132+ Hrithik Roshan Hairstyles’ Photos in 2023

Best Hrithik Roshan hairstyles

Hrithik Roshan has fantastic dance moves, but he’s got something else. Do you know what’s that? He’s got some amazing Hrithik Roshan hairstyles too.

Top Bollywood Actors’ Hairstyles

Let’s look at Hrithik Roshan’s hairstyle photos and talk about what we liked most about them.

Ponytail with Beard

We totally love the long hair look of Hrithik Roshan. This cute little ponytail is actually making him look very dashing. Also, his black and white beard shows he’s not afraid to show his age.

But this white hair doesn’t make him look any less young. He still looks dashing to us here.

Long Wavy with Beard

Hrithik Roshan hairstyle 2022 gives us some serious reasons to get involved in fantasies. Though this fantasy might never come true, we’ll still like to say he’s looking very hot and dashing here.

His long wavy hair with a full beard is just so amazing. We fell in love with his hairstyle the moment we looked at it.


We think that a pompadour suits Hrithik very much. He looks so cute and decent in this hairstyle. Plus, the overcoat matches his subtle look.

The light beard just made him look much better. His hair shining in the sunshine is the best thing you’ll see today.

Medium Hair with side undercut

Woah, this is a whole new look; we were not expecting to look this good on Hrithik. He looks so so so good in this hairstyle. His medium hair falling on his forehead makes him look so handsome.

The side undercut adds a dashing effect to his look. We can’t ignore the fact that he looks so young in this hairstyle.

Faux hairstyle

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you with one of the breathtaking hairstyles of Hrithik Roshan. This faux hairstyle is just what he should make every day.

Each layer of his hair can be seen clearly in this hairdo—the casual and plain t-shirt shifts all the focus to his amazing hair.

The Slicked back Taper fade

The slicked-back taper fade makes Hrithik look like a dashing prince here. However, his light brown hair color is totally matching with his brown suit outfit.

Even his eye color matches the hairstyle. The white undercut hair is unique here, which we liked the most.

The Side-parted Medium Mane

What a handsome gentleman Hrithik Roshan is looking for in this hairstyle. We must appreciate how stunningly he pulled off this side-parted medium mane. The clean, shaved look is working here.

Slicked Back

Now, this is the hairstyle that made us crazy about Hrithik Roshan. His flowing wavy hair must have been quite a task to keep slicked back. But, well, the efforts are worth the end result.

His face shape can also be seen clearly because of his light beard.

Low Ponytail with Pompadour

Here’s one of Hrithik Roshan’s amazing long hairstyles in which he pulled off two amazing hairstyles at the same time. But, of course, only he can slay a pompadour with a low ponytail.

Images of Hrithik Roshan Hairstyles in 2023


His goatee beard matches his hairstyle. His outfit also passed the vibe check here. Overall, he’s looking very adorable and charming here. A total gentleman is what he looks like.

Tell us which Hrithik Roshan hairstyles you liked the most and which one you’ll try soon.

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