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  • Taylor Swift full fringe bangs

Taylor is seen with many bob styles, and here is a style from her collection. Her fringe bangs were covered all over her forehead. The bob layers are serially arranged to make her face look a lot slimmer.

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  • Penelope Cruz chop bob

This is quite a statement-making style. The dark bob is chopped with edgy cuts to get a fuller look. The front fringe and the sides are much shorter compared to the back. As a result, the fringe is freely falling onto the face.

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  • Cameron Diaz wavy overgrown bob cut

This shoulder-length overgrown bob is styled with mild waves. Cameron Diaz styled it with a middle partition to show off her dark regrown roots, which surely looks drop-dead gorgeous. It has an edgy look adding a seamless vibe to it.

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  • Halle Berry layered pixie

This layered bob has all the pop essence, a little funky with a touch of bounty edges. Halle Berry left her hair in the middle with more volume and gave a clean trim to the sides.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow’s ultra-smooth style

These is the basic classy, most used Hollywood actress’s hairstyles. Her light blonde hair is pin-straight and middle-sectioned to get an ultra-smooth style.

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  • Beyonce’s long wavy tresses

Beyonce’s waves are so shiny, just like her lip gloss. The short bob is two-toned with dark choco hues in the roots and shimmery caramel hues in the ends. They are perfectly blended into each other.

  • Nicole Richie chic hairdo

This pastel bob is our new favorite from Nicole Richie. The subtle fade and light platinum hues added creaminess to the bob. In addition, the tapered ends added more depth to the look.

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  • Tyra Banks blonde spiral curls
Tyra Banks in black t-shirt applying mascara and posing for camera in her blonde spiral curls - hairstyles of hollywood actresses

Tyra Bank’s blonde spiral curls look so voluminous and chic. Combing through the loosely curled spirals added dense volume to it. The ends are highlighted with a slightly darker hue than the base to add some uniqueness.

  • Jennifer Lopez Long Bob

Hollywood actress hairstyles have always left us speechless. But Jennifer Lopez is making us get obsessed over the styles again. She styled her long bob sleek and looked so chic.

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  • Kaia Gerber chin-length bob

Awe, Kaia Gerber’s chin-length bob is so aesthetically pleasing. The color of her hair is just the same as her brown eyes, giving it a natural look. This is sure to be an easy maintenance style.

  • Kristen Bell face-framing bob

Kristen Bell is giving out big-time Hollywood actress short hair inspiration. This short-cut bob is so royal looking, perfect to pair up with any formal attire. The framing strands added more sculpturing to her face.

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  • Miley Cyrus curls with bangs

Hanna Montana, AKA Miley Cyrus, looks super perfect with rolled-in bangs. Her hair is twisted into dispersed waves falling onto her shoulders leading all the spotlight onto her face.

  • Hilary Duff fly summer bangers

Save this style inspiration from Hilary Duff for your next summer hairstyles. Her hair is chopped and styled with a cool summer vibe. It is more like a flattened wolf cut, best suited for open-air summer parties.

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  • Elisabeth Moss’s asymmetrical golden bob

If you love short hairstyles, you have to get an asymmetrical bob, don’t be scared; it will surely look good. Look how sassy it looks on Elisabeth Moss; her bangs are side swept where the sides are tucked back.

  • Mandy Moore’s above-the-shoulder bob

This choppy shoulder-length bob is a little bit vintage blonde. Mandy Moore’s hair is chopped short in the front, leaving it a little bit longer in the back and sides.

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  • Emilia Clarke lob to bob haircut

Emilia Clarke, the Hollywood actress’s haircut, looks so sleek and shiny. The ends of her bob were perfectly stuck to each other, creating a clean outline.

  • Emma Stone brunette hair with bangs

This low touseled style from Emma Stone is the hairstyle of Hollywood actresses you should have on your list. Her brunette bob is styled wavy with framing bangs.

  • Selena Gomez choppy chin-grazing cut
Selena Gomez in black high neck sweatshirt posing for camera and showing her choppy chin-grazing cut - hairstyles of hollywood actresses

Selena is giving off teenage high school vibes here. Her dark hair was chopped into chin length, and she styled it using a bold-colored tik-tac clip. It looks cute tho.

  • Kate Hudson brunette buzz cut
Kate Hudson in brown dress posing for camera and showing her brunette buzz cut - hollywood actress haircut

The fools gold actress kate Hudson pulls off a buzz cut effortlessly. Usually, buzz cuts are more seen in men but this red-brown razored buzz cut of kate will definitely make you try it someday.

  • Katy Perry shaggy pixie cut

The hairstyles of Hollywood actresses have some kind of magic to them. Katy looks mesmerizing in her pixie cut. The sides are evenly trimmed with the same length from top to bottom, while the center is left with choppy edges.

  • Salma Hayek lob cut

The marvel star Ajak is slaying her Mexican dark hair. The front fringe from one side is tucked back of the ear to make her statement earpiece visible. While the other side is loose and sleeky.

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