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If you’re wondering what is Kartik Aaryan Hairstyles called? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Who doesn’t love Kartik Aryan, the charming heartthrob of Bollywood who has made everyone around him fall in love with him?

His charming smile, those good looks, and his actions are surely a bar higher, and people love him for all the right reasons as for the fashion enthusiasts and style lovers who follow him, they are absolutely in love with these outfits and not to forget his Kartik Aaryan Hairstyles.

Top Bollywood Actors’ Hairstyles

Here are some of the Best Kartik Aaryan Hairstyles to be flaunted:

Accessories to the Rescue

Kartik Aaryan’s accessories to the rescue style is a complete dashing young man look. Just adding a band to your hairdo can give an almost different stud look that you must try, especially with bangs.

The Bun

Kartik Aaryan keeps his style simple with a bun. So if you have trouble setting your long hair, just tie it as a bun in Kartik Aaryan’s style, making it simple and elegant.

Pompadour with Beard

Pompadour with a beard is yet another exclusive hairdo that Kartik Aaryan has nailed. He looks absolutely gorgeous in this style. You just need some gel to set your hair in a pompadour style, and it looks even better with a beard.

Long Hair

Till now, it is obvious that Kartik Aaryan definitely nails every look. His long hair is absolutely stunning. Men of all ages can try this out by combining it with an ethnic outfit.

Messy hair updo

Shirtless Kartik Aaryan in Messy hair updo with sexy pose - Kartik Aaryan latest hairstyles

Nothing makes a man sexier than a laidback look with messy hair. We totally love this messy hairstyle that gives Kartik a very charming look. This new Kartik Aaryan new hairstyle which he debuted only recently on Instagram, is sure to be loved by many boys and gentlemen.

Ruffled hair with light brown highlights

As much as the beauty of pure black hair cannot be replaced, adding some highlights here and there doesn’t harm; that’s why these light brown highlights look amazing. This Kartik Aaryan hair color name is light brown or caramel highlights.

Long wavy hair

Any hairstyle suits this Bollywood charmer, and that’s quite evident in how he is rocking this long hairstyle look. It looks perfect, combining it with his desi look, and can be tried out by men in all age categories. This Kartik Aaryan long hairstyle is totally worth flaunting and will make you the star of the show anywhere you go.

Old school Gentleman hairstyle

Looking for that old-school look that will set you apart from the rest? Are you a fan of Kartik Aaryan, and were you looking for Kartik Aaryan hairstyle images on Google to replicate the same style? Well, look no further because this classy and laidback hairstyle is all you need to get back to your charming self.

Love Aaj Kal hairstyle

Who didn’t love the Kartik Aaryan hairstyle in Love Aaj Kal? Everyone was so smitten by his acting and his looks as well.

If you’re looking to get your hair makeover, try out this super cool and trendy hairstyle that Kartik sported in his hit movie Love Aaj Kal. That wavy ruffled look is all you need to fall in love.

Curly messy waves

Yes, straight wave and curly hair both look fabulous on this amazing guy, and we surely can’t get enough of this lovely hairstyle where he flaunts a curly messed-up look. Pair it with your casual outfits, and you’ll surely look the best.

Edgy hairstyle

To get this edgy hairstyle, simply style your hair in a way that differs from the standard cut. You can also wear your hair medium on the sides and back while wearing it long at the center.

Casual hairstyle

We all love a casual hairstyle that makes us look effortlessly classy and dapper. If you are searching for a classy hairstyle, try out this one. Hair on the sides should be kept short, while the hair on top should be kept medium-sized. This will give it a semi-messy appearance.

Natural charm hairstyle

Use proper hair products to give your hair a controlled, messy, yet clean look is key to achieving that natural charm. All you need are gel, pomade, and other hair styling products that add shine and texture to your hair to achieve this look. This haircut also requires very little upkeep.

Choppy hairstyle

A choppy look can take you places. This choppy style is hot right now, especially among young males. Simply trim your hair symmetrically or asymmetrically to achieve this appearance. Keep the hair short at the sides while long at the top and textured.

Long and messy wave hairstyle

Keeping hair short on the sides and long on the top, especially in the front, you can get this long wavy style. The hair in the front is styled in a high way, giving it a lot of volumes.

Fresh summer look

Here’s a look to get you all set up and handsome for summer. Simply go for a short, easy-to-maintain hairstyle like Kartik’s in the photo. Make sure to keep the sides of your hair short and comb over the middle.

High pomade look

 A high pomade look can give your hair much volume and texture, which is one of the best hairstyles for thick hair.

Rocking hairstyle

An amazing style for long hair; simply keep your hair short on the sides and medium on top to achieve this style. You may achieve the slicked-back look by applying a lot of hair styling products like pomade or wax, which will make your hair look greasy and leathery.

Sexy ruffled look

Kartik looks absolutely gorgeous in this sexy ruffled hairstyle. All you need is some gel to set your hair in this messy manner, and your look is ready. Best suited for long hair.

And finally, we have the Kartik Aaryan hairstyles. In this simple and sporty hairstyle, his hair is just grown out long enough to be parted to the sides, but he wears it on the top to make it look more appealing.

Top 150 Kartik Aaryan Hairstyle Photos

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