17 Beard Styles for Men 2023

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Beards are back in fashion, and there are many beard styles for men to choose from. Beards can be styled in a variety of ways.

Even Indian men have started to follow this trend, which has led to a lot of different beard styles in India. Selecting suitable beard styles for old men can be tricky as it should go with hairstyle and face shape.

This list of different beard types will help to find the right beard for you. So let’s talk about 17 beard styles for men –


A little out of place under this list for men wanting to go beardo, but the clean-shaven look will never be out of fashion. No need to spend time on grooming and beard maintenance a beard, and also not everyone can grow a beard or stubble.

A clean shave in no way makes you look un-manly but rather amplifies your features.

beard styles for men - beardless look

Mutton Chops

Mutton chops have been around for centuries but are making a comeback among beard styles in 2023. A quiff hairstyle will go with this style.

beard styles for young men- mutton chop

Short Boxed Beard

This is a beard and mustache style that looks much like a full beard style for men, but with neat, tapered sideburns. It’s best matched with an oblong or diamond face shape.

beard styles for young men - short boxed beard

Beard Fade

A beard fade, as it sounds, is a beard for men with a fade-in between the hair and the beard grooming on both sides. This beard with short hair will look awesome, especially with an undercut. Maintain this beard with beard serum.

sharp beard styles for men  -

Beard without Mustache

This style gives you the freedom to decide the length of the beard. This is a beard style for a round face as it makes a face look slender.

beard styles for men without musthtache

Anchor Beard

This style contours the jawline and is paired with a mustache. This style makes the chin look longer but at the same time, gives a youthful look. This is a beard style for boys as it is very common among young people.

Anchor beard styles for men

Hipster Beard

Hipster beard types are thick and bushy. The mustache may be twisted at the ends. Rock this beard with a hairstyle short and sleek as the beard gets all the attention.

beard styles for men with oval face- guy with hipster beard

Beard Bun

A Messy top bun paired with a beard will surely Make you stand out. This beard with long hair gives a strong manly vibe.

full beard styles for men with straight face -

The Maharaja Style

This is amongst the beard styles Indian men prefer. A full beard outlines the face with a bit voluminous at the chin. This is the perfect beard style for oval face as it gives the impression of sharp features.

heavy beard styles for men with straight face - maharaja style beard

Scruff Beard

It is a low-maintenance beard that helps to achieve a rugged style without growing a full beard. It looks great on square-shaped faces and side-parted hair with locks blown over the forehead.

short beard styles for men have fair complexion - scruff beard

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This is a full-faced beard style rounded at the bottom with a curled-up mustache. Triangle-shaped faces are well suited for a Verdi beard. This style works with a pompadour.

You can check the Ranveer Singh beard styles here.

beard styles for men with oval and straight face -  verdi beard


The corporate or business beard is close-cropped and evenly trimmed at the edges to give a professional look. It can be diversified to suit men with different facial structures.

short beard styles for men -  corporate beard for men

Short Beard with Bald Head

Beard styles for bald men can be short, angular, and more focused on the chin. A goatee or stubble can rock the bald look.

short beard styles for bald men

Ducktail Beard

A full facial beard style looks like a duck’s tail; thus the name is ducktail beard. It’s a great choice for diamond and oval-shaped faces. A spiky hairstyle will do good with this look.

Beard styles for men having long hair 
 - Ducktail beard styles in India

Pomp Beard Style

It is a combination of a hair pompadour with a beard. A lot can experiment with this style.

full beard styles for men - Pomp Beard Style

Full French Beard

The full French beard or Van Dyke beard is a combination of mustache and beard where the mustache circles down, touching the beard on the chin and not on the cheek. A thin strip of hair can also be grown to touch the lower lip. This style looks best on the long, slender face type.

french beard styles for men - Full French Beard

Winter Beard

Beard grew to be long and shaggy to beat the winter cold and to welcome Santa, a long beard styles for men, sure represents the holiday mood.

Winter beard styles for men - beard styles


To keep and maintain beard styles for men, time, effort, beard essentials, and an investment in a beard grooming kit are required.

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