35+ Saif Ali khan Hairstyles Ideas

Best Saif Ali khan Hairstyles Ideas

We can’t help but keep looking at Saif Ali Khan’s dashing pictures. But, what makes our eyes spark is Saif Ali Khan’s hairstyle. They’re always on point, whether for their role or personal preference.

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So, let’s look at some of the best Saif Ali Khan hairstyles.

Sharp Haircut

Saif Ali Khan in sky blue round neck t-shirt and goggles - saif ali khan hairstyles

This sharp haircut is good for any casual occasion. Saif Ali Khan decided to flaunt his wide forehead with this hairstyle. Low faded cut with his pompadour goes well with each other.

His choice to keep his beard light is good, keeping in mind his hairstyle. He must’ve received a lot of appreciation for this great hairdo.

Faded Sides

Saif Ali Khan in black round neck t-shirt showing his intense look - saif ali khan hairstyle photos

Saif Ali Khan new movie hairstyle for Jawaani Janeman made him look so handsome. The little spikes and faded sides suited his hairline very greatly.

The long mustache went well with his hairstyle here. This hairdo has a casual vibe connected with it, though it looks formal.

Short Hair with 2 Sidelines

Saif Ali Khan in blue t-shirt and grey lower with mask showing off his short hair with 2 sidelines - saif ali khan new movie hairstyle

Saif Ali Khan looks so handsome with short hair. Additionally, the two 2 sidelines really suit his face shape. His hair is swept slightly on one side which looks very decent.

What we loved about this hairstyle most was the symmetric haircut. Every hair strand is in equal size and shape, making his hair look so subtle.

Long Wavy Hairstyle

Saif Ali Khan in grey suit with check tie and goggles posing for camera and showing his long wavy hairstyle - saif ali khan latest hairstyle

Seeing Saif Ali Khan in a suit makes our hearts beat crazy. His long and wavy hairstyle suits his outfit very well.

Keeping his hair side-swept, he looks insanely handsome. This hairstyle makes him look like a total gentleman. Though his hairline is not visible clearly, this hairdo suits him.

Slicked Back

Saif Ali Khan in  white trouser with sky blue t-shirt and goggles posing for camera and showing his slicked back hairstyle - saif ali khan web series hairstyles

Anyone looking for ideas to style their long hair should take inspiration from Sai Ali /khan’s slicked-back hairstyle. He looks so professional and cool in this hairdo.

All his hair is neatly set in one place, showing how stable he is about his hairstyle.

Gelled Hair

Saif Ali Khan in grey suit with white shirt posing for camera and showing his gelled hair - saif ali khan tandav look

Seeing Saif Ali Khan’s hairstyle photos, we can say one thing he likes to keep his look subtle. The gelled hair look makes him look so dashing and handsome.

He is clearly flaunting his hairline with this gelled hairstyle. In addition, his full beard and mustache connecting to his hairline look amazing.

Long Hair

Saif Ali Khan in white kurta and googles posing for camera and showing the side view of his long hair - saif ali khan hairstyles

We can’t ignore that Saif Ali Khan pulls off long hair so effortlessly. He has a heart-shaped hairline that can be clearly seen in this hairstyle.

His full beard joining with his hairline, makes his face look fuller and handsome. Keeping his hair open and curly is a good match for his outfit.

The Ponytail

Saif Ali Khan in black suit showing the side view of his ponytail look - saif ali khan in suit

Saif Ali Khan knows how to make any hairstyle look stylish. The ponytail is a very classic hairstyle, but it looks so cool on him.

He looks so effortlessly handsome, and this ponytail definitely suits him.


Saif Ali Khan in blue suit with matching tie and white shirt posing for camera and showing spikes hairstyle - saif ali khan web series hairstyles

Styling hair in spikes makes Saif Ali Khan look very handsome. A chic and decent hairstyle for any film event or award show. His short hair makes the spikes look blunt and cool.

Exclusive 35+ Hairstyle Photos of Saif Ali Khan


We always want to keep you updated with Saif Ali Khan hairstyles. So tell us which one you liked the most, and you will try it too.

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