400+ Funky Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2023

Funky Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2022

You may not have colored your hair before, but if you are looking for ways to make your look funkier, we have some funky hair color ideas that can help you get the desired look.

This article has enlisted a few funky hair color ideas for you that you must try.

Aqua in Outer Space

A girl is showing the back view of her aqua in outer space - funky hair color

Get the perfect blend of funky hair colors and look out of this world with this hair color. Bright the galaxy to you and be the star you e always aspired to be, and be unabashedly you.

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Noticeable Neon Peach Orange

A girl in black t-shirt showing her 	Noticeable neon peach Orange hair color - funky hair colours

All you have to do to get this unparalleled look is ask your hairstylist for a neon hair color all over the hair. Top it off with a straight-cut hairdo and wow the world with your style game.

Black Midnight Blue Color

A girl in orange top showing the back view of her black midnight blue color - funky hair color ideas

We know that all women out there are looking for funky hair color ideas but face dilemmas while getting it. For all you minimalists out there, you can still take your fashion game up a notch with blue shades, which mesmerizingly well with black hair.

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Purple Peekaboo Highlights

A girl in grey top showing the side view of her purple peekaboo highlights - hair color

You can never go wrong with purple as quite Andean is a trend these days. All you have to do is add highlights of purple to any hairstyle you may have and make all heads turn.

Rainbow Hues in Edgy Short Hair

A girl in goggles showing the side view of her rainbow hues in edgy short hair - long hair

Take the next bold step and channel the rebel inside of you with the most amazing amalgamation of rainbow hair color and leave the world in awe of your style. It is the perfect blend of cute and chic.

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Blue and Purple Hair Color

A girl in blue top showing the back view of her blue and purple hair color - short hair

How can you not love a shade with blue and purple in it? This style is even better as you can bring the two most fantastic colors together to create something spectacular. Show it off with your long hair, and you’ll be good to go.

Purple and Pink Unicorn Hair

A girl is showing the back view of her purple and pink unicorn hair color - face shape

We know all of us loved unicorns when we were little girls. You can now bring back your childhood memories and take inspiration from them to create something ravishingly beautiful, and this hairstyle is an example of it. It looks even chicer funky hair color for short hair.

Black and Pink Ombre

A girl in black top showing the  back view of her black and pink ombre - funky hair color

Create a magnificent flow of colors that looks amazing and makes you look like a diva with this ombre hairstyle. Pink shades on black hair o great that no hairstyle can ever match up to it. It also suits all kinds of face shape.

Baby Blue Pastel

A girl is showing the side view of her baby blue pastel color - funky hair colours

This hair color looks like it emerged straight out of a fairytale or a Barbie movie. The blend of baby blue with grey hair creates a dreamy effect and can make you the center of attraction wherever you go.

Silver and Purple

A girl in multicolor full sleeves dress showing the back view of her silver and purple hair color - funky hair color ideas

Look like a million blocks and the creation by celebrity hair stylists with this hair color. It includes getting the hair colored white from the roots to the middle and purple from the middle to the tips.

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Black and Yellow

A girl in black dress showing the side view of her black and yellow hair color - funky hair color

Do not hide the fierce side of yours and let it roar. Let it be a part of everything you do, and let each part of your show it. Getting your hair colored in black and yellow can be a step towards it. This color looks good on medium and fair skin tones.

Peach and Teal

a girl wearing mask showing the side view of her peach and teal hair color - hair color

Let yourself free from the chains of the mundane and think outside the box. Take that extra step and be a little over the top with this hairstyle. It is the perfect example of what a funky hairstyle looks like.

400+ Funky Hair Color Ideas 2023

Celebrate a new phase of your life or create a fashionable identity for yourself and get some of the funky hair color ideas for your hair. No matter your hairstyle, you can take it from basic to brilliant by adding vibrant colors. So let’s make it happen today.

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