Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu’s Top Hairstyles



Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu of India was chosen as the Miss Universe of 2021. So many young women admire and adore Harnaaz for holding such an honorable title in India. However, you can also steal these amazing styling inspirations from her appearance.

Scroll down a little for some top Harnaaz Sandhu hairstyles inspiration.

  • Old Hollywood Glamor

This loose pompadour hairstyle looks classy and old school with her open hair. However, her shiny and voluminous chocolate brown hair is really giving out a princess vibe to her whole look.

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  • The Light Waves

Harnaaz’s hair color with these loose wavy styles looks heavenly. It’s going well with the powder blue gown and earrings she has attired with.

  • Beauty with Brain

Sandhu is truly a diva. She surely looks fabulous with her hair tucked up to the side and went really well with this glamorous look.

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  • Indian Diva

The way Harnaaz carries herself with utmost perfection is absolutely commendable. This mid-parted simple and elegant hair look is gorgeously complementing her Indian attire.

  • The Neat Bun

This sleek bun look with flairs in the front is a cherry on the cake. She has used black hair extensions to complete this look, along with some star-like hair accessories.

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  • The Wet Hair Look

The Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu looked absolutely stunning in this wet hair look which she matched with an emerald green gown.

  • The Fringes

Harnaaz’s chic messy hair bun adds charm to her entire look. No matter how often you see Harnaaz Sandhu’s images, you will be left stunned by her beauty.

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  • Go Messy

This is the day Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu won the Miss Universe 2021 title! And she choose to style her hair in loose curls, giving them subtle waves.

  • The Playful Pony

This neat look with curly pony and light pouf goes well with her bold and glamorous look. Plus, the two playful flairs in the front compliments her face shape.

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  • Low Bun

A low bun always looks fabulous with ethnic looks. In this Harnaaz Sandhu pic, she is seen with this gorgeous hairstyle paired with sparkling forehead jewelry.

  • The Head Accessories

We love how Harnaaz just picked a basic bandana look and pulled it over her forehead as it served to give her boho outfit a more stylish look.

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Hairstyle is the most important factor to complete the overall look that you mustn’t neglect. But If you really got inspired by some of the above-explained hairstyles, then you must try these looks. These classy yet glamorous hairdos of Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu will surely become your next occasion look.

Arushi Garg
Arushi Garg
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