Top Hollywood Actors’ Latest Hairstyles



  • Will Smith Buzz Cut

We have seen Will with this cut for some time around now. It has a trimmed from into a buzz cut, low skin fade on the sides and back, and an easy maintenance look.

  • Johnny Depp Ponytail

Johnny has always had a love for long hair. We had seen him in many movies with a man ponytail too. But this look is a favorite for sure. Buttery highlights made his hair look absolutely beautiful.

  • Liam Hemsworth side-parted Pompadour

The hairstyle of Hollywood actors tends to change regularly, but Liam is not a big fan of it. So he was mostly seen in classic cuts like this one, perfectly trimmed to allow his blue eyes to shine.

  • Brad Pitt Slicked Back

Our Ahillis from Troy seems to settle down with his long, slicked-back hair in his 50s. This gives beachy vibes and requires proper maintenance to maintain sleekness.

  • Tom Cruise Messy hair

This hairstyle of the Hollywood stunt devil looks wholesome; it is puffy, offering a soft and messy look. This has a entirely manly vibe to it.

  • Ryan Gosling’s Short Hair

If you love to have short hair but cleanly blended ends, you can try this roughly parted short hair from Ryan Gosling.

  • Jason Momoa Long Hair

Jason Momoa was seen with very long hair as Khal Drogo in the game of thrones. The long beard complemented this hairstyle.

  • Leonardo Dicaprio’s classic men’s hairstyle

The titanic Hollywood hero’s hairstyle at an early age is so clean and perfect. The lengths are evenly chopped to clump together to give a classic look.

  • Andrew Garfield’s messy hair

Our amazing spiderman, Mr. Andrew Garfield, looks so handsome in this messy hair. The center has more volume than the sides, which are brushed back to give a messy appearance.

  • Bradly Cooper slicked back hairstyle

This can be the perfect fit if you want some wet styling options to style your long hair. Look how shiny and sleek Bradley Cooper’s hair looks here.

  • Justin Timberlake Quiff

This cute quiff from Justin Timberlake is so adorable. The hair is brushed back with a wide-mouthed comb to add some dimension to it.

  • Henry Cavill Brush Up

The witcher white wolf certainly killed this look. The style is trimmed sides with softly curled hair in the front.

  • Ryan Gosling Brush Up

The la-la land actor Ryan Gosling is nailing the short hair look. The ends are tapered, trimmed short, and finely brushed up.

  • Drake’s Short Afro

This Canadian rapper styled his natural fro with a round cut and well-defined hairline trim.

  • Sam Claflin Messy Curls

The long hair of Sam Claflin is stunning; seriously, they are the best styled messy curls on a man we have ever seen. They are just naturally floating around in the wind.

  • Jake Gyllenhaal Textured Crop

Guys looking for a short summer look with a v-shaped hairline can try this style inspiration from Jake Gyllenhaal. This is short-cropped to get more texture.

  • Paul Rudd Bold Quiff

Dark-haired guys, this is a classic hair and beard styling from our marvel superhero ant-man.

  • Timothée Chalamet Long Hair

TBH, Timothee is among the few actors who set high standards. In addition, he is among the ones who inspire Hollywood actors hairstyles. He always styles his long hair perfectly to fit his outfits.

Arushi Garg
Arushi Garg
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