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Let’s explore the latest Bollywood actors’ hairstyles from Bollywood, South cinema, and popular Instagrammers, male models, and Youtubers who have inspired us, without fail.

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Let’s have a look at top Indian celebrities’ hairstyles –

Salman Khan

We must say this long hairstyle looks very dashing on Salman Khan. He looks like a total badass with this hairdo.

The frizzy and rough texture of his hair completely goes with his new look. Whatever role this inspiring actor is playing, this haircut definitely suits him.

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Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan is looking so good in this half-ponytail look. As the hair volume is quite thick, this man’s ponytail makes him look so handsome.

His black and white beard completely goes with his hair hairstyle. This look should be given the best hairstyle of the year award.

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Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan hairstyle for the Eid celebration is just amazing. It looks so neat and definitely matches the theme of the occasion.

Saif Ali Khan in blue half jacket with grey sweater and Kareena Kapoor in grey jacket posing for a selfie - Indian Actors latest hairstyles

His hair is neatly swept back that giving him a stylish look. The full beard and mustache go with his hairstyle.

Amir Khan

Seen having a fun time with his daughter, Aamir Khan must be having a great time with his new hairstyle too. Neatly swept-back hair makes him look so decent and handsome.

His light beard look goes with Aamir Khan hairstyle.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar’s undercut hairstyle for his film promotion event looks so dashing. He looks so lively and young.

His hairdo matches the outfit he is wearing. He looks like a complete gentleman in this hairdo.

Ajay Devgan

We all know Ajay Devgan can pull off any short hairstyle. But did you notice how handsome he looks in long hair too? Ajay Devgan’s hairstyle compliments his clothing.

This side-parted long hair look with big glasses makes him look like a handsome nerd.

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor has an amazing face cut that makes every hairstyle suit him. He looks dashing in his light brown hair that is side-parted.

It’s appreciating how effortless Shahid Kapoor hair looks.

Varun Dhawan

We’ve got to appreciate Varun Dhawan’s hunky look hair. Everything is on point with his hair, beard, and of course, body.

The small pompadour haircut really suits Varun Dhawan cute face shape.

John Abraham

John Abraham’s new look for his latest movie is just fabulous. He looks so handsome in this hairstyle.

The low fade plus pompadour haircut is worth appreciating.

Vidyut Jamwal

Vidyut Jamwal Hairstyle - Vidyut is flaunting trophies wearing black jacket and tshirt.

Vidyut Jamwal is a style icon and fashion inspiration to many of India’s youth.

Vidyut Jamwal Hairstyle - Vidyut is posing in suit  and standing outside, trying open the door

His popular hairstyle includes tying up his long and wavy hair in a stylish bun.

Vidyut Jamwal Hairstyle - Vidyut is posing in a rough look, standing outside of door.

This style can be tried out by all the boys and men who like to wear their hair long. Follow the link for more hairstyle – Vidyut Jammwal latest hairstyle

Milind Soman

Milind Soman Hairstyle - Salt and Pepper look in portrait

An inspiration to older male models and actors, Milind Soman, looks extremely dashing in this salt and pepper hairstyle featuring both his black as well as grey hair.

Milind Soman Hairstyle - Pepper and grey look posing naked standing and covering half torso from Green leaves

He is a fashion inspiration for younger and older actors as well.

Milind Soman Hairstyle - Pepper and grey look posing naked sitting  - portrait

Ayushmann Khurrana

Aayushman Khurana hairstyle - posing in the jacket and white t-shirt

Famous for his acting skills, had boyish charm, an amazing voice, and many other things, Ayushmann Khurrana recently gave away the secret for wearing his hair in the wavy and voluminous style.

Aayushman Khurana hairstyle - posing in the black jacket, gazing his trophy

It’s simple, use some mousse on wet hair and then blow-dry it. This way, you can add significant volume to your hair and make it appear stylish. Follow the link for the latest Ayushmann Khurana’s hairstyle.

Aayushman Khurana hairstyle - posing in the black trouser, naked torso and posing with having cup in his hand

Rajkumar Rao

Rajkumar Rao hairstyle - selfie, wear black shades and rough hairstyle

With acting skills that are far superior to others in the industry, many fans are also after the simple yet stylish hairstyle of Rajkkumar Rao.

Rajkumar Rao hairstyle -posing and wearing transparent yellow shades, black jacket

His hairstyle is best adaptable by those who have hair of medium length and thickness.

Rajkumar Rao hairstyle - sitting on sofa posing with a straight face

Just about everything about him is quite ordinary, be it his lifestyle, dressing or hairstyle, and this what people love the most about him.

 Ali Fazal

Ali Faizal hairstyle - posing for camera - showing both hands in front of camera
Ali Fazal

He is an actor and fashion model. Ali Fazal’s hair in a long, slicked-back style with the hair flowing loosely across the shoulders or even at a higher length.

Ali Faizal hairstyle - posing for camera - wearing shades, have mustache - taking selfie with black jacket

For those boys who want to try long hairstyles, you should definitely check out this guy’s hairstyles. Follow the latest Ali Fazal hairstyles

Ali Faizal hairstyle - posing for camerain this black n white picture 4different photo, wearing shades posing in different styles

Thakur Anoop Singh

Thakur Anoop Singh Hairstyle - posing for a camera sitting in this black n white photo

Thakur Anoop Singh’s Hairstyle makes him handsome model.

Thakur Anoop Singh Hairstyle - Collage of 5 photos

The way he wears his long hair in an effortless style makes us all drool.

Thakur Anoop Singh Hairstyle - posing in yellow tshirt wearing shades

Vicky Kaushal

Vicky Kaushal Hairstyle - wearing black shades, red shirt and black denim

From long hair to even a super cool Mohawk hairstyle, Vicky Kaushal has proved it a number of times that he can look gorgeous in any hairstyle.

Vicky Kaushal Hairstyle - Posing in Green Denim
Vicky Kaushal Hairstyle - Have shades and wearing green jacket

Kartik Aryan

Kartik Aryan Hairstyle - posing for camera standing wear, white tshirt and black jeans

Kartik Aryan has won the hearts of both ladies as well as men with his acting skills and stylish looks.

Kartik Aryan Hairstyle - posing for camera - facing other side of the camera, not facing. Wearing denim jacket, and tshirt.

His hairstyles are always trendsetters that are adopted by many youths.

Karthik Aryan - listening music wearing headphone of Boat, wearing blue round neck tshirt and closed eyes

He has voluminous, thick hair that he grows out a little and wear it to the front on his forehead.

He is also known for his iconic Quaff hairstyle, which he wears with thick and medium sides.


Among all these Indian actors hairstyles, Tollywood actors hairstyles and south Indian actors hairstyles which one are you going to try? Tell us in comment section.

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