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Choosing the perfect hairstyle can be a little tricky when you have a round face or a chubby face. But with the right haircut for a round face, you can highlight other features.

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Which haircut is best for round face?

Following haircuts suits for round face female-

1. Short Shaggy Layers
2. Short Shaggy Layers
3. Slimming Medium Tousled Hairstyle
4. Messy Medium Hair

Here we have listed a few hairstyles for Round face 2022. 

  • Short Shaggy Hair
A girl in blue coat with black and white stipes inner showing her Short Shaggy Hairstyle - Haircut for Round face

A great choice for a round face shape as it can balance the curves and bring attention to your eyes. It has been a trendsetter these days and can definitely make you look stylish without much effort.

  • Messy Medium Hair

A boon for round-shaped women as it can make their faces look elongated and slimmer. It is an easy-to-maintain hairstyle for round chubby face that doesn’t require an elaborate hair care routine

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  • Razor Cut Short Bob
A girl in black top and intense looks showing her razor cut short hairstyle - Round face shape

Contrary to popular belief, the bob cut is naturally made to make a face look slightly skimmed. Add a little hair color to get a bold look. This short hair for round chubby faces is perfect to try.

  • Soft And Slightly Graduated Bob
A girl in shiny blonde hair color showing her Soft And Slightly Graduated Bob hairstyle - face shape

It is always better not to cut the hair any shorter than the chin-length for women with round-shaped faces. This is because it can help in making a face look slimmer. For this purpose, the soft and slightly graduated bob can be a perfect choice. 

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  • Long And Layered Haircut
A girl in orange top posing for camera and showing her Long And Layered Haircut - hair care routine

One of the long hairstyles for round faces that best suits is the long and layered haircut. They are the perfect face-framing hairstyles for chubby faces or round faces. In addition, the layering adds volume to the tresses that favor round-shaped faces.

  • Medium Length Shag
A girl is posing for camera and showing her Medium-length Shag - hair color

Another popular professional women hairstyle that look effortlessly gorgeous on a round face shape, making it look slimmer. It looks good on long as well as short hair

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  • Cute Pixie
A girl in black shiny dress with stud earrings showing the side view of her Cute Pixie hairstyle - long hair hairstyles

The pixie cut for a round face can be too bold a choice for some. Yet to burst some myths attached to round faces and pixies, it can make a round face look narrower than before, creating an illusion of a long face.

  • Collarbone Length Middle Part Hairstyle
A girl in black top showing her Collarbone length middle part hairstyle - professional women hairstyles

It brings the kind of symmetry to the face that creates the illusion of a narrower face. Easy-to- make as well as maintain. This is the perfect hairstyle for round slim face.

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  • Blended Face Framing Layers
A girl in blonde hair and brown tube top showing her Blended Face Framing Layers hairstyle - short hair

Blended with layers, it helps in giving the face a more shapely structure. You can even add curtain bangs to it to add a little oomph to your style.

  • Long Layers
A girl in marron top smiling and showing her Long Layers - ponytail hairstyles

On a round face, the layer should be structured in a way to end just right at the chin as that can be quite flattering. It also makes the cheekbone more prominent and defined.

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  • Short Hair with Blunt Fringe
A girl in grey round neck top showing her Short hair with Blunt Fringe hairstyle - braided hairstyles

For round faces who want to cut out extra sides, this is the hairstyle for them. The blunt fringe can be highly flattering to such faces and give one a very bold and beautiful look. This is the perfect short haircuts for round faces and thin hair women.

  • Bouncy Long Hair with Volume
A girl in black round neck top posing for camera and showing her Bouncy Long Hair with Volume hairstyle - Haircut for Round face

Bouncy hair can be styled in many different ways, and you can even try out different ponytail hairstyles that look great on haircuts for round face female Indian.

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  • Layered Lob Shag
A girl in white top showing her Layered Lob Shag hairstyle - hairstyles for Round face 2022

The height lift provided by the lob and layers of the shag can create wonders for the round faces and distract people from the roundness of the face.

  • Medium Haircut with Swoopy Bangs
A smiling girl in black top showing her Medium Haircut with Swoopy Bangs - Round face shape

Medium hair length is the perfect length for round faces, and the face-framing bangs can really pull the whole look together.

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  • Long Thin Hair
a girl is showing her Long Thin Hair - face shape

For women with round faces and thin hair, it is nice to have long hair as the length can give a voluminous look. You can even try out different hairstyles with your long hair.

  • Long Waves
A smiling girl is showing her Long Waves hairstyle - hair care routine

Waves are the perfect hairstyle for every occasion. It is extra suitable for the round faces as it shifts focus from the broadness of the face.

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It is important to note that choosing haircuts for round face women 2022 is not only about which celebrity is wearing what or what is in fashion right now; it is also about comfort and channelizing your true self through fashion.

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Arushi Garg
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