68 Ajay Devgan Hairstyles with Name

Ajay Devgan hairstyles with Name

Ajay Devgan is so handsome that we can’t take our eyes off him. Ajay Devgan’s Hairstyles play an important role in making him look so handsome.

Top Bollywood Actors’ Hairstyles

Today, we’ll be discussing Ajay Devgan’s Hairstyles old as well as new ones with photos:

Spikes with Beard

Ajay Devgan’s latest hairstyle makes him look so macho in his beard. Ajay Devgan’s hairstyle name is spikes that are swept on one side match his bearded look. Moreover, his hairline and beard line are connected, giving him a fuller look.

Wearing a very cool and casual t-shirt, his hairstyle suits his outfit. His hair is slightly white, but that doesn’t affect how handsome he looks.


Learn from the best if anyone wants to know how to pull off a pompadour in style. Ajay Devgan is looking very dashing in this pompadour hairstyle.

His shining black hair color matches his black outfit very much. In addition, his French fork beard gives him a very handsome look.

Long side bangs

Whenever we look at Ajay Devgan hairstyle photos, we wonder how handsome he looks in every hairdo. For instance, his long side bangs look to suit his traditional outfit.

His hair is neatly swept on one side that looks fluffy and cool. We rank this hairstyle number one for being so effortless.

Messy Hair

Ajay Devgan in white kurta with blue jeans and goggles posing for camera and showing the side view of his messy hair - ajay devgan hairstyle photos

Actors like to be messy, too, sometimes. This messy hairstyle Ajay Devgan pulled off in style. It looks like he’s having a beach day.

His choice to keep his clothes light is perfect for his messy hairdo. His hair is side-parted to create a bit of partition in the messiness.

Short Hair

Ajay Devgan new movie hairstyle is worth appreciating. We must say short hair makes him look very handsome and fabulous. His hair looks so neat yet so effortless here.

This type of haircut definitely goes with an outfit and beard. The smile on his face just made this look 10 times better. It’s a semi-formal hairstyle anyone can try.

Bulky Long hair

This is how Ajay Devgan looked in his younger days. He was so handsome in those days too. Only Ajay Devgan long hair style make him look so stylish.

To pull off this much voluminous hair, one must have a good quality of hair products to make the hair stay all day long. Keeping his hair side swept, he concealed his forehead with this Ajay Devgan hairstyle 90s.

The dapper Look

Ajay Devgan looks so unique in this dapper look. His hair color is a combination of white and black that looks amazing.

This is the bold look not everyone has the guts to do. His white long, stubble beard suits his hairstyle on point.


This might not be Ajay Devgan’s latest hairstyle, but it has a special place on our list. This hairstyle suited Ajay Devgan’s character in the film Golmaal.

58 Images of Ajay Devgan Hairstyles


The angry yet funny character went well with his buzz-cut hairstyle. Plus, the Balbo beard went great with the buzz cut.

All the above Ajay Devgan hairstyles are pulled off stylishly. If you want the same hairstyle, take inspiration from the legend.

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