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60+ Andrew Garfield Hairstyles

Andrew Garfield Hairstyles

Andrew Garfield has experimented with a variety of hairstyles over the years, from short and spiky to longer and more tousled. He has also been seen sporting a buzz cut and a shaved head for various roles. His hairstyles often reflect his versatile acting range and chiseled features.

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Medium Hair

Andrew Garfield has been seen sporting medium-length hairstyles, often styled in a messy, textured look. He has also been known to wear his hair in a side part or slicked-back style. His hairstyles typically complement his sharp features and youthful appearance.

Short Hair

Andrew Garfield has worn his hair in various short hairstyles, including a buzz cut and a sleek, side-swept style. He has also experimented with a textured, messy look and a classic crew cut. His short hairstyles often highlight his sharp features and youthful appearance.

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