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The iconic diva of the Bollywood industry, Shraddha Kapoor, has got not only great acting skills but also fashion sense. She looks beautiful in whatever she wears, whether ethnic or just a simple tee and jeans. She has many naturally beautiful features like her eyes, smile, and especially her hair. She has such beautiful hair that every girl in India wants hair like her. Over the years, she has tried a lot of hairstyles, whether it’s for a movie or just her choice.

Let us look at some of the most amazing Shraddha Kapoor hairstyles with photos.

  • Wet Hair Look

Shraddha Kapoor looks sizzling in this wet hair look. If anyone wants to learn how to be beautiful and bold at the same time, then they should look at Shraddha Kapoor. Smoky eyes, nude makeup, she pulled off this look. Her shimmering dress adds to her beauty. Shraddha Kapoor long hair was perfect for this wet hair look.

  • Center Parted Straight

Straight hair already looks beautiful in itself, and when center-parted, it gives a more voluminous look. Shraddha Kapoor face shape is square, and she knows very well that a center-parted hairstyle will enhance her beautiful square face features. She looks stunning in her professional dress and nude lipstick. For similar center parted sleek hairstyles you must check Kajol hairstyles and Katrina Kaif Hairstyles.

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  • Low Bun

You can still look beautiful when you’re comfortable with your style. Take Sharddha Kapoor’s low bun look, for example. She looks so flawless in this hairstyle. She left light bangs on both sides to give this messy bun a unique look. In addition, nude makeup, winged eyeliner, and a black dress make her look stunning. For similar center parted low bun check out Kiara Advani hairstyles and Janhavi Kapoor Hairstyles.

  • High Ponytail

Shraddha Kapoor has beautiful long hair, and she keeps experimenting with her hair. An effortless high ponytail with little strands of hair left on both ears is an excellent choice. Most girls either keep their hair loose or in a bun when wearing western dresses, but this gorgeous actor always does something different. For similar high messy ponytail check out Rashmika Mandanna hairstyles and Rakul Preet Singh hairstyles.

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  • Half Tie

Everyone’s fan of Shraddha Kapoor’s cuteness. Despite her bold roles in movies, fans address her as an adorable actress. She knows how to keep it simple while looking gorgeous with her half-tie hairstyle. Shraddha Kapoor haircut looks best on middle-length hair. For similar more half tie hairstyles check out Kareena Kapoor hairstyles and Tamannah Bhatia hairstyles.

  • Messy High Bun

Shraddha Kapoor knows well when to do a stylish hairdo and when to go with just a messy high bun. We love her in this look as she looks so comfortable and pretty. She kept little strands of hair free on the front to create a more messy look. Wearing just classic eyeliner and a plain white tee, she gives us some comfortable style ideas. For similar messy buns you can check out Kangana Ranaut hairstyles.

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  • Loose Curls

Everyone knows how jolly Shraddha Kapoor is. She keeps the child in her alive by doing fun things. It can be witnessed in her hairstyles too. For instance, Shraddha Kapoor hairstyle name is loose curls hairstyle suits her short hair perfectly. Also, she looks so beautiful wearing a beautiful denim dress and big hoops earrings. Shraddha Kapoor hair stylist knows what suits her most. For similar curls hairstyles check our Yami Gautam hairstyles.

  • Side Tuck-in Hair

Celebrity hairstylist of Sharddha Kapoor must never be bored of styling her hair. They do so many variations with her hair, like a side tuck-in hairstyle. It’s a simple look that has been created so perfectly. She has bouncy hair that makes a perfect base for this hairstyle. For similar side tuck-in hairstyles checkout Sonam Kapoor hairstyles.

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  • 2 Side Braids

You must have seen Shraddha Kapoor’s Street Dancer. She showed us some amazing dance moves in this movie but did you notice her hairstyles? Because we did. She looked so bold in her boxer braids look. The pink highlights, the makeup, the clothes, etc., everything was on point.

  • Side Braid with Bangs

We love when Shraddha Kapoor ties her hair in braids. Shraddha Kapoor ponytail hairstyle with bangs makes every girl wonder how she effortlessly pulls off such hairstyles. We guess it’s her hidden talent. For more braid hairstyles checkout Deepika Padukone hairstyles.


Get inspired by Shraddha Kapoor hairstyles to try on your hair too. She has a hairstyle for every occasion, and you can pick any hairstyle you like. Look just as adorable as this actress, with these hairstyles that anybody can try. All you need is confidence, willingness and proper hair care routine to try. It is time for you to get away from your usual hairstyle and try something new.

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