyles and Short Haircuts for Women 2023

Short Hairstyles for Women

Some women think that only limited hairstyles can be made on short hair, but when they look at our list of hairstyles for short hairstyles for women, we’re sure that they will be surprised to see the number of cool short hairstyles for girls for women.

Short haircuts for women are trendy among professionals due to the various benefits that come with them. They don’t require a great amount of effort to maintain and are effortless and joyful to carry.

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Being a hairstyle expert, if somebody asks me to show me a short hairstyle is the trending haircut for girls. Apart from being cool and fun, short hair has other benefits too, like it takes less time to wash, it’s easy to untangle them, and it takes less time to style them.

Look at the answers to some common questions for short hair:

How do you style short hair?

There are many ways in which you can beautifully style your hair. You can tie it in a braid, be its center, side, or back. You can keep them in beach waves or loose curls. Straight short hair is also a great way to style your hair. Or you can make cute short haircuts like pigtail buns.

How can I look attractive in short hair?

The attractiveness comes from one’s personality, but short hair can be a plus factor in the attractiveness scale. For example, if you are more of a serious person and like to keep a decent hairstyle, straight bobs or lobs would look great on you and make you look very attractive and bold.

On the other hand, if you are more of a chill girl, you can make different curly hairstyles.

Why is short hair better?

Short hair is better than long hair in so many ways. Firstly let’s talk about the obvious reason. Short hair is easy to manage in the summer season as your hair no longer gets stuck to your neck because of sweat.

Secondly, it takes less time to wash and manage them. Finally, and most importantly, you can easily roam in a windy environment without your hair getting inside your mouth or sticking to your lipstick.

Here is our list of styles for short hair with haircut name.

Platinum Balayage On A Bob

A girl in black high neck top showing the side view of her Platinum Balayage On A Bob - hairstyles for short hair

Bob is a fun short haircut, but when you add platinum balayage to a bob, that’s when it becomes cool. It’s a great hair color that will mostly suit black short haircuts. You can consider these short haircuts for women over 40.

However, if you have brown hair, you can go for platinum blonde hair color. You can keep your short hairstyles for women over 40 wavy or straight; both will suit here.

Short Hair With Bangs

A girl in black strappy top showing the side view of her Short Hair With Bangs hairstyle - haircut name

Short hair with bangs can be one of the coolest 20s women hairstyles. It looks classy and sexy at the same time. You can get curtain bangs, arched bangs, side bangs, wispy bangs, or blunt bangs. All of these cuts will go well with short hair.


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Swept-Back Long Pixie

A smiling girl in black sleeveless dress posing for camera and showing Swept-back long Pixie hairstyle - hairstyles for short hair

We believe that whoever invented very short haircuts like pixies must have a very creative mind. A simple boy cut hair transformed into a pixie cut that’s worth appreciating. Apart from keeping a messy pixie, try swept-back long pixie this time. It gives you a neat and fierce look.

You can create these short haircuts for women over 60 by sweeping back your hair using a comb and then using hairspray to make it stay in the back. This is an ideal short hairstyle for thin hair.

Bowl Cut

A girl in golden dress posing for camera and showing her Bowl Cut hairstyle - 30s women hairstyles for short hair

Bowl cuts became trendy in 2023, but you can still rock the hairstyle. The famous actor “Zendaya” was rocking this haircut in a golden dress. Bowl cut gives us an intimidating vibe, so if you want this vibe too, try bowl cut for your short hairstyles for thick hair this time.

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Undercut Pixie

A girl in black top and hoops earrings showing her Undercut Pixie hairstyle - hair color in 2022

Undercut pixies never go out of style, no matter in which year you step in. As the years pass, little variations are seen in undercut pixies. Some prefer shaving from only one side; some like it shaved in the back, while some want their pixies to undercut from one side to the other side. All these options are great when you have a voluminous pixie.

Layered Bob Style

A girl in black top showing her Layered Bob hairstyle - woman hair care regime

If you want professional hairstyles for women, then the layered bob style is one. Bob cut is a great style for short hair, but it looks decent when you get a layered bob. Of course, you can keep your hair wavy or straight; it’s your wish, but if you ask us straight layered bobs with bangs looks more professional than a wavy bob.

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Bob With Bangs

A smiling girl in black tank top showing her Bob With Bangs hairstyle - hairstyles for thin girls

Let’s present you with another working women hairstyle for short hair. Bob with bangs looks great in formal attire. It’s one such hairstyle that you will never get bored of, and even all of your colleagues will compliment how great you look in this hairstyle. Bangs go great with both straight and wavy bob.

Brush Up Hairstyle

A smiling girl in white boat neck dress posing for camera and showing her Brush Up Hairstyle - celebrity hairstylist

Brush-up hairstyle is done to make the top of your hair look voluminous or sleek. It’s mostly to get a sleek look for short hair. Wet all your hair with a water spray bottle, then using a wide-toothed brush, comb it back.

