308+ Trendy Graduated Bob Hairstyles You Can Try

Trendy Graduated Bob Hairstyles You Can Try

Have you ever tried bob hairstyles? These are usually chopped in a short length slightly below the ears or max-to-max a little above the shoulders. Graduated bob hairstyles are avoided by most of the people as they feel it looks simple and old-fashioned. 

Another reason behind this choice is that they believe that they just cannot experiment with such haircuts.

If you are one of these then after seeing this post you will definitely wish to have a bob haircut and adopt the bob hairstyles 2023. You are not ready to believe me right now, right?

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Today we will be sharing the list of graduated bob hairstyles:

Short Bob with Curtain Bangs

Woman in black dress showing her Short Bob with Curtain Bangs - bob hairstyles

The above picture showcases one of the most popular short hairstyles graduated bob for fine hair. You just have to leave your hair open in this and ensure that the fringes cover your forehead.

Side Partition Short Bob

Woman in grey and white cold shoulder dress and Side Partition Short Bob hairstyle - short hairstyle for women

Now, this picture reflects a very short bob hairstyle for all those who have short hair. In this, you have to create a side partition from the front and direct your flicks towards one end of your head.

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Bob with Bangs

woman in grey tank top and Bob with Bangs hairstyle -  short hairstyles for women

This is somewhat similar to the above medium hairstyle but there is a very little difference. In this one, the hair length is a little long and the hair is curly. The flicks must be short in this hairstyle.

Messy Bob

woman in white and black deep neck top with messy bob - short hairstyles for women

The above hairstyle is one of the most trending hairstyles in 2023 and is adopted by a majority of the celebrities. It is a messy graduated hair bob that can be adopted only if you have curly hair that is cut in layers.

Sleek Side Partition Long Bob

Smiling women in grey shiny dress and Sleek Side Partition Long Bob - Bob hairstyles

If you are fond of making very simple hairstyles then you can try this one. You have to comb your hair entirely towards one end of your head and let them be open.

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Sleek Bob

Women in sky blue dress with Sleek Bob - women's hairstyles

Now, this hairstyle is something that you can adopt every day for casual occasions as well as parties? Isn’t it a simple and adorable one?

Bob with Flicks

Women in grey round neck top showing the side view of her bob with flicks hairstyle - graduated bob hairstyle

This is hairstyle will look great only if your bob haircut is extremely short (above the ears). You just have to direct all the hair strands towards left and let small flicks fall on your forehead.

Bob with Layers

Smiling women in white dress showing her bob with layers hairstyle - graduated bob hairstyle for women

The bob hairstyle that you can see in the above picture is something that you can try out right now if you have thick and silky hair. You will surely love this hairstyle.

Curly Bob

Woman in white dress and curly bob hairstyle - curly hairstyle for women

For curly hair, this bob hairstyle is a perfect choice. You just have to leave your baby curls to fall on the forehead and comb the remaining hair backward.

Side Braid Bob

woman in black dress showing the side view of het Side Braid Bob - graduated bob hairstyles

This is a very classy bob hairstyle for short hair. You have to make a side braid in this and leave the remaining hair open. It will look adorable.

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365+ Images of Graduated Bob Hairstyles


So friends, try out these above hairstyles now if you have graduated bob hairstyles and do share the pictures below. Also, share your personal experience below.

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