216+ Haircuts and Hairstyles for Saree for Long Hair

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Wearing Saree for at least one occasion is the dream of many girls in India. If you have the opportunity, make it memorable with saree haircuts and hairstyles.

Our list of great hairstyles and the newest haircut for a saree will show everyone how good you are at styling.

List of haircuts and hairstyles for saree pictures for long hair:-

Ringlet Curls

Ringlet Curls - hair cut for girls and hairstyles for saree

Ringlet curls are the perfect way to style your voluminous and long hair. This hairdo will match whatever saree color you’re wearing because of its hair color.

The hairstyle is heavy, so keep your makeup very natural and light. Keep curly hairstyles for saree, and hair sprays before leaving the house.

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Low Twisted Bun

Low Twisted Bun - girls haircut, hairstyles for saree

Buns are just amazing and look so elegant with a saree. It’s the classic look every girl wearing a saree goes for.

A low twisted bun will make you look very classy if it’s your farewell or freshers’ party. Keep the makeup minimal and jewelry light. Light straight tendrils for the finishing touch.

Messed UpSide Braid

Messed UpSide Braid - latest hair cut for girls

An upside braid is a very unique way of keeping your bun stylish. As you can see, the braid is made below the bun in the upside form.

This makes you look subtle from the front and stylish from the back. Try this hairstyle if you want to shift the focus from the back of your blouse to your hair. This is the the most common 20’s hairstyles for girls.

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Soft Curls

soft curls - hairstyles for saree

Soft curls are a perfect choice to keep your look low-key and subtle. It’s a great hairstyle for girls who have long hair.

Flaunt your long hair in soft curls while keeping them loose. Slightly center part your hair from the front and spray the curls.

Neat Bun

neat bun - hairstyles for saree long hair

Saree is included in the list of formal outfits. So this is the best hairstyles on saree for wedding or any other formal event, a neat bun will be perfect for you.

It makes you look sleek and neat. Formal looks are supposed to be subtle so wear light jewelry too. Please use hair spray or gel to make the perfect neat bun.

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Side Clipped Hair

Side Clipped Hair - Hairstyles for saree

Side clipped hair will be a great hairdo if you’re attending a close one’s party. Use a shiny, beaded, or pearl hairpin to clip one side of your hair.

Keep the other side wavy or straight, your choice; we recommend wavy. That should be your only jewelry for the look.

Vintage Curls

Vintage Curls - hairstyles for saree

Vintage curls will look beautiful if the party’s theme mentions vintage styles. Get your hair side-parted and make big bouncy curls to get the vintage curls to look.

Wear a dark-colored saree to match this theme.

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Beach Waves

Beach Waves - hairstyles for saree long hair

Make beach waves on your hair if you decide to wear a sleeveless saree. Show your long hair in beautiful beach waves.

Leave the hair loose because the beach waves have completed the look. A girl’s layered haircut will give texture to the waves.

Straight Hair

Straight Hair - hairstyles for saree long hair

Here comes the age-old classic look for every girl wearing a saree. Though this look has been used for many years, it still has a special charm.

Just straighten your hair before leaving the house, and your hairstyle is ready.

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Low Bun

low bun with gajra - hairstyles for traditional wear

A simple low bun can make you look very beautiful for the party. Everyone’s eyes will be on you when you enter the party along with this beautiful party wear hairstyle for long hair.

Curly tendrils and pearl earrings will be perfect with a low bun.

Braided Bun

 Braided Bun - saree hairstyles

Braids and buns are two classic hairstyles for sarees round face to get the perfect look. So why not combine them both.

A braided bun will cover all of your hair without any messiness or much use of hairpins.

216+ Hairstyles for Saree

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We hope this list of haircuts and hairstyles for saree must have satisfied your hunger for hairstyles.

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