Now take a good quality hair gel and start applying in the same direction your hair is. Slowly blow-dry your hair in the end.

Deep Asymmetrical Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair

A girl in brown strappy dress showing the side view of her Deep Asymmetrical Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair - working women hairstyles

Deep asymmetrical means when you keep your hair side-parted. It can only look good when you have very thick hair. It would be better to keep your straight hair so that the deep asymmetrical look can be clearly seen.

It is not necessary to use hairpins or hairspray to maintain such short hairstyles for women in India. Just side-part your hair using a hairbrush.

Edgy Lavender Short Hairstyle With Aqua Tones

A girl in black round neck top showing the side view of her Edgy Lavender Short Hairstyle With Aqua Tones - 40s women hairstyles

The combination of lavender and aqua is the best combination ever made as medium short haircuts for women. You’ll immediately fall in love in love with your hair when you color your hair in this combination.

You can keep your short hair edgy. It’s a funky look you can use while traveling.

Extra Short Women’s Hairstyle Idea

A girl in high neck black top showing the side view of her Extra Short Women's Hairstyle Idea - 20s women hairstyles

There’s no rule that short hair means hair length should be near your jawline or ears no long or short than that. You can always keep your hair extra short like Miley Cyrus did one time.

It looks funky and unique. Apart from that, you can also shave from each side to create a more funky look for short hairstyles for women over 50.

Short Hairstyles With Buzzed Lines

A girl with stud earrings showing the side view of her Short Hairstyle With Buzzed Lines - professional hairstyles for women

To all the girls who love to take risks in their life, try buzzed lines with your super short haircuts this time. We tell you this is the best experiment to go for, which you’ll not regret at all. It’s a fun way to get creative with your hair. You can get straight or ‘Z’ lines or any other type of lines.

Subtle Textured Short Hairstyle

A girl in black leather jacket showing the Subtle Textured Short Hairstyle - Hairstyles for Tall girls

Textured short hair always gives a messy look without any effort—textured hair suit wavy hair more than straight hair. If you want a formal look, then you can keep your hair straight. If you want to experiment with this look, you can color your hair or get highlights.

Short Style With Loose Curls

A girl in pink dress smiling and posing for camera and showing her Short Style With Loose Curls - hairstyles for short hair

Loose curls look great on every occasion, be it a casual hangout with friends or attending someone’s wedding. It goes with every outfit but mostly western dresses like gowns or short dresses. If you get highlights, then that would show up clearly in medium short hairstyles.

Styled Back Top Hair for Stylish Short Hairstyle

A girl in red and white stripes top showing the side view of her Styled Back Top Hair For Stylish Short Hairstyle - short haircut name

If you have a pixie haircut which is a really short haircut for women, you can always style it all the way back using hair gel. You can also keep your short hair in soft spikes to create this short hairstyle for thin hair.

Don’t try this in your office as it looks informal so that you can go to a club with this hairstyle. This is also a popular black short hairstyle. This popular short haircut for women black looks really adorable.

Braided Bob Short Hair Styles

A girl in white strappy dress showing the side view of her Braided Bob Short Hair Styles - hairstyles for short hair

Have you ever tried braiding your bob? If not, try now because it looks beautiful. You can braid it in cornrows, side french braid, two-sided dutch braid, or center braided bun. The options are many, and you can try all of them at home without the need for a haircut.

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Braided Mohawk for Short Hair

A girl in blue top showing the side view of her Braided Mohawk For Short Hair - 30s women hairstyles for long short hair

You can always create the mohawk look on your short hair with some variations. Try braiding your hair from the side this time. Normal braids would work great, but french braids would be a much better option.

If you have curly hair, you can braid it from both sides and leave it in the middle.

Short Hairstyles With Hair Scarf

A girl in grey top showing her Short Hairstyle With Hair Scarf - hair color in 2022

You have the option of getting creative with your scarf when you don’t have time to make these short hairstyles with bangs. You can tie your scarf like a ribbon, bow, or a simple hairband around your hair. Try it tie it like a ribbon around your short braids. It looks beautiful and breezy.

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460 Short Hairstyles Pictures for Women

These are pictures of short haircuts for women over 50 as well as other age groups, from young to old. Don’t let your creativity die due to your age; explore different short hairstyles from the following short haircut photos, if your hair can handle them.

Did you like these images of short haircuts for women from different age groups? Please give me feedback so I can add more value for you in the future.


In summary, we can say that short hairstyles for women in 2023 are the best. After seeing our list of 18 short haircuts for women, you may be surprised to learn that there are so many options for best short haircuts for women in 2023. Some hairstyles can even be made daily, so stop sitting on your couch and try them out right now.

